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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.


13.1. Kapital yak ekonomіchna category

Istoriya etimologіі capital. Reintroduction of pennies at capital. The formula of ruhu kapitalu is obscure. First day of capital. The confusion of the category "capital".

13.1.1. Istoriya etimologіі capital.

Vivchayuchi perche pitanenya, slіd revert respect to us for those who have the ideology of the word "capital" I don’t know anything else. The term "capital" (capitale, vid lat. Caput - head) is still better represented in the XII and XII centuries. I mean "pick up, store goods, a sum of pennies, pennies, a positive percentage." At his preaching St. Bernandino Iz Sіn (1386-1444) saying that schus is "the source of the cause of bagatelism, as if it were all winter capital" (div .: Berger P.L. ) Step by step terminology has begun to get used to a higher school meaningful: Groshov’s virobnik treasure of Abo Kuptsya. At the XVII century. At this university, it’s important to become a hostile, especially strally productive capital. The name "capitalist" is narrower in the middle of the XVII century. I know the head of capital. The word "capitalism" of the last likeness, yogi yanking K. Marx.

From now on, the terminology of the term "capital" is the key to the element of the phenomenon: first and foremost, it is a specific way of organizing the virology.

13.1.2. Reintroduction of pennies at capital.

Let’s see the category “capital” in the middle of the sound with grishmi. Now in the middle of the world, pennies did not appear only as the most common equivalent, but as the most abstract form of suspensefulness and absolute liquidity. The very same characteristics were compiled by the pennies of capital. Conscious of the mechanism of reconstitution of pennies in capital and the formula of the penny capital.

It’s a penny to buy more than one money, if it’s worth it, I’ve got a lot of money for it, but for gaining a small sum of money, it’s first and foremost invested.

Since sales of one product are good for buying, the form of the product is the same as: T — G — T. There are penny servicing the exchange of goods at the function of insurance. Madly, what for such a form of commodity abuse in the hands of okremich osb can concentrate significant sums of pennies. Vinikne Maynove rozscharuvannya, ale vonno not open the day-to-day category of capital.

13.1.3. The formula is ruh kapitalu

The formula of ruhu kapitalu is irrelevant : G — T — G ?, de G? = Г + Г,, and ц - is the price of pennies above the first sum.

Thus, the advancement of advancement is not foreseen in advance. Not only to save oneself, but to their own size, reaching out to themselves the extra bag of penny wartosti? G, tobsta zrosta. The first time ruch will rewrite pennies in capital.

The pennies were victorious like capital, because of the method of slavery, more for slavery and crime. In these suspensions, the so-called antediluvian form of capital was discontinued - trade and lihvarsky.

Trading і lihvarsky kapіtali dіyali at the sphere of obigu. The stinks did not invade the sphere of virology without interruption, they deduced the panuvati of the slavish and feudal orders. A thorough turn to date, if the order is small, the winery is productive, formally specific way of organizing virobnitz, which K. Marx called capitalistic.

Formula ruhu kapitalu G — T — G? є zagalnomu, that is why in usіh gallows of the advanced commodity gospodratornosti ruh kapitalu vistupaє in tsiy form. Extreme alphabetic members of the formula for communication, which is the supreme authority. Oskilki G? > G, then vinikaє nutrition, scho є dzherelom? G, a little extra. All of the key problems given to the political economy course.