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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

4.3.2. Slave and feudal power.

The result is a growth in the main irregularities, the development of the product, exchange, the viral content of the vinicle, the private power on the basis of the operation and maintenance of the product. For the slave adherents of the slave rulers of the power of slavslavnikov. In the middle of the Middle Ages, feudal land ownership became feudal ; for such land, it did not belong exceptionally okremіy individuals. Vzdnmini vidnosini yak in the middle of the feudal class (seniors and vasaliev), so both the land volsniki and the uncontrolled virobiaks were based on a special volodaryuvanny i pridornenі. Yak for slavery, and so on for feudalism, the statehood was prompted and matched by promises in the ranks of the slave and feudal mothers, which formulated the type of closed natural gratitude, de exchanging goods with all kinds of goods.

At the nadra of feudal slavery, heirs of another suspension of praxis, approval of the land and the development of the remnants of the vinica, are not bound by the earth. Remisniki in the cities behaved very clearly in the private and private ownership of the virology and products of their own right. To this, the power of the product , including livelihoods, was based not on volodinny land, but on volodnichnymi pratsі. The private power of remixers is already bound up with commodity distribution and exchange, that’s why it’s possible to form a new social identity - commodity exchange.

Development of commodity distribution, exchange and private moisture of non-resident goods, distribution of feudal feudal goods. First of all, the capital war was accelerated by the advent of the epoch of the bourgeois revolutions, as well as legally approving the new capitalist, or bourgeois, system of moisture.

4.3.2. Capitalism.

Behind an economical capitalist there is a principle of principle in the front systems: in the first place, for some it is characteristic of a front-end viral employee of the foremost minds; in a different way, the inferior virobnik in the minds of capitalist power is legally independent; in the third place, the implementation of the bourgeois system of power is based on capitalist appropriation, the purchase and sale of robotic power; in the fourth place, in an economical form of capitalistic privilege, we can see an additional product (economic rent), sales of a praise of a hired worker; By and large, the number of people in the system of capital moisture has come to power on comrades and servants as a whip of the residual consolidation of feudal assets and a significant part of the power of other remnants.

For the present-day minds, the development of productive forces, a new organisation to form a capitalistic virobnosty, can transform the economically vidnosini, and at once with them a system of moisture. Step by step, the bourgeois economy is transformed into a system of economic economy, deregistered by the bourgeois power and the development of the new form of virology.

Here it is important to observe the particularities of the transformation of vidnosin moisture from the point of view of the economic economy and legal form. Fragments of an economic basis for new forms of moisture see new organisms to form an inferior virology, then an economy of volatility transforms adequately to an organizational form of revolution, so that

In the evolving move to reduce the variance of the management of the new trademarks with a stretch of bagatok rock and decimal. The practice of living in the state of life to rob vіdbіr of progressive forms, methods and legally closing their economic legislation. Soundly, evolucy can mothers and dead ends vgdaluzhennya, as a serve to humanity a negative butt. From the historical point of view to the Evolution of the є all-encompassing law, the development of nature and suspense.

Revolution is urgent, as long as the form is not in the cold, take into account the new incidence and growth of overgrowth in superexcision, conflict and loss, in the revolution. As a rule, we can see more and more revolutionary forms in the form of power in order to resemble political leaders without the need for visually necessary disasters, so that there may be more disasters. New ideas for new methods of management, ways of organizing and stimulating virobility, new principles for distributing a national product. Prote empirical revolution practice for marriage is hourly not healthy all the parameters of a new economic system organically interconnecting and making effective state mechanism.