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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

3.3.2. Virological and virological methods.

When analyzing the structure of the economic system, the Marxist political economy on the first place put such a term, like virobnichi, and not economic vidnosini. “In the process of virology, people enter into vidnosini not only by nature, but only by themselves, but enter into virobnosis” (Political Economy: Textbook / V. A. Medvedev, A. I. Abalkin, O. I. Ozherelyev, etc. - S. 43). K. Marx, who is actively vikoristovuvav yak termin " virobnichі vidnosini " , so і termіn "economical vidnosini", without giving a clear izmezhuvannya.

We’re more important, we’ve found the most important category of economy and economy. All of these terms are recognized as economists of all schools. If terminology is violated, then it is possible to analyze it when analyzing and announcing, as well as be guilty of people in the sphere of uninterrupted virobnitz. V_dnosini among people at the sphere of virobnitzstva stock up with: 1) an intimate subject of nature; 2) the way to reconcile the human resource with interruptions; 3) vidnosin specialization, cooperation, combination of virobnitz; 4) organizational and economic vodnosin, a warehouse of a kind є management of virobnitz; 5) vіdnosin among people shodo vspolovnennya vosobіv virobnitstva.

In the case of success, one is the unimpeded form of productive forces and methods of organization and vikoristannya people in the process of viral activity. The social significance of virology is manifested in the way virobism is, in other words, in the economic form.

Unity and interconnection of productive forces, which require you to switch to singing and development, and to give the type of viral companions to become a method of virology.

Іншой name of the way virobnitztva ек economical formatsiya .

Productive power and viral business will be interrupted by the interpersonal and superfluous one, as well as by the internal development of suspension virology. The singing character and the productivity of the zoom-in forces are the most typical type of virobodia.

Vidnosini among the people in the sphere of activity are formed in the process of gaining access to the product with the highest categories of people: people, people who are interested in viola and land, and rentals and power (through tightening).

Vidnosini among people in the sphere of exchanges win in the process of buying and selling goods in households, households, trading organizations, the state.

At the sphere of living economic and vidnosini vinikayut and zav'yazyutsya between the virobniki living goods and services and those living with them.

In the minds of today, it’s more important than a man in economic wisdom to establish commodity-pennies and market wisdom.

3.3.3. Technical, organizational and social and economic vidnosini.

Economically vidnosini formed as well as inherited in three triple vidno self-contained pidssistem, yakim є techno-ekonomіchnichnі, organizatsіyno-ekonomіchnіnі і socially-economical.

Technical and economic vidnosini know their turn at the specialization, cooperation, combined virology, concentration, exchange of people among people, in economic standards, it’s very bad. They are clearly associated with the organization of economic and social issues, and they can deal with the processes of organization, distribution, exchange and residency, in the management of these processes. Senselessly stink through the middle of the openwork of the suspension of the viral network and the hirelings, in the process of marketing, planning, programming, so much.

Technical and economic and organizational and economic vidniny play an important role in virobility, sharing, sharing and realizing, and increasing productiveness and efficiency. Technological and economic and organizational and economic formations - the structure of cooperation, cooperation and cooperation, the form of management - the formation of the political and economic structure. You’ll be sure to immediately and indirectly associate with others, get paid, exchange and live, based on quiet types and forms of moisture, but at the same time they’ll be able to hear them all. Їx rosette, similar to the development of productive forces, efficiency of suspension virobnitz.

Social and economic vidnosini - such is the suspension form of virobnitzty, the essence and basis of how to become vidnosini moisture on the side of virobnitzvta, natural resources, human factor, life benefits. Prior to socially economic issues, it is necessary to establish the same socially-economical aspect of labor issues (the nature of praxis) and that of social security. For example, in order to bring more and more benefits to Shvets for their character, they are faster than socialist, lower capitalist.

More detailed information on economic issues and structural elements is available on current topics in the political economy course. It will be shown scho later in the XXI century. step by step it is new, post-industrial economy, as well as class-formalism (capitalism, socialism) and translate economy into post-system.