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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

2.3 Economic consumption of suspension. Consumer Law

Economic consumption, ix daily structure. Bezmezhnіst consumer. Consolidated Consumer Law Mechanism of the law of law Consumer

2.3.3. Economic consumption, ix daily structure.

Kintsevoy method virobnitzstva є the satisfaction of the rіznomannіtnyh needs of people like specialties, living and virobnik. Virobnitstvo, like praciuє, not by any means satisfying the need for people to suspend, so as to protect the water from virobnitstva, є without a deafened vitreous land resources, cinnamon kopalin, dovkіllya, economic benefits and power.

Sutnost ekonomіchnih consumers . Well, there is also a need? Zagalom need - tse bazhennya people in any case, shcho care є є ж ж є є та та та та пол пол пол ї ї ї ї ї ї ї.

Otzhe, need - a category, a scholarship of people, and a sound and behavior, to the minds of life. The structure of the consumer is great. In addition, there is a low economic demand, low is the highest - cultural, political, ideological, national and so on.

Economically consume - putting people before economic minds in order to give them pleasure, to satisfy them in advance and to listen to them with such minds.

Otzhe, consume the obtuitive-sub-active character.

Risnomanitny consumption is possible by the singing rank of klasifіkuvati, in front of sub'kty and ob'kty.

For sub'kty consume podilyayut on:

  • individual, collective and suspension;
  • households, enterprises and powers;
  • suspension-economic classes and social groups.

For objects, you need to classify like this:

  • srozhdenii іsnuvannyam people іn bіologіchno іstoti;
  • material and spiritual;
  • pershocergovy i nepershochergovі.

In fig. 2.3 it is shown that the consumer, yakroponuvav A. Maslow, vidpovidno to ix of the bridge.

Ієrarhі consumer for A. Maslow

Fig. 2.3. Ієrarhі consumer for A. Maslow

The basis of consumer prices is stored in physical (consumer) consumption . Enhanced on-the-go consumption of pyramidi is possible to understand such understandings, as if you are consuming (social) consume. Elements, such as consume physical life, transmit an active set of active minds, realization of what is necessary for normal life. To consume the first ryvnya, elementernity ikh them to become without delay in interchange with the biological functions of people. Consume another (healthy) family as a whole through the process of social life of people and the ability to know how to live in a member of the suspense. Обx oath and kіlkіst directly lay down the form of the zagalny camp and dynamics of cultural development, ethics and spirituality of suspension.

I look at the structure of economical consumers, and look out for respect for those who are satisfied with the method of satisfying the stench. They have two great groups: consume living objects and consume virobnitzvts. Persons characterize particularities, individual consumers, and others - virobniches.

It’s clear that you need to wait for the ultimate hype, as well as suspend guilty deeds in such a way that you can protect the virology’s development and the satisfaction of the special and viral consumers.

It’s the most satisfying of the special needs of slurry ст the main bar of the Kintsevo Metro Virobnitzva. For the sake of consuming consumptions , we need virobnitzvah є more hi-vid consumer goods for living goods. For special needs, please note that we should recognize the people of the social community until the protection of life’s minds is secured. Peculiarities consume environment people to function at once with the needs of all suspense and in order to stay with the sponical motives of people’s activities. Special needs consume items and the services of a special living.