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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

12.1.3. Klasifіkatsіya pіdpriimstv for rozmіramy.

Violation in the market and economy in different forms of business: the main streets are necessary, until the gross partnerships are opened, I’m going to need to. Industrial enterprises of Ukraine had 31.7 thousand. pіdpriєmstv, bіlshіst z yakih - small.

Behind the rozmіr pіdprimoєstva rozrіznyayutsya as small, medium and large. The transition to the market economy of transmission is optimal on the occasion of the great, medium and small enterprises.

Until the small enterprises, Ukrainian legislation introduced products for 15–200 years, it is irrelevant in the form of a show of duality. Small enterprises should be based on the form of power and health in legal, commercial, financial, insurance and other areas. Small enterprises to play an important role in the market economy. It’s stinky to timidly shy, actively pour in on the market snakes, to secure a richer market with goods and services, to sprinkle the weakened monopoly. Especially important is the importance of these products - in the development of the sphere of service and trade. Through their large number of small businesses, we will ensure that we double the population of new working places, and lower large businesses.

The average number of products is small, the number of items in significant numbers.

Great enterprises to produce large-scale products for a stable assortment, to have large-scale funding for the development of science and technology projects. It’s okay to stumble over the reasons, ale nayvazhlivshih to blame for the fact that, for the most part, surpassed, amused at the scale of the scale of virobnitz. Effectively, I will need a specialized installation, extra storage lines, great factories and factories, and great praise for the great number of high-tech operations. Before the show, it’s more efficient to use cars for transferring productive property to 300,000 units in the river. It’s not possible to infect such technologies, so that you can hear all the energy, television and computer in your yard. Before the great ones, as a rule, to bring the opportunity to take part in 1000 operations.

The controversial function of the great enterprises є mobilizing resources for virobnitz. Budіvnitstvo steel rolling I will lose $ 1 bln., Vitrati in litakobuduvannі can be more big. Sounds to find such a cat? For the happy socialist system of business often financed from the sovereign budget; on the sovereign utriimanni boules science and science-design rozrobki. Private holidays are available to Ukrainian citizens for the most important financial reasons, although there are a few cash loans that are limited in time.

Prototype may be in great gallows of order with great gifts є technological and economical opportunities for the average, small and large enterprises.

Commercial enterprises also classify beyond the sphere, by the kind of state gift. I am interested in the idea that there is no doubt that there is a great deal of praise, that there are very good ideas about how to use the property, trade, finance, trade, science, services. Vihodichi z tsogo pidprimstva of the winter galleys can be grouped in the form of dyalnostі as follows: virobnichі, finances, middle, insurance.