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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

1.2.2. Special (specific) methods of recognition.

Science has broken up and found concrete ways and means and ideas. They should include: the method of science abstract, industrial and deduction, the principle of logical and historical, statistical methods, modeling, economical and mathematical methods, the system of models, , of numerical and algebraic applications. Make sure that you don’t resist that chi альному nshnom method of recognition, but є конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет х конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет конкрет. Qi ways and priyomi piznannya vikoristovitsya yak in nature, so і in suspension sciences.

It’s possible to take a look at the names of methods.

The political economy has a greater significance for such a method of absorbed recognition of knowledge, as a method of science abstraction . Abstraction means our purification about the processes of vipadkovy, past, solitary and vosreremlennya in them, old, standard and typical. It’s very commonplace for the method of abstracting to come across the vagueness of everyday life, all the days of one day go to the days of another day, describe the laws and categories of science, which turn around the days. When the method is recognized, it is guilty of brotherhood, to respect, all the gifts of evidence, which are given a clause, and not just facts.

The result of abstracting is driven by economical categories, that is, understanding the sciences, and characterizing the surroundings of the economic manifestations (for example, goods, pennies, price). Farther away, letting you know you’ll allow you to formulate more economical laws, so that you can characterize the most economical deposits and the interconnection in economic processes.

Ale і tsim pisnannya process does not end. The abstract method of recognition is guilty of becoming familiar with the latest methods of recognition, so as to update one of one.

The existing problems of the political economy have a greater significance for the facts. Conversation economist viyavlya і zbiraє fact. Vіn actively vikoristovє statistical data and sincerely. All of them are called descriptive, but empirical economical science. Further material for understanding the principles of economics, that is, the district has the side of real people (behavior) of people and institutes.

The greater readability means that there is also a deductive method and an inductive method. The Inducts is a form of thought, but I have to know about okrem to shrink the bows about the outside. The result of the index is achieved by the very result, which, when abstracted, is “crystallized”, otherwise the principles, laws and categories of fact. Poznannya can be repaired from a pile of facts that can be systematized and analyzed in such a way that you can blatantly introduce the principle of the law. Otzhe, індукція іде від okremogo to the igneous.

Deductsiaoznacha perekhid vid idal to okremoy. The deductive method takes the cob out of the head of the theory. On the basis of the rule of thumb, with the logic of a certain position, the true and the real need to be introduced a new truth. Deductive method час water time and hypothetical. In this way, economy can rely on vipadkov to be careful, think, logic, intuition, so that you can formulate forward, non-repetition principle, what is called hypothesis. The correctness of the hypothetical potent is guilty of a better and more systematic and more short-term vivchennyam factors. Hypothesis - Allowed for the benefit of the economy of the economy and the way of knowing one of the most economical problems.

Deductions and inductions are not only one to one, but different modal methods of attainment. Formulated by the deductive hypothesis method є for the economist of the economy with the selection and systematization of empirical data. I’ve got my own statement about the facts of reality, about the reality of changing the mind for the form to complete the serpentine hypotheses.

Termini and understanding . Political economy, recognizable manifestations and processes, let’s name them singing. Vinikaє great thermal system. For the most part, save money by understanding it, like “rule”, “principle”, “theory”, “model”. The usability terms are actually close to the zm_stom, the stink means zagotaglennya but a statement of laws in the economic vidnosiny chi behavior of people and institutes. The term "economical law" is the transfer of the highest degree of accuracy, ignorance of the first victory and the achievement of ethical justice. In real life, as shown by fake discipline, the economical law is not absolutely accurate. Win, soon, that’s yak style trend.

It’s a little lesser than the term “principle”. The principle of the political economy is fundamentally those that lie at the base of the singing apparition. Be-yak is an economical system ґ to take root on the principles that are related to yourself. The theory about being present can be explained by the singing law principle, although often the term "theory" means the simplification of the picture of the abstract, the abstract interpretation of the visual behavior of the economical manifestations.

Zagotalnennya, the deserted and the forgiven. It’s a political economy to bring its prejudice to a pre-emptiness, so that it’s possible to understand when it’s understood that it is suzhen, the theory. It is economical to have at home inappropriately inaccurate visitor cards. Primir, Viraz: “The average monthly pay in Ukraine was reached in 1999. 178 hryvnias ”- є this is inaccurate because of the fact that only one person has a small average monthly salary on a monthly basis, and a month - for dozens of times I look for a middle middle rivie.

The economy in prejudiced victories is allowed and forgiveness. So, zagagalnenya wake up for the neglected, scho "all іnshі factors nezmіnnі", tobto "for іvshih іvnyh minds." Otzhe, such a method, I’ll simplify the analysis of the sound of the process.

Graphs and tables . At science centers with economical economics, handcuffs and primary employees, graphs, tables, formulas are actively victorious. Graphs and tables may be of greater significance for the understanding of the economy and the economy of the laws, economic manifestations and processes. Political economics is the science of Victorists, as well as methodology, experiment, economical and mathematical methods. One of the concerns is the recognition of social and economic processes є the end-to-end analysis and analysis. Kіlkіsnі characteristics є nevid'єmany part polіtekonomіchnogo doslіdzhennya. The exact analysis is permissible to the successor to the essence of economic processes, the tendency of economic development. The process of increasing the trend of economical development of the zoom makes me more aware of the mathematical principles of learning (the formulation of emotions, irregularities, functions, graphs, integral ones) and that of the public at hand.

Zbirannya and ottomanny facts . A concrete priyom pіznannya dіysnostі є zbirannya factіv. Tse without interruption folding. There is a special economy of preserving unlimited facts: real and unreal, lawful and vipadkovy, short-term ones, macroeconomic. Zrabayuchi fact, Varto visnaziti, which they specifically relate to specific problems, yakazhlyadlyaetsya, and kotrі nі. Oskilki fact vidobrazuyut ekonomіchnu dіysnіst, then ikh their choices and systematization is more significant for the sake of the day-to-day singing ekonomichnyh appearances and processes.

The goal of a multilateral economy is to bring into the system the facts, the status of the future, the manifestation of the reality, the tendency to ruin, and the introduction of an economic law. Law and Law - Central Lanka of Polytechnic Agreement. It’s stinky to explain the officials of the boot-up factual economy, the third day, the interchange between them and the hereafter. Theory is based on fact, without factual things being more hypothetical.

First of all, when reviewing the methodology of the political economy and the nutrition: what are the criteria for the correctness of the knowledge, the logic and visibility, before what come the politics? We seek the criterion of truthfulness to recognize the facts of real economic life, so that practice is suspended. Economic life - behavior, sounds, vidnosini іndivіdіv that institutіv in the process of virobnitsva, razpodіlu, exchange and іvzhіvannya goods і servant - hour at a glance. That is why you need to constantly ring out a theoretical and conceptual framework with an economical design, a yak, a live organism, a good life and a good winter.