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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

12.4. Сутність підприємництва, its role in the market economy

Sutnіst pіdpriєmnitstva, yogo signs and functions. Problems of developing civilization in Ukraine.

12.4.1. Sutnіst pіdpriєmnitstva, yogo signs and functions.

Pіdpriцmets є one of the human factors of virobnitsva, without a kind of market economy is not possible. To the cob of the remaining third of the nineteenth century pіdpriєmets immediately buv the hairline of the capitalist pіdprimstva.

З кінця XIX century і to our days pіdpriєmets neobov'yazkovo є hairline. Winning of the system of credit was started by the understanding of such a understanding, as if it were one of the same person of the hairline and the other. Now, let’s become a pidprimmer at our time, you don’t have to have a real capital and a butler as a lane, the fragments of the main capital are not penniless, not knowing a few things, but a good psychological knowledge, knowledge about it. Itself stink umumulyuyut ochkuvaniya a little way.

Also, it’s necessary and important to manage the management, and the business manager (kerivnik). Підприємець - a self-reliant market agent, who is on his own fear and reluctance, especially on the basis of the results of the business activity. The manager is hiring an official, a certain organization, realizing delivery, delivery of goods. Win, in fact, do not carry the main objectives for their own. Protee manager, as a rule, renting a rent, becoming a renter.

Call on кап a captain of capital, and also your manager.

If it’s a suspension function, then it will be reduced to the higher demand of the suspension and satisfaction. At the market economy, the perpetrators are guilty of rogue, as some comrades and servants will be overlooked by customers tomorrow.

Dіalnіst pіdpriєmtsya yes є suspension і such surrender. First and foremost, as a rule, wait for me to be able to achieve the best results, especially since I’m a highly qualified specialist, I know my good deed. The very same time, a lot of bugging, discernment and development of their own health and the health of the last people to creativity, a rational selection of the most obvious resources in suspension, have been achieved. In a different way, pіdpriєmets mozhe is more beautiful than pratsuvati on a living. Predictably yogy drink, pidpriєmets get entrusted not only with the current, but with the main consumer and the direct suspension of the viola in the satisfaction. On the other hand, more often than not, a healthy organization should be more inclusive of such a rank, so that the vitrified resources gave us the most effective way. From now on, the satisfaction of the consumer needs can be reached here in the most efficient way.

Vihodyachi iz from the meaning of the characteristics pidpriєmtsya, pіdpriєmnitsvo it is possible to familiarize yourself with how to fix and keep the reference, the generation and vikoristovuvati іnіtsіativa, zvazhvatsya on risik, add protection against the middle of the skin. Vono vistupaє, the main rank, as a manifestation of economic and organizational creativity of innovation.

Ozhe, pіdprimnimstvo - a bagatoplanovoe yavische, which can be described more economically and politically point of view. At iz'yazku iz tsim it is possible to give such tlumachenny termіn п pіdpriєmnitstvo ».

Private business is self-sufficient, it is primarily gospodarsky dyalyal_stroms of people, it is straightened out on a clean-up income (income) and a good way to know more about their personalities. Shchodo the Law of Ukraine “On business”, then it is meant that the business is self-sustaining, systematic in high-tech business, high-tech work, busy work and business.

Since the dyalnost of the physical as well as the legal system is not tied to a criminal offense, then you can’t get into it. Sochasna ekonomіchna science vivchaє pіdpriєmnitsvo as a kind of dyalnostі, in the basis of such laid oznaki:

1) freedom to vibration terminology and methodology, self-esteem at acceptance;

2) the fact that the factor is manifest;

3) organization for the achievement of commercial success;

4) the innovative nature of dyalnostі.

Pіdpriєmnitsvo - not less special kind of dyalnostі, and the first singing style and type of state behavior, so called:

Initiative and a prelude of non-traditional solutions in the sphere of business;

readiness to run into a rizik;

deafness and self-esteem;

cіlespryamovanіst and napoleglivіst at business dіyalnostі.

In addition, the business process is a complex of special functions, which can be conceived to save money, passions to secure retirement and the most sacred state mechanism, as soon as the state is more convenient, Sochasna ekonomіchna literature viokremlyuє three main funktsii spheres pіdpriєmnitsky dіyalnostі :

resource (form and productive capital, labor, material and information resources);

organization (marketing organization, virobnitsva, zbutu and advertisements of the last state rights);

I’m doing creative work (innovative ideas, generation and active participation in education, understanding of creativity).

From the designated food, it’s such an important thing: hang on your head, wait for the superconducting science and technology, organization and business, economic creativity, new visits to the state; I’m very good at the special, anti-bureaucratic style of the state’s behavior, with some kind of awkwardness, from one side, a new posting of new abilities and resources, and from the other hand I’m personalized for my own interests.

In Ukraine, sub-acts of public relations may include:

the populace of Ukraine, the powers that are not disjointed by the law of legal capacity and social status;

legal entities of all forms of moisture established by the Law of Ukraine “On Vlasnist”.

About the products of public relations є comrade, products, services.

Підприємницька діяльністьздійснюється from the following legislation:

without victorious hired pratsі;

from vikoristannyam naimanoї prazі;

without the approval of a legal person;

From approved legal entities.

Respect, scho pіdpriєmnitsvo can more easily develop in a singing, economical environment. Іdetsya about economic autonomy pіdpriєmnitstva. Won actually means є vdmovu іd command methods virіshennya gospodarsky zavdan. The methods of maintaining the safety of the hours of commerce, such as the ability to overtake by significant economic vitrates. To this power, through the system of legislation, financial and credit importance, we can better regulate the economic activity, but you can’t get involved with it.

Observing a little hitch - meta is important for pidpriєmtsya. However, ce is not an end in itself. For a new smut, it’s a side trip for a big shout out of his hands with a hat of expansion, modernization, structural resuscitation of virobnitz. In the minds of the right to speak, there is a greater relationship between the material and the motivated labor motivation. For the rest, stay on the first plan.

One of the most characteristic rice of civilized forestry is that it has leather skin, realism, water quality, and water supply in the interests of suspension. Adje, who wants to make a big difference and be competitive, we need to constantly talk about science-and-technology progress, the product is like a viral designation, so it’s a special living, as well as the same price. Therefore, the development of the product requires you to get involved in the purchase of cheap and cheap goods.

In addition, pridnemnistvo maє ґ runtuvayutsya on the singing economical important, as if really safe, and not just declared self-liberation, freedom gospodarskogo vibora, the possibility of investing income skinny. In the words of the past, the main competitive and competitive regime of state grant. Necessarily the same system of repaired laws, so that they would have been kidnapped, would be safe and stable, the middle ground and the rules of the "green rule" for the market.

Actual rice pidpriymnitstva ор the enlightenment of the first virological and commercial commerce in accordance with the dignity of the law and principles of good competition. One of the branches of the industrial economy, which is the essence, and later, the essence of economic and political transition, is the form of the exhaustive industrial marketing, as well as the control of about 50% of the industrial production.

For the sake of year it’s become apparent that the establishment of a small business certificate in Ukraine, the formation of a friendly competitive middleware is not possible without the analysis of the free shipping, and the United States, Japan, and the United States need more information.

Zmіst pіdpriєmnitstva in the United States , for example, to build up to the test of smіlіvshih people it’s more likely to take on a rizik, pov'azaniy z realizatsіyu new ideas.

Aesthetic criteria of civilian civilization є honesty and order. Without a whole bullet would be impracticable all dominosti, sales of products without execution of a contract is skinny.

For the deeds of a few years, in economically industrialized countries in the Middle and Malaysian countries there are 90–95% of all industrial enterprises, up to 40-60% of the total national product.

Small, medium and large enterprises in the United States have five categories: companies (1–24 services), small (25–99), industrial (100–499), medium (500–999), large (1000 and more services) )

Wholesale trade should belong to the category of small business, as a rule, the total turnover should become 3-18 million dollars. At the retail trade and the middle of servicing, between 1 and 5 million dollars.

In Ukraine, the classification of enterprises, which should be small in size, is very important for the field of activity and functions, and for this purpose. Prior to that, in Ukraine, Maliy Biznes zdіysnyuє to be a whip of the goal of the rozgaluzhenoї system of small business. From the Law of Ukraine “On Proceedings” to the smallest extent, to enforce such actions:

at promyslovosti y budіvnitsvі - with kіlkіsty pratsyuyuchih up to 200 osіb;

at the national scientific service staff - up to 100 employees;

in the highest galleys of the virological sphere (except for retail trade) - up to 50;

at the galleys of a non-material virobnitz - up to 25 os;

at retail sales - up to 15 days.

Svitova’s practice is to say that small business is even more important for business and social development, preserving the atmosphere in the atmosphere and business activity.

Dribbnі pіdpriєmnitstvo for tidy minds dіyalnostі є to finish effective. At the 5th month, they were instructed to apply Palestinian industrial applications. In the table. 12.2 the effectiveness of the Palestinian Palestinian leadership in the sector of Budapest has been pointed out.

Table 12.2

Main indicators Beyond the Palestine Budapest Sector in 1994

Type of dіyalnostі

Kіlkіst company

Zaynyatih for one company, osib

Part of odnosobovo gosnostі

Part of management,%

Middle capitalization, dol./firma

Capitalization, dol./col.

Dodana wart for one taken, dale.

Pidgotovchi (earthly robots)
















Assembly robots








Final Robots
















Usyogo (ofіtsіyno oblіkovanih)








Yak bachimo, the average occupancy on one weekly business in Palestine became 15.52, and the average primary distribution of the data (gross income for the minimum number of wards) became 8353 dollars. The USA, which is 4 times lower than the alarm clock complex in Ukraine, de-health, as a rule, great business.

In Ukraine, the process of formulating, developing and stabilizing robots is very small, the number of factors is great, the number of factors is great, a part of some small signs of small and other things is significant.