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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.


An economical thought in the Ukrainian market. At the end of the week there was little thought of the economic thought of the other half of the nineteenth century, as long as the grandiose infringement in the economy and the social structure of suspense was experienced. The liquidation of Ukraine has accelerated the development of capitalism in promises, so in the state thanks.

The thought of the first and last year is not only the amount of food for the future prospects of Western education, but the first of Ukraine, the economic situation, as a rule, is largely unchanged. Ukrainian economies have driven a vagomy of contributions to the development of economic ideas, especially statistics and mathematics schools.

1. Economic problems in the period of preparation and health reform 1861 p.

The rebalancing of class forces and the form of direct and indirect economic thought in the period of preparation and the reform of Ukraine did not occur in Ukraine, for a day or two there were similar processes in Russia. The aggravation of the crisis of the criminal system, the growth of the villagers' mess became the commonplace for developing the anti-corruption system.

Навколо Nutrition about the decline of the state of zagotryutsya д idena ьба wrestling ник representatives of the most direct and economical thoughts. Already in the 40s p. the liberal-noble and revolutionary-democratic forms are formed directly, as they imagined the interests of the protesting classes - the helpers and the villagers.

Heir to the obscure commencement of the enormous rubbish in Ukraine in Kiev, the political organization “Cyril-Methodical Partnership” (1846-1847) was approved; The idea of ​​the establishment and establishment of the head office of the partnership program. Proteus of the nobility of the whole Cyril Methodology did not bully one-line. The partnership approved two straightforward: revolutionary-democratic (T. Shevchenko, M. Savich and Inshi) and liberal-noble (P. Kulish, V. Bilozersky, M. Kostomarov and Inshi).

Representatives of the revolutionary democratic directly busted the henchmen of the revolutionary liquidation of autocracy and crime. The stinks called out all the members of the partnership until active days, directing them to the preparation of the popular rebel and repeating 1825 fate, alle to a wider scale and to the lot of the people.

Significant part of the members of the partnership, the yak stood in liberal positions, overreached the revolution and stood up for the evolution of European hatred. The main concern was to save the stench and respect the blessing of the people in the religious and Christian faith and reconfiguration of the need for reform.

V.N. Karazin (1773-1842) - the teachings of that huge dyach, one of the founders of the Kharkiv University. At the catering, the shutter to the point of standing standing on the positions of the noble liberalism, without having to act outside and neglect the villagers, beckoning more than an omezhzhenny zolzhivan pomyshchiv.

V. Karazin pragnuv zabereti pomіshchitske zemlevolodіnnya. Remember the land of winnings by looking at the capital, which is safe to sing the song of Vlasnikov.

The Yak is a progressive denominator and a zemlevlasnik V. Karazin, prote, rosum nefektivnost old forms of state giving in the village. Tom vin vistupaє for reforming agrarian vidnosin. V.Karazin propono nadity of the villagers with land in the first place, vistupa for the establishment of "inter-bedding" villagers vid pomishchіv, declaring about the docility of the assistant of the lady of the house with a penny.

Projects of V. Karazіn Mali, a progressive character and anti-corruption positivity. Tsikavo, scho, scrupulously designing the reform of agricultural agrarian vidnosin, wining yourself to get it from your own mother (village of Kruchik, Kharkiv province).

V. Karazin, having scrutinized the design of the reform of the winter spheres of the supreme empire. Win the curator of the constitutional monarchy, he directed his project of reforms to the tsar and the government. For the reformist activity of V. Karazin, having recognized the repression from the side of the royal order: areshtiv, uv'yaznen, fence for living near Moscow and St. Petersburg. Z 1804 p. Win live with your mother, de engage in science-based robot. At dusі svoyh theories V. Karazin regulations є the panchina of their villagers, their land, the deputy panchina with a groschen quitrent. The processing of pansko land, the yak was lost after the transfer of a part of the land to the villagers, not only the primusova, but the praise of the country.

V. Karazin rozroblyaє design gospodarskogo development of the country as a whole. Vin vistupaє vimimoy іntensifіkatsіі earthmoving, the most convenient way of tilling the earth, the more comfortable sіlskogospodarskі technology. V. Karazin - a henchhouse for the development of the winter gates of the traditional industry, the name of the nobility of the industrial organization and the economy of the financial support. It is for yourself to design to bring yogo up to the required number of capitalistic ways to develop promyslovost.

The dignity of V. Karazin of the bull is supernaturally bagate. Win with a great introduction to the science of science.

A.O. Skalkovsky (1808-1898) - born in the metro Zhytomyr in the homeland of the other nobleman. I wrote to the Law Faculty of the Moscow University (1827), having graduated in Odessa under the office of the Governor General. Z 1841 p. having enlightened the statistical committee. The numerical prarats of A. Skalkovsky (276 names) have different sides of the life of New Russia: history, ethnography, geography, statistics, and economy.

Naividom yogo ekonomichnomu pracey це "Dosvid statistical description of the Novorossiysk Territory" (1850-1853). Before the vengeance of the great material, the process of economic development of Ukraine, such as the crisis of the feudal system and the development of capitalist services.

Visually active on the part of the economic development of Ukraine, A. Skalkovsky has come to the forefront of the principle of economic policy and administrative regulation. Reach at the time, on the contrary, protection of the tsarist government, the new authorities stood at the positions of free trade. Such a policy was presented to the interests of the great land scholars on the last day of Ukraine, so that they went over to capital forms of state granting and boules for maximum interest. In addition, on Pivdni there weren’t a lot of gossip promyslovosti, as if they would have demanded a mite zahist.

Basically, the endeavor of economic policy A. Skalkovsky, having pumped from the all-round development of productive forces, served as a rebuilding of Novorossiysk to the "breadbasket of Europe." Virishennya tsієї problems, having wonders of wine, blamelessly zv'yazane zrostanyanny merchandise sіlskogo statehood. The very same posture and analysis and agrarian nutrition.

A. Skalkovsky without stepping into the direct condemnation of the river і, the water hour, without having been baked, will be baked by the opponent of yogo liquidation. Virishennі agrarian food vіn vistupaє yak henchman of the great pomyschitskogo zemlevolodіnnya. The main problem, however, was the unlucky aid of Pivdnya, the failure of the care of the blessed state thanks to robotic force. The very same period of time, the helpers of Pvdnya saw the food of the krasuvannya kr_patstva, the land above the villagers was skinny.

A. Skalkovsky vistupaє for supranational land as a villager-krіpakіv, so a villager-immigrant. Vin proponuє see the villagers finish the generosity of nadil (10–15 acres), so that they can “privatize” them to Novorossiysk with the timid strength of the state thanks. For the land of the villagers of Mali, you have to pay pomіshchikov (abo vidroblyati). From later on, for A. Skalkovsky, the villagers could not become the land owners and in fact became rich in fallow lands. Viddak yogra agrarian program obmezhivalsya zaberezhennyam napіvkrіposnitskogo orders.

The progressive character of Mali A. Skalkovsky’s proposition to promote development of industry, acquisitions, and extensive development of natural resources in the region. Proteins of these problems have the same problems as those who are interested in the great earthly masters, who are interested in developing the gentry, getting inside and out of business.

D.P. Zhuravsky (1810-1856) - a prominent doctrine, economist, statistician, science of science of a kind, at the 40-50th rr. XIX century Z 1851 p. Vin - exercises secretary and editor of the statistical viddilu "Komisi for the situation of the Kiev academic district" at the Kiev University. Yogo peru to establish the whole low low scientific knowledge. Naibylsh znachnogo pratsya - the three-volume “Statistical description of the Kiev province”, calling Yak M. Chernishevsky “one of the most expensive dubbed” of Russian science of the 19th century.

I have the whole description of D. Zhuravsky giving the Glybokii and the all-round analysis of the feudal-critical system. Vin analizu osnovnі lanka sіlskogospodarskogo virobnitsva: pomіshchitske y selyanske statehood. Doslidzhuyuchi thank you, D. Zhuravsky to rob the boutonnieres about its inefficiency, growth of bargaining, non-fall. By the way, they surpassed the gratitude, as they did, they renewed their virology with their pride, and the state's form of state donation. Ale tse bulo pіd power is unreasonable.

D. Zhuravsky showing the grave economically the settlement of settlement, the larger part of the village could not independently grant. I’ll be able to ascertain the processes of differentiation of the settlement, the winnings of the monasteries who did not rule over the colossal feudal statehood.

I especially respect D. Zhuravsky’s beast on the ineffectiveness of the praxis. It was widely discussed with presbye, ale t_lki D. Zhuravsky to open the food supply chain for the most naukovo, analizuyuchi majestic statistical material. Winnings are primed, not less than the low productivity of the country, and that is unproductive in Ukraine by the helpers.

First of all, there are many working days, those who are married with the help of mothers of the governorate, and also you have checked the actual consumer needs for the whole day, you need to know more about the day.

Brotherhood of pracis D. Zhuravsky is called an ailment in the economic development of suspension and preservation, but less than vice praise of evil. Protest first vin not to put food about the saving of kr_patstva. Win the rosery of recipes for the polishennya becoming the village of settlement and the increased productivity of their praxis. D. Zhuravsky propone to start the villagers' crafts, to take care of their praises in the state thanks to the skinny tribute.

The aggravation of the crisis of the feudal-lucrative system, the strength of the village peasant revolution, the Krimska revolution showed the hopelessness of the profitability, and the lack of care for the necessary development of productive forces. D. Zhuravsky until the official statement of nutrition about liquidation of land (1856) in vistupa for the granting of settlement and overland land on a free basis without wickup. Win, please, it would be safe for you to approve the independent peasant statehood, the independent widow. Schopravda, having felt that the villagers were deprived of the excess of half the land for the villagers, was stinking like a stench. And the peasants placed new deposits in the village, didn’t rebuild them not on independent virobnikov, but only on cheap merchandise for helping the state.

Ozhe, D. Zhuravsky stepping up for the preservation of the great helper statehood, ale from the mind of the first rebuilding of capitalism. Win є with an eclipse for the development of capital goods and for their own development of goods, commodity and pennies, the growth of internal commerce, and that there is no reason to forget that D. Zhuravskogo can be called an ideologist of the bourgeoisie, who has become popular, I have helped, and have thoroughly embraced new gospodrauvannya minds.

D.M. Strukov is a liberal economist, an inspector of the government of Russia on Friday. In pratsakh 50-60's pp. (“Dosvid the weekly of the most important minds of the successful Silk gratitude”, “About the land of the Volodymyr and the coristuvannya”, “Zaouzhenennya on the article of Rusinov’s village” and that.) D. Strukov to reassure you of the best and most successful. However, you can’t say that you don’t have to pay attention to technical and agricultural techniques. Constipation of successful development of the state thanks to winners at the highest public authority, as well as in the replacement of feudal property.

Critically feudal agricultural enterprises, D. Strukov rozumіv, but further development of the state patronage can not be seen on the basis of the state patronage. Winning was skeptical about the abilities of the nobility to cultivate viospodospodska virobnitstvo, having done good work was impractical, without any kind of marriage. For the transition to a new system, having written D. Strukov, we need є “the best order, for some kind of capitalization” * 1, of which there are a few in the state thanks.

* 1: {Strukov D. N. About land ownership and use // Appendix to the “Agricultural newspaper”. - 1858. - No. 64. - S. 31.}

Critically, the landowner, D. Strukov did not call for the first time, but the prophecy of reorganization — the sale of a part of the land, but the transfer of land to the pre-gostrokov lease and the establishment of state thanks to the type of farm. D. Strukov relies on additional organizations of state sponsorship in the Novorossiysk Territory, state hospitals of the colonists and tithes, who approached the form to capital farms and reached short successes in short lines. Itself on the whole of Ukraine, having kept the vin, going to new forms of state giving will be awkward, the fragments here until before the giving of the castle stiffened up in praznaya.

Not having seen D. Strukov, was able to wake up the agrarian representatives on the basis of the Selyansky statehood, as if having respected the highest capital, we categorically overturned the noble liberals. The proposition is to divide the land of the land, the life of the rural state by one of the factors to awaken the agricultural business, but it doesn’t mean that D. Strukov will be the cradle of the other virobnitz. As a bourgeois ’ideologist of winners’ protest against monopolies of landowner ’land and respect, we can and will rally raznichnyh at the end of the statehoods. Take a leave at sunset, win a quick look, where there is a clear farm with a small amount of land. D. Strukov, arguing that the very scale of statehoods should be a sign of a rozmir zemlevolodіnnya, and not in hacks.

Vihodyachi with the need to wake up the whole system of "land orders" in Russia, D. Strukov vistupa і against the communal zolodovolodnya. Zvіlnennі peasants vіd opіki communities vіn bach one from obov'yazkovyh minds development of independent peasant statehood.

From now on, at the agricultural agrarian nutrition D. Strukov vistupa is like a bourgeois liberal, vimagayuchi recessed re-code for rewarding capital, very competitive, so that for the development of capitalistic vidnosin.

Idain’s struggle against the law of law does not dispense with the more neglected nourishment. Vaughn is a small, significantly folding character. Until 1857, until the official dismantlement of the reform preparation team, the main bulbo was the supply of the most affordable property. The noble and bourgeois liberals and the representatives of the democratic forces blasphemed with the hangers of the villagers. Noblemen-kriposniki fought for the protection of kriposny law.

We have a period of immediate preparation for reform, so long as the power supply remains unchanged, the first plan has been to see about Maybuds and Mayor’s relations with the people of the country, about the act of settlement. The conservatory has moved the landless villagers and the highest paying payments. The noble Liberals acted for the preservation of the land and the land of the state donation, and the villagers and the villagers for the preservation of the monopoly of the state thanks. The bourgeois liberals strove for the creation of minds for capitalist agrarian development, with the head conversion to the hat of a certain bullion of special property, the settlement of villagers. The interests of the bourgeois did not come into conflict without feudal landed property. The bourgeois liberals ghostly criticized the state thanks for being more effective. Ale schodo nourishment of the land authority хhnya positsіya did not overstate the posits of the noble liberals. Democrats busted with the henchmen of the revolutionary evil of the feudal-lucrative vidnosin, and the liquidation of the land-dwellers.