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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

7.2. Vitrati virobnitstva, product is goods

Classical theory about vitrati. Theory of three factors of the factor. Neoclassical theory of vitrat and vartost.

Allowing you to examine those points from the point of view of the winter schools to the vitality of the virology schools, schools and schools of economical schools.

Behind the classic economical theory, representatives of a kind of bully U. Petty, A. Smit, D. Rikardo i Yaka won the furthest outreach at the hands of Karl Marx, respecting the basis for the cost of living, living and restoring the basis of the goods. Thus, price is the price of a groshov form of supreme product. And wartiness is ceased in commodity suspension. Rozroblyayuchi I appreciate the thesis, K. Marx rozrіznyav slurry vitrati virobnitstva goods, which are identified as costs pratsі, that іndivіdualnі vitrii virobnitsva, as well as vitrified capital of goods of the merchant.

The capitalist vitrati of K. Marx Mali is such a viglyad:

capitalistic vitrati virobnitstva

de VK - capitalistic vitrati virobnitstva; C - permanent capital, advances in the case of virobnitztva; V - permanent capital, advances from a Naiman I work for strength.

Beyond Marx, suspension of capital for capitalization of the sum of the current and the current basic and permanent working capital (C) and the sum of the newly created capital (V + m), de m - Dodatkov’s wariness, is fixed by the hire of the prace. From now on, there’s a lack of availability of goods and suspensions of goods and services for the price concept. slurry wart_ product and slurry vitrati on yogo virobnitstvo

Capitalistic (individual) vitality of smaller and smaller ones by the amount of additional wartost m, so as to get hired by a robotic person upwards of a robust strength and nibble form a little, which is preferred The leather goods manufacturer is reckoned with lower indi vidrati virobitnstva, so far, having sold their goods at a price close to the cost, zbіlshiti svіy way.

At the first half of the 19th century The theory of vitality of virobility is declared, for such vitrati of virobnitz (as suma vitrat for the provision of virology and payment), the basis of value, and in general and the price of the goods.

At that very hour of the vinikla i nabula there is an extensive theory of three factors of virobnitz (J. B. See and F. Bastia). It is necessary to obtain the theory of viral goods and formality, to take the equal share of the capital, capital and land: the price, the capital - the rent (percentage), the land - rent.

The other half of the 19th century a win ’and a wide range of interpretation of the status of the product, or rather, the quality of the goods. At the boundaries of corinosity, there was a borderline corinosity, so that the corinosity of the dermal offensive single growth of the good, as if I were to direct myself to the satisfaction of the song consumption. Here, a leather buyer — living his own scale of values, and that is the very good of my own appreciation, through those who are buying the most appreciated needs of the most powerful, and the other way — is always worth it.

Credibility, but in particular, I appreciate the fact that I myself, and I myself, is not bound up without the expense of the cost of these factors. At the world, the satisfaction of the consumer, the value of the goods is changed, and the price itself is inverted in proportion to the value of the goods and directly proportional to the intensity of the consumer. It’s not important to remember that here you will have to pass a pass to the sub-active-psychological approach for the visibility of the card, but in one way, the product is more valuable.

At the end of the ХІХ century the theory of wartostism is neoclassical , and from now on, it is worth it (esteemed A. Marshall). For the most part, the product is to be purchased and consumed, while in the short-term period, it will drink the form on the basis of boundary corridor, and the propensity - on the basis of vitro virology. On the basis of reciprocal food and desire to form, the price is important. It’s possible to pay attention to factors, to store in the form of optimal price, and later, to store prices (div. Topic 5).

Zagalnovnovano, what price is lower and upper boundary. Virobnik can’t sell for one hour at a price, since it’s not a compensated vitrati - this is the lower price line. At that very hour є the upper boundary is enriched by the platospromozhnostyu that I can and will be ready to buy the goods. Since the price goes up to the upper boundary, then the buyer, through the availability of pennies, is not able to add goods. Lower and upper prices are constantly different from the other factors, such as: drinking and eating, monopolizing the market, and the possibility of alternative products.

Take a look at vitrates and virodnostyu, vartіst і price †‹вЂ‹ form themselves formally practically with an influx of neoklassichnyh ideas, it is clear that they have a fixed price on the basis of ryinkovyh forces of great competition, I need to constantly change my form