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History of Economic Studies - Kornіychuk L.Ya.


1. The main stage of the development of economic science in the SRSR

Suchasna svitova ekonomіchna thought was formed, both of them were differently known and ekonomichnogo knowledge. Vaughn synthesized the reach of the whole generation, getting good at that, and more at all, bear. The skin of the most current doctrines of chi shkil bulo was recorded in the last minute, and the skin of them was developing very quickly until the very moment of economic reality, and the birth of specific social and economic conditions.

Polіtichna ekonomіya sotsіalіzmu at tsomu Especially Je rozumіnnі ekonomіchnoyu doctrine does not lishe zavdyaki svoїy origіnalnostі, dogmatichnostі that chіtkіy іdeologіchnіy spryamovanostі and slit the first to scho Ekonomichna Dumka spawned unіkalny phenomenon - suspіlstvo, yak buduvalos in suvorіy vіdpovіdnostі of advance skonstruyovanoyu theoreticity Modell.

Jerel polіtichnoї ekonomії sotsіalіzmu boule іdeї sotsіalіstіv-utopіstіv scho vіdbivali odvіchnu mrіyu lyudstva about justice suspіlstvo, i klasichna doctrine vikoristana Marx that F. Engelsom for ekonomіchnogo obgruntuvannya spravedlivostі klasovoї Borotba that ob'єktivnoї obumovlenostі zamіni kapіtalіstichnogo suspіlstva on komunіstichne.

The basic principle of incite socialism and communism was formulated by Marx and Engels, the further theoretical development of the basic conceptual principles of the Marxist doctrine of health I. V. Lenin.

However, an obscure manifestation about the foundations of socialism appeared inappropriately, since the problem of formulating a real economic system has arisen. I would like to make it obvious that the establishment of a suspended form of moisture in the area of ​​virobnosis (because of the lack of private moisture) was more likely to be economical in nature, but it was much more difficult to foresee it.

Already in the first fate of Radyansky power, discussions are taking place about the drive of the basic laws and rules for the development of eco-theory, the basic number of meals is marked, as was the case for the development of power.

Now it’s important to acknowledge that it’s a lot of respect, it’s saved economical theoretical knowledge. Tolki of Russia’s new Todo Bulo was instructed by nearly thousands of people from the problems of the economy. There were set up and considered the need for nutrition: about the development of the form of suspension of power, about the formation of power, sovereign control, the need for control, commodity-free, incentive, and independent distribution.

The characteristic rice of an economically theoretical thought of the first revolution rock in the middle of the right pluralism . It is impeccable that at the time of that hour the class struggle was imagined, but only at the form of theoretical discussions. Moreover, the economy of the most direct and the most superficially humbly put one to one. I was hovering around, right now the science of the bourgeois bourgeoisie was bluntly tricky with the critical front-line bolshevik, and hacked.

Proteus from the other half of the 1920s, and especially from 1929, the camp of the serpentine. The availability of the author to the big part of the article is not an overwhelming argument for the obedience of his theory. The science-and-analytic pidid is replaced by the class-party and ideological-ethnical.

The non-Marxist author was magnetized to protest. I will give a description of the bilshovitsky approach to economic analysis by author of the non-Marxist organization, vidomiy historik R. Yu. Vipper, in the book “The Crisis of Historical Science” (Kazan, 1921). I won’t have to worry about the fact that, before the revolutionary bagato, the Russian pupils gave me the opportunity to economically materialize, wait a little, and I’ll rule out economic factors rather than ideology. That message Zhovtnya came to the point of people, as if recognize the idea of ​​being important for the factor factors.

R. Yu. Vіpper mav racіyu: bagato hto bachiv at radyanski ekonomіtsі those who are punished with a bullo bachiti, but not those who there were blamed for good.

However, let’s have mercy on me, I would like to say that all economics and ideology were economical, but they were abducting partiіnі interest. Russian Marxists in the 20s — on the cob of the 30s pp. zrobili significant contribution to the economic theory. From them, they need to pick up the foremost M. Kondratyev , O. Chayanov , O. Chelintsev , M. Levitsky , Є. Slutsky , V. Leontєva and the bagatochs of the Inshih.

For example, of 20 rocky number of discus з s with direct drive to develop the economy of the power of the radiant and those basic principles, encourage the socialist system to be visualized by means of the “lit up” theoretical formulas. To repair the dogmatization of the main principles of the Marxist-Leninist vchenenya. For the main function of economic theory, to be ideologically recognized, that is to say, try to prove the correctness of the party course, criticize all of the economic doctrines, and generally do not have any fundamental ideology.

However, the essence of the applied aspects of economic theory is still appreciated by the joyful economists, and moreover, to finish the original tsikavo. At the very moment, the balance method of developing public gospel, the economic and mathematical modeling, statistical methods, and the statistical method are formulated; the principle of planning and forecasting is formulated.

However, with a political vise, take a look at the economics of economics, recognize the theory and theories stick to the ideological vimog.

Varto proanalizuvati, for example, evolyutsіu glancing at an assessment of the planned robots at the Radyansky state, the great authority of the Radyansky economic science S. Strumilina . On the cob of the 30th pp. gospodar problems of the planned national gospodarhood - “crisis of zbutu” 1923 p., “commodity hunger” 1925 p., fall of obesyag virobnitstva, win zv'yazuє with a merciful economic policy of glad viddom. So, having pointed out, it’s better to hand the economic organism into the yakus to bring the whole system to a non-random distribution. Win rightly means that most of the negligence of the bestowed gratitude is explained by the high prices for promises, merciless criticism of the credit policy of the State Bank, indicating, of course, that there is an imbalance to the effect, I have to raise. Tsikavo, his criticism of Strumilin’s argument with the help of neoclassical science theories.

Ale yakshcho in 20 rocky see the plan robot explained Strumilin from classic positsі, yakі based on the same about self-sustaining economics, then on the cob of 30 rocky yo look a little longer.

Already 1932 p. the reason for all the misfortunes is the name of "dominance" at the State Plan of bourgeois specialties and opposition elements for the small archetype of special-purpose communes * 1. The very structure of Derzhplanu, pidkreslyu Strumilin, shook the plan with the process of sharpened class struggle. Those prazivniks of Derzhplanu, such as V. Bazarov, N. Kondratyev, V. Groman, came up with the concept of Nepu, for which I do not spoil the element of the market, but in the future, the market regulates and correct the plan. The very soul of dyalnost nibito called before the failure of the first test of the nationally-gifted planuvannya.

* 1: {Strumilin S. G. Problems of planning in the USSR. - L., 1932. - S. 29-142.}

Less than that, as a bullet it was defeated by the "school organization" at Derzhplanі, having appeared "scientifically primed" the first five-sided plan.

Evolution Strumilina’s look is characteristic for finishing the turn of the country on hats, encourage totalitarian, administrative and team economies. As a result, there was a reaction to the real threat: scientists, economists, theorists and practitioners who didn’t want to take a look at the laws of development of the suspended statehood, were ideologically interested in it; anyhow physically familiar.

From that hour, in the economic thought of the power of the majority, they posited the main tenets of the revolutionary Marxist dogma, who in the sphere of economy approved the idea of ​​centralized, total development of the economy, gradually
The Communist Party takes a course towards collectivization, further enhancing moisture, and socialism is overwhelmingly united, fair, fair, amusing some super-dirty words, "going down to communism."

Yakshko to the cob of the 30th pp. there was a discussion about the drive for the necessary political science of science for the wits of a new fret, then in the other half of the 30s pp. I’m even talking about those that need to be especially aware of the science of the economy of the Republic of Belarus. To take up the decision about the publication of political and economic socialism in primary mortgages, about the implementation of the handicap, I was given some kind of advice on the whole ideological, theoretical and applied nature, which will affect the new.

Zavdannyam ekonomіchnoї science is old, by the day, all the time all the same way to talk about the excellence of socialism is divided from capitalist suspension.

Political and economic knowledge is the cause of degradation. Science delivered in Bulo zhorstkі framework SSMSC obmezhuvali doslіdzhennya marksistskimi the provisions about the role of the dictatorship ekonomіchnu proletarіatu, about sotsіalіstichne ususpіlnennya that єdinu suspіlnu vlasnіst on zasobi virobnitstva that іn scho znayshlo vіdobrazhennya in formulyuvannі Especially ekonomіchnih zakonіv sotsіalіzmu, kotrі traktuvalis sub'єktivіstski -. Yak planovі and "construction" by suspension.

That year it became apparent that economics is a science that comes to the dead end, entering into super-diversity with the principles of not only classic, but navigating Marxist economic theory.

1952 p. Bulletin was published by J. Stalin, “ Economic problems of socialism in the Soviet Socialist Republic, ” which first started further development of the political economy, recognized the important nature of the economic and social factors. Zvyazku zim piddkreslyulyaetsya the need for up to the final laws of economic development and vikoristannya their results in the practice of social welfare work.

At four o'clock, the analysis of mutual economy is lower than that of the state sponsorship of the categories of "unsocialistic" similarities - "pennies", "goods", "side" and that.

The new pilot with a wide range of social wisdom (1954) knew about the following problems: factors of virology, scientific and technological progress, small and medium proportions of small, worn out,

There is still a hundred trend in the 60's, if you include microeconomic problems before the subject of political economy, characterize the basics of economic activities of the state alone - enterprises. At the same time, at the moment of feeding the behavior of the economic agent for the minds of the market economy and for the benefit of the macroeconomic processes, they can repair the costs and expenses in the economic environment.

The Radyansky Union has also tried to try and make the practice of the state donation possible the principle of the Gospodar garden of roses, which has been about singing I can rejoice in the economic theory, that is, I want to be unshakable, it’s very important economical processes are accepted on the same state one.

All the same, for the Radical Economic Theory, they got behind the closed secrets of the New Economic Thought. The theory was not presented in the form of Marxist dogmas and books as a whole, according to the ideological needs. Javishcha, tricked by commodity virobnitstvu, could be discerned by the socialist suspension of such, which should be less than the form to be quiet, which would characterize the statehood. Right, stink є suttєvo іnshimi, more to be better for the minds of the planned economy and socially fair suspension.

In the 70's pp. Have a happy economy and learn about the discus sions of food and politics and economics. Named the supply of bulo even more relevant, the frauds of the development of economic problems in Ukraine are more likely to exist, the most of the ideological installations. On the day, about the admissible boundary between the powers in the state mechanism. Sorry, we could overcome the hangers piddrukuvannya ekonomіki polіtichnіy metі.

Відповідно і process for the provocation of the state gift to the mother of a child, when I feel comfortable, I’ve got to know from the sleeping form.

However, the singing relaxation of political and ideological censorship is positively designated for the development of economic theory. Immediately with the theoretical problem of political politics and economics, the debate about the sound of political economics was debated.

A story about those that are politically economical є the methodological basis for the development of economic sciences and those of science є with the tools of theoretical analysis, having hidden the development in the new windows between new galleys of access. Political economy, social and social benefits, you can use economic and mathematical methods and statistical methods of analysis.

1975 p. a happy economist L.V. Kantorovich was awarded the Nobel Prize for a book with an economical-mathematical model of a process for a suspension of economics “An economical resource for natural resources,” written 19 more. The lifelong merits of the science of science demanded that, at this very moment, the economic and mathematical methods of repairing the widespread vikoristovuvati radyanskaya economical science in theoretical analysis. For a short line, tsyu straightforwardly Bulo reached out to finish significant achievements.

The same meaning also means that now at an all-time intensive development of new science, like on the cob of the 60s rock form was formed like "Criticism of the most economical theories." Vaughn gave the zmog to the Radyansky chitachevich otrimati bodai more vividly the announcement of the camp and the achievement of new economic theory.

Proteins are repaired from the middle of the 70s pp. in the development of economic science, fixes, reflections of economic opportunities in the country are being repaired. I’m knowing the science of learning more and more about social socialist harmony, I need to repair the ideology and apologetics of the party.

In the economic literature of the 70s pp. actively discuss the problems of the system and structure of virobodic vidnosin, vihnidnogo and the first in virobodnich vidnosina social and socialism and so on. The science of zde_lshogo doslіdzhuє is an abstract problem, hidden on the methodological ambushes of analysis, not practical food. It’s typical for the science and science of this period to cite quotes from the writers of Marx, Engels, Lenin, parti ry and ordinances setting forth arguments on the basis of seemingly abstract ideas, but not a little of practical value.

On the cob of the 80s pp. it’s obvious that the economical theory of relocation in the crisis camp has become dogmatic and scholastic, unpleasant, explaining the ambush of economical economical development, and deification of the need for further collapse of suspension.

Once again the old thought was confirmed, which is economical theory that cannot be developed, if you don’t imagine the idea of ​​fundamentally new ways of developing socially-economical ideas.

For example, the 80s — on the cob of the 90s pp. in economic literature, repairing the need to form an ambush for a new concept of state donation, which you take for private point of private interest. At the Center for Respect for Economic Theory, use the power of power, its method, method of endeavor. To rethink the nature of market-oriented economic activity, socially-economic structure of suspension. The problems of transformation of the socialist economy into the market are solved.

The methodological apparatus, a kind of vikoristova’s economic theory in the lands of the colossal Radyansky Union, is to talk about the integration of economic science in the world.