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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

11.3. Vitrati for living. Protection of housekeeping

Vitrati for living. Vitrati for living and behaving. The effect of income. Effect zamіni. The living surplus. Maximization of boundary corinosity. Concerned.

11.3.1. Vitrati for living.

After the analysis of the category “receive housekeeping” and that it would be completely safe to go over to the understanding of “vitality of housekeeping” . Vivchennya tsikh dvokh understand є unreasonable. As soon as the income of housekeeping was revealed in the foreign rice, then the picture is clear. Part of the income should come from the powers of a special luncheon surcharge, and the surplus should be paid to Vitrati for living and living.

Housekeeping is a benefit of special goods, as well as buying products, food, clothing, culture, culture and culture, caring for social and cultural services.

Good vitrati can be but classified in a different way, for example, like a friend and a servant. So, the US Ministry of Commerce and Trade for the duration of such a group:

1) Vitrati on the comrade of the pre-hosted corridor, so as to serve more than one place: cars, personal computers, recorders, televisions, refrigerators;

2) vitrati for a comrade of short-line corridor - that’s how to serve less than one rick: the products are grubby and that’s more of an item of clothing;

3) vitrati on the services: lіkarya, perukarya, the establishment of sanctity, culture and that.

11.3.2. Vitrati for living and behaving.

I am convinced that cinnamon is recognized with certain laws, which may be tricked into the market economy. Vitrati of housekeeping for living together with those who have such benefits, as an effect on income, an effect of substitution, a living surplus, maximization of corinosity.

11.3.3. The effect of income.

As a matter of fact, a gross profit of housekeeping є to steal, then the best price for a new one is unequivocally a change in real income, or even a purchase price. More precisely, the effect of income means an increase in the price of real income. Yakshchso tsina zrostaє, and the pennies go to be lost by steels, then the real revenues of housekeeping will change, and the stink to buy less goods. Navpaki, for lower prices, I will receive real income from housekeeping for steel incomes.

11.3.4. Effect zamіni.

The first factor, I’ll explain the change in the living of housekeeping iz pіdvishchennyam price, є the obvious is obvious. But if you need one, you can be satisfied not only with one, but with the food products, the role of deputy is leathery. By understanding the boundary corinosity, it helped clarify the fundamental law of progressive decline in nutrition. However, by stretching out the remaining ten economies, they have pushed alternative p_dh_d to analitus - p_dh_d, for some sort of puzzles about borderline corinth.

Analysis of vimaga knowledge about the effect of substitution (substitution) . From now on, as a rule, salmon has become a treasured product of grubbing, then homemaking will be less than kupuvati salmon and more than korop chi lyascha. So the very fact that the price on the video network is very good for the movie - well, you will shukatim more than the price for the lower price. Overwhelmingly, the effect of substituting a product is that if there is a price for the product, then you can reckon on having replaced the product, abimat the bazhan for the lowest price.

Domestic property can be repaired in such a way as if the offerings, if the price is increased by the singing factor virobnitsva zmushuє ikh them are expensive and the factor virobnitsvva cheaper. Hospice, zamіshchuyuchi dear comrade cheap, kupuyut udovolennya for less vitrati.

11.3.5. The living surplus.

An analysis of the law of a decline in corroboration, a certain amount of discernment in topic 2, a demonstration of the fact that I have lost my mind by the irrelevant corridor of the good and the second wisdom, and I have to turn around for matrimonial welfare. Tsya Vigoda Winika, since I’m more than willing to pay more than the law for declining boundary corinas. Once you pay one price for a leather product. Ozhe, it stinks to pay for a leather unit of style, the cost of staying alone.

In fig. 11.1 depicts a graph of boundary cinnamon water “Obolon”. The recession-stupynchastiy will drink water; the image is downwardly bordering the cinnamon of the water. Bachimo, how great is the great є superfluous, but as far as dodatkova is, I’m satisfied with the way forward for the statehood, the price of dancing is less than 1 UAH. Pridsumuvshshi all darkened on the graph of dodatka vigod vid of the first to the eighth single I will deny zagalnu dodatkova vigoda in 3 hryvnі pid the hour of purchase, drive. Otzhe, housekeeping, I will repudiate Dodatkov’s Vigod vіd usіh pershikh odinich goods.

living surplus for housekeeping

Fig. 11.1. Dodatkova Vigoda (a living surplus for homekeeping)