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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

3.2. Productive force as the basis for an economical system

Sutnist productive forces. Suspension pratsі і structure of productive forces. Virobnicha functions and warehouses.

3.2.1. Sutnist productive forces.

Productive force is a system of factor factors, so that I can redefine the words of nature, I will always meet the needs of people through material and spiritual goods and signify the growth of productivity and suspension. It’s stinky to look at the heart of an economical system, to become a material basis. On the basis of this analysis of virology, you can see how much func- tioning of productive forces is, as I save people.

There are many people in the system of virology, first for all the requirements of respect, but it is a factor of virology and basic productive power. Without people, the human factor virobnitstvo is impotent. Lyudin herself revives the speech factors of the virobnitz, bring them in ruh. In a different way, ludina, the creator of the most important events, such as machines, syringes, tools, equipment, work, etc. In the third place, people’s organization of viral material goods and services is necessary to meet your needs, so as to ensure that you have a func- tioning function of the whole system of productive forces of suspension.

3.2.2. Suspension pratsі і structure of productive forces.

The structure of productive forces cannot be separated from the structure of factors of virobnostva, the main ones are human resources, land and human resources, and virobniztva. The structure of the productive forces when looking at the spheres, gallows, and the first lanas of the skinny skinny. Structurization of productive forces to protect the suspension of pratsі.

I have praised the process of seperation of the different species of the viral activity, depending on how many groups of the virology are closed, the triple period is followed by the singing types of the virological activity. Razrіznyayut kіlka typeіv, but otherwise vidіv podilu pracі. Zagalniy podil pracі - division of productive forces in a great sphere and in such a way as a galaxy, as a word of honor, thanks to the state, transport is thin. Predom partly for prazі rozumіyut podil for the best galleys of human dyalnosti in the warehouses of the part. So, the promise is stored in a great number of galleys, and the very same: machine-blowing, easy promislovost, kharchova promyslovost skinny. Prior to the privately held service, I should introduce such a structural structure of productive forces, as a business. A single (individual) filed of pratsі to be stored all in all on the basis of professional virobnitsva.

I can also see the territory of the country, which is itself the country of the whole region between the regions. He said prazіzhі mіzh іzіznymi kraїiny called themselves іmzhіzhdernim.

I’ve praised almost all the obligations of the development of productive forces and water and intellectual development.

In their development of productive power, they pass a number of goals: natural productive power; slurry productive strength; Intermittent productive power.

Natural productive power , the kind of panning that is characteristic of a lowly cherish is the development of suspension - the first communal fret, but can be fully restored to the nature of self and people to the strength of a real treasure - natural fussiness, concern for life and praxis. On the basis of the natural productive forces, the process of re-creating the predominant economy in the virobnichu is based.

Sustainable productive efforts to win the results of historical processes are both effective and practical, as a result of the growth of the suspension nature of the problem. On the whole, this is the development of the productive forces of ludin. Sustainable productive forces formed at the period of the rooklad of the First Communal Freedom and their most attractive development reached the twentieth century.

In the most advanced countries, the process of formulating the zagalintelectualized productive forces is progressing . All this is productive, as long as the human factor is inherently infectious, and the praxia is inferior to the science of praxia. On the whole, this is the goal of developing productive forces to win and to become the main ones, fundamentally new knowledge and practice: comprehensive automation of viral processing processes, the mass market of electronic computing machines, the information system is completely cleaned.

Nowadays there are two forms of productive power: 1) non-intermediary organs in a material viral process; 2) spiritual and social productive forces. Persha is the form of productive forces є the first, that is, the є base, on the basis of a healthy development of spiritual and social productive forces. All the productive spheres of the material virobnitsva, to some extent include such goluzy, as promislovstvo, sylskoe gratitude, Budivnitsvo, transport and zvyazok, bargaining is skinny.

Another form of productive forces is to secure spiritual ghosting — the knowledge of knowledge, the virology of spiritual treasures, the progress of science. There is a function in the non-material sphere, especially in such galleries, as it is, science and science, servicing, culture and mystery, health protection, social security, financial and credit sphere, state power.

One iz indicator to the progress of productive forces є the non-stop development of spiritual and social productive forces.

A synthetic indicator of the development of productive forces is adopted to respect the level of productivity. Productivity - the effectiveness, productivity of the human factor, which is basically the main productive force of suspense, galuse, consumerism. Specifically, the productiveness of the product - the whole product range, is taken one by one for the singing period of an hour (year, winter, winter). Tobeto real virobіtok on one taken. To this suspension product, razvitelnosti for rik, can be calculated by the formula:

Sustainable product = Kіlkіst vіdpratsyovanyh people-year * Productivity prazі.

Respect that the average primary increase in productivity is 2-3% or less normal.

The growth of productivity is practical, and for the sake of the economy of working hours, the laws for the development of productive forces are the same as for yourself. As much productivity as possible, there is a large number of products that are violated in one hour, then a wider range of prices is less than the last one at a lower working hour. The economy of K. Marx, characterizing as the first economic law, a kind of economic development, I’m basing the foundation and the internal logic of the economy, and that means the whole suspension.

Before working hours, there will be a saving economy, for productive services in technology and technology, in management organizations, and for professional masters and specialists. Zmіni, it’s almost impossible to secure the reality of increased productivity, lower vitrates per unit of cinnamon effect, - it’s not true and it’s ineffective.

Achievement of greater productivity and economy of working hours - all at once and on the other hand, the growing strength of the productive forces, the criticality of wealth, and the spiritual and spiritual blessing.