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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.


3.1. Economic system: daily, structural elements and criteria classifications

The essence and basic structural elements of the economic system. Classification of economic systems and criteria.

3.1.1. The essence and basic structural elements of the economic system.

The economic system - that is, the unity of the law is due to the fact that they are manifestations and processes of economic life. It’s characterized by bagatogranity, the element is to be interrupted in an organic way one by one and not understand the position between the two. Functionality to a living organism on elements of an economical system and organism. Tsim is given a system of visualization of the most important, so called summative systems, which can be stored in the same way, the skinny one is better and the autonomous one can be used for the assigned value. Yakisna odnorіdnіst systems and not є absolutely. There will be tolerance and transmission; I’ll see elements of new strength, which will help to determine the strength of the productive forces and the virological needs.

The economic system including such elements: 1) the current type of moisture on the resource; 2) the main group of sub'ktiv in suspension virobnitz and vidnosini among them; 3) economical form of results; 4) the principle of organization of virology, distribution, exchange and residency; 5) foreign economic laws. Literature has such a structure of an economic system that can be discerned, as a rule, through the prism of the interconnection of productive forces, viralities of social (social, economic, and social) patterns of higher quality, people. At this time, the classification of economic systems is based on such criteria, as the dominant type (form) of moisture.

Please acknowledge that you need to systematically analyze economical processes, prompt you for the nature of power, not allowing you to think more about your students, explain more about the state of the art in the country, but only one

3.1.2. Classification of economic systems and criteria

Classification of economical systems in economic literature is different, but it’s necessary to lay down some of the other criteria.

Thus, the typology of economical systems can be run on foreign systems and fixed principles of state-owned processes (for example, for J. Korna). Due to the economic approach, the system is discernible, the system of functions is irrelevant, because the system is more functional and economical, and it’s possible to imagine the maximum amount of resources When I accept the economic system, I may be less liable for the obviousness of the link between the basic elements, flows and forms of product exchange.

It’s possible only one idiom to the system-theoretical manifestations, which can be easily understood by understanding the state system and the state order system (for example, by V. Oyken). Criteria for classifying these types of such order є form the plan and management , power, market, value, financial management, organization of penniless and financial means. Dermatologic forms of organisation, which should be established in the state order of success, may be in the higher versions. So, managing economic processes can be centralized and decentralized, resources can be changed to be in the form of power, and exchanges of goods can be reliably sold on a monopolistic basis. It is specific in the given economic system that the number of organizational forms is closed in the laws and regulations of the state administrative authorities. Before them, too, should be the norm, so that the order is correct. Over the course of a mustache in foreign literature, I will name the state constitution. Right up to the economic system, then there’s no room for it, as there are more than three warehouses: 1) you’ll get less than the state’s donating sub-items, which will help you secure, distribute, exchange and sell goods (after); 2) systems of coordination of interactions; 3) systems of motivation and control.

On the first order of the gospodar order, you can upgrade and concretize the declaration of the elements that are characteristic of a given economic system.

Thus, the rznomnіnnost of the strengths of the economical systems and those of the authorities is considered to reflect the manifestation of the critical criteria for typology of the systems. In the distant visionary criteria of economical systems, you can go to structure-creating, socially-economical (social), more and more dynamic ones. For structural-conforming criteria of economic systems , they can be classified on the basis of structural elements, which will make the subject of political economy. For sotsіalno-ekonomіchnimi - on osnovі vidіlennya klyuchovih zmіstovnih storіn ekonomіchnoї System (napriklad for way poєdnannya virobnitstva that spozhivannya scho viznachaє sposіb koordinatsії ekonomіchnoї dіyalnostі; for the way poєdnannya bezposerednіh virobnikіv іz zasobami virobnitstva scho obumovleny type vlasnostі; for Rolla sotsіokulturnogo factor; for step of industrial and economic development). Classification of objects and dynamic criteria for the improvement of the degree of complexity of systems and their effectiveness (for example, one-time systems, dynamic systems).

The individual, economical systems are divided by these groups of criteria for: 1) the system of virological audiences, the system of functional sound systems, the institutional system; 2) economic systems for state grant forms, for formal signs, for civil signs and for the type of technological development; 3) an economical system of “clean” and “winter”, static and that, which historically develop. Make sure that you respect the ones that in reality all criteria and class overlap are one on the other, interchangeably, if you want to visualize the different sides of the economical systems. First weekly review of all criteria and classification and classification, you can allow them to be fully informed about the economy of the system.

Thus, the economic system - the whole range of economical activities of people in the process of interaction, direct marketing, distribution and exchange of goods and services, as well as the increase in the number of servants.