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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.

American neoliberalism. Monetarism

The Keynesian version of managing the economy by the method of low cost and budget deficit would be desirable if I shid a quick economic growth, but not a minute to save crisis-free development, renewal of employment, and re-employment. Zadovgo to the cob of the 70s pp., If they recognized the global crisis, the representatives of the neoclassical school predicted її. The stinks were brought up, "Great Depression" 1929-1933 pp. Bula is not the result of a big business, as if I had Keynes, but a random failure in the second sphere, for a big business, a big deal, a big deal, a big deal, a big deal

On the first hand, reconcile, which was often penniless, neoclassics proclaimed the rule of regulation of the economy, control of pennies, small pennies, and the need to save a lot of money. At the thought of a representative of neoliberal opposition to Keynesianism, control over the penniless mass order is governed by the basic law of penniless obigu. The foundation of this theory lies in the theory of pennies, which was captured by A. Smith and the remaining formulated by D. Rikardo.

The recognition of neoclassical approaches and the monetary concept of sovereign sovereign regulation characterized the special strains of the neoliberal school, having denied it the name of monetarism.

Significant leeway on the form of monetarism was carried out by theories of American economies of the 20–40s pp. G. Simons, I. Fisher, F. Knight. That especially widespread monetarism is like a variant of neoliberalism, having nabuv in the USA, for example, in the 40s — the cob of the 50s pp. Winning becoming a reaction on the trivial of ignoring economic economics of penniless factors and low energy for the development of inflationary processes.

In general, the wines are characterized by low monetary theories, they clarified the nature of cyclic development and sounded the monetary recipes of stability. Ale Naybilsh primed and rousing Bula theory of the Chikaz (ново new monetarist ’) school of M. Fridman.

A positive contribution to monetarism in economic theory, and advanced in the theory of pennies, having taken from the retailer’s advanced mechanism a revolving supply of pennies for commodity light, monetary instruments and monetary (pennies). Monetary concepts became the basis of penny-credit policies, as the most important factor of sovereign regulation.

Milton Freidman (1912) was born at Brooklyn’s in the same time from Ukraine. 1932 roku zakіnchuє navigation in the university of ratgers, having deduced two sciences - mathematics and economics. The winners of the Nobel Prize winners - S. Kuznets and J. Stigler, as well as the Maybut President of the Federal Reserve System of the United States A. Bjorn, are the lecturers of economic disciplines. Tse spryalo form іnterestіv Freіdmana і vplinulo yogo і rіshennya about the promotion of vivcheneniya ekonomіchnyh disciplines. Win entry to Chikazky University, de 1933 p. otrimuє stepіn magіstra. Great insight into the form of the neoclassical views of Freidman Mali and the University of G. Simon, F. Knight and J. Winner, who took care of the well-appointed noblemen in the entry into the economy because of the crisis of the neoclassical.

Zgodom Milton Fredman to go to Columbia University, de-mogu otrimuvati scholarship. Here vin sp_vpratsyu with the author of the theory of cycles by Mitchell. 1937 p. Під керівництуом Кузнєца take care of the research project of the National Bureau of Economic Revenues. For an hour, see the case with the sovereign treasury, then go to the office of the Columbia University. 1946 p. having cleaned up a doctor’s dissertation with problems of philosophy.

Z 1948 p. M. Fridman pratsyu in the Chikaz University, dealt with methodological problems of the suspension sciences, problems of legal issues (having cleaned up a doctor’s dissertation), pennies and pricelessness. Win the president of the American Economic Association, the president’s lover of economic nutrition, a member of the editorial board of economic vidan.

Youom to lay ponad 250 praz, among them 27 books. The main ones are “Narisi of the Positive Theory” (1953), “The Money theory of pennies” (1956), “Theory of Functions” (1957), “The Monetary Stability Program” (1959), and “Theoretical Fundamentals” (1970) , “The Small Economic Development” (1973), “Unprotected Against Inflation?” Estimation of crooked Phillips ”(1975),“ Theory of Pricing ”(1978),“ Monetary History of the USA, 1867-1960 ”(1981) (at sponsorship),“ Draw the Positive Economy ”(1975),“ Vilnius vibrati ”(1980), “The Specialty Look” (1981). In these principles itself, the basic theoretical position of monetarism is formulated.

Freidman taking part in the show of the Republican Party programs, being the author of the leading popular television program “Freedom to Vibor”.

He is broad-minded, the supra-logical intellect of his own vidrodzhennyam neoklassichny straightforwardly in the economic theory.

The honor of Milton Fredman is a scholarly monetarist school, a Nobel Prize laureate of 1976, a certificate of self-regulation, and a separate payment system.

The method of theoretical attainment of Freidman can be called sub-active-positive, based on empirical and statistical remoteness.

The positivity of the theory of Milton Freedom of the pole in the world, which is based on practical zososuvannya.

Freedman’s sub-activity (one sign of independence to the neoclassical level in economical theory) is manifested in the fact that there is a greater psychological factor (motivation for people) in different situations. Psychological factors, at first thought, are the main reasons for the equal storage of the economic system.

The bagato position of the theory of the bulo is vested in the forensic hypothesis, as well as being brought to the basis of the allowance, breaking and analyzing the static in the economic clowns. Vin vikoristovu abstract viznesnennya, given the classic politekonomіyu. There is no monetarism - that’s, it’s complete, the right amount of neoklassichny theories, the same meaning, the lesson the penniless theory, Yak Fredman did not examine the principle, but the main principle. His conception is characterized by a yak "theoretical pidkhid, scho ryuzhduє important pittance" * 16.

* 16: {Friedman M. Studies in the Quantity Theory of Money. - Chicago, 1956. - P. 3.}

We are important with the fundamental approach to achieving a mechanism for developing an essential capitalism, for Freedom, the need for economic freedom, and the idea of ​​total freedom in suspension. Freedom is economical, managers are realizing the idea of ​​a suspended distribution, they are not looking at the market system, but they are interrupted in the process of continuous development. The main and the original rice of the market system will be lost due to a lot of competition, as well as to pervade all the spheres of suspension of life, so that you can save yourself automatic automatic self-regulation of the economy.

The idea of ​​economic freedom is realized, at the thought of Freidman, the untwisted powers in the economy and the changes in the private sector of the national product, to become profitable and the material basis of the sovereign “assemble” stability.

It’s the power to hand in economics, financial advice to Freedom, the block of directors to regulate, to establish a clear vision for the short term:

From now on, the basic principle is the monetarism of the poleє in time, which is no alternative to the market mechanism of isnu.