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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

14.2. Land rent that її form

Differential land rent. Absolute land rent. Monopoly land rent. Rental fee. The price of land.

14.2.1. Differential land rent.

Warehouse of agricultural products є rents of property, yakin vyyayut at a zvyazka zirobnostvom and vladnennyam dodatkovy product on the basis of vikoristannya land. Vіdomo, shcho effective sіlskogospodarskogo virobnitsva to lay down vid bagatoch factors and us onward vid of the regional state of the earth, її relations. Razrіznyayut nature and economic kindliness ґruntіv. Natural rodyuchіstyu Je sukupnіst fіzichnih, hіmіchnih i bіologіchnih vlastivostey ґruntіv and Ekonomichna - tse result polіpshennya Tsikh vlastivostey for rakhunok held by people zahodіv, spryamovanih on pokraschannya metodіv zemlerobstva is the Venue of rіznih vidіv melіoratsії.

In the first hour of the increase in the brightness of the land, the stability of the land (the upper family ball of the earth) is established, the type (black earth, chervonozem, loam and other), mechanical storage, and the availability of natural resources are established. Agrachimical indicators of нruntіv for впx excitement for the agility of agricultural cultures are rose. Agro-power and that sign озruntіv allow you to enter the agro-industrial group and class for class bonuses. Krashі ґrunti to class up to 1 class bonіtetu y otsіnuyutsya, for example, at 100 points. Їx take the standard. Інші ґрунти маять Lower Classes Bonitetu.

The real dyysnost yak for the dredger, so for the earth-moving man, the most economical kind of yak is the result of natural and piece-wise land abilities. It is economical to lay down to form the development of productive forces, virological skills, which characterize that chi economical system. Criterion of economical kindliness ґruntіv є an oath of harvest, taken away from the area, but we have the same kind of natural kindliness.

The presence of moisture on the earth makes me think that I’ve been taken away by the landowner of the singing part of the supplemental product at the sight of the land rent * 1.

* 1: {The pertinent theoretical aspects of rent are examined in topic 9.}

Thus, land rent є an economical form of realization of land ownership. See the main types of land rent: differentiated, absolute, monopolistic. A specific form of land rent є rent, such as rent, interest on capital investment, payment in installments.

Independently, the forms of moisture on the earth assert differentiated rent . Її reason є monopoly on the earth as for the state donation. Winning prices of monopoly mean the recognition of separate branches of a commodity-pennile system, as well as a unique synthesis of natural and economical minds for asserting differential rentals.

Natural mental recognition of differential rent є views of natural relatives of land, as well as the presence of land dignity is appreciated by the market (realization of land). The development of science and technology, the wider reach of the state thanks to the bestowal of the world, but they cannot help us.

Gratitude, scho roztashovanі on the beautiful lands, try to achieve the cleanliness of pure income. Such income is added to the statehood. Yakbi won the stink of yogi, then the monopoly on the ground as the so-called state grant came into play.

State donations, like having your own country and all the largest resources on the shortest land plots, there are more products from the same land area. It’s stinky to conceal a pre-mature product, a kind of material basis of differential rent.

Necessarily economical and intellectual re-introduction of the add-on product to the differential rent є the appearance of commodity-groshovy information and the special law of virtue in the state thanks.

For the sake of specialty, the fact that the wartiness of the products of the highest quality is suspended is indicated by the average vitrates of the suspension of the necessary goods in state grants, and the fact that they are indebted for the average amount of money and the cost of their property is reduced. From now on, state sponsorships, yakі roztashovany in the shortest and middle lands, may lower indi-vidual wartime products, realistically за за я ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц ц за за за за за за за за за за арт за за арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт арт. Tse daє zhlivlivat deodatkovy clean dokhid, a certain assertion on the average clean dokhid.

Form of differential rent . The next two forms of differential rent: first and other. Differential rent I in my cherku to submit to:

differential rent for family relations (IP);

differentiated rent for social benefits (IM).

Differential rent Ір віникає із із Різної natural ю род ю ост реми реми реми реми реми реми нок. There is a large number of residents with a voluntary wartime product and an individual wartime on a large family land plot.

The differential rent of IM winery is through those land plots of land for retail in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Kazakhstan. To that transport vitrati, which are included in the virobiichi vitrati, and the goods are not the same in different lands. For viddalenikh vid market of lands ci vitrati will be more. Ale a small amount of land close to the land market is depleted, the stench cannot be satisfied the payee will drink suspensions in high-quality products, that’s why there is a need for a sample of the land market. Shchob tsі lands have entered into processing, guilty butti cover virobnichi vitrati and denyings of a normal way. It is helpful, if the slowness of the regulation is regulated by the minds of the lawmakers for the good reason for the lack of knowledge. In the near roztasovanah to the market lands іndivіdualnaya wartіst will be the lowest vіd suspіlnії. As a matter of fact, the sale of goods is due to the lack of availability, while in short order there is an additional margin that can be shifted into the differential rent of Im.

Differential rent I am a retailer of small and medium-sized products of high-quality products and products of a second-hand market, owned and sold by local farmers.

Differential annuity І відповідає to the extensive knowledge of the state gratitude, as long as the highest quality products are available for the wider area of ​​wider land. From now on, rent I is different - all pre-ducal clean income, one who assimilates to the state thanks, shrubs down with short lands, and is also more closely rooted to market for goods, noble hands. State donations, which are corroded by short lands, vitrachayut on a single product less than the majority of those viral resources, which are divided from state thanks, schto roshtashovany on girshih dilyany. To this end, the individuality of the single products is lower in state thanks, deletion of virobnitz. Riznitsya mid-life and indivisible product range and differential rent I.

The order of differential rent I to assert differential rent II. Remaining є one of the forms of the surplus supplementary product, which is to gain the knowledge of the productive productivity, which is the basis for one-by-one work on one and the other land, so that the land is available for land.

Іntensifіkatsіya in sіlskomu gospodarstvі oznachaє zbіlshennya mainly virobnichih fondіv i threading virobnichih vitrat on obrobіtok odnієї i tієї samoї zemelnoї ploschі scho suprovodzhuєtsya zrostannyam vihodu produktsії in quiet Gospodarstwa, SSMSC maintained upstream zabezpechenі mainly zasobami virobnitstva, toil bіlshe machines, carrying bіlshe Welcome i t. D. , have a wide range of opportunities for completing the whole complex of social and cultural activities in optimal agrotechnical strings, for the high culture of earthmoving and that effectiveness.

The contribution of the endowment and resources allows me to lead the state thanks to intensive, more productive products on the skin hectare of the land, and to achieve more productive productivity. Natural relations are more and more improved and replaced by an economical family.

As a rule, it’s right to have the right cost for a comprehensive performance test, then it’s good to have such a benefit in production, not much to pay for it, but there’s a better way to go about it.

Differential rent II є with improved income, a kind of winnikє as a result of additional contributions with a given land.