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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

15.2. Evolution of economic power

The sutility of economic power. The main sector of the economy is the role. Dynamism of economic power.

15.2.1. The sutility of economic power.

The state is a political organization of a special kind, which is designed to achieve stability in the victorious political channels, and the role of some of these traditions was preceded by tradition, sound, and authority. Political channels to understand the dyalnist with regular regulation of social networks among social groups, classes, strata, nations, nations and nations. The basis of political regulation is not only social and political interests of social groups, but also economic. The political channels are an alliance, for the help of certain powers they are pouring in on the economy for the protection of suspension stability.

The development of human civilization, the entrustment of the power to the economy of the world is healthy, the first step at the historical and historical period is not identical. On the first stages of the evolving power, there emerged the apparent strength of a single suspension force.

Power є in a system, in order to protect social form of development of suspension, that is why all serpents are in suspension of people’s hands. Moreover, economical, social and political, legal see the power of the country, and are intertwined with each other and interchangeably.

The state has become a result of social and economic irregularities. Under tsoyomu power is not є by force, like a winikaє that form in suspension without suspension. Vaughn is the result of evolving slurry at a singing stage and developing it, and the fact that slurry has become entangled in the absence of super-transcendence. Unsuccessfulness cannot, without a singing force, take off the super-transcendentalities, vikinayut, reconcile with them. For that reason, the stench was not made up for economic growth and stability and stability, there was a need for strength, I didn’t need to fight, I made up the order, I formulated the “rules of conduct” of the submission of state donations. Owing to the force, a kind of virosla from suspension, progressively became above suspension and more and more better than any other, or power.

With the help of power, the state acquired control over the swapping of the whole family, community, country, and for all life, the great success was achieved by the stimulated international stars. The state generated new trade hats and helped to play the role of intermediary between the other regions. The trading of supernormal goods between the countries called for a great deal of confrontation and self-control by protection, while it was self-contained in the secret of technical and technological innovations, and a lot of cheap materials for trial production.

The process of developing suspension from the point of view of economical manifestations, economic arrangement of zavdili people. Now, in the old days, busts of zerlenie perks of a theoretical, provocative state of power - suspension.

At an early state, the sovereign gospodstvo zbіgaєsya with the special holiness of the head of the state power. Derzhavna Skarbnitsya at Tsey perіod - at once the first special skarbnitsya of the prince, king. The main part of the suspension is consumer, and the rest is the assimilation of Volodar on the hour of the most expensive, the highest transport duties, the security of the army and all necessary, satisfied in the natural form.

The state has sought reunification for hours in Kiev Russia, for which there are articles of the “Russian Truth”, some of which looked at the power of government, the regulation of the main law, and the removal of power from the law,

Establishment of a centralized monarchy of the economy and economic power of the state. Derzhavna Skarbnitsya vidokremlyuyetsya vid of the especially skarbnitsі monarch. Dzherelom її popovnennya soak so і postіynі donations, as obov'yazkovі payments. The main tributary tugar lagaє at the bottom of the slurry. As a rule, be a certain boss of the head of the state as the boss of the state (this expanded the credit and debit of the state). There are constant internal and external poses. Paprovadzhuyutsya paparovі pennies.

The great monarchs of the whole period were in need of regular army, the great staff of officials and significant oaths of luggage. Zbіlshennya vitrat powers vimagalo shukati dzherela incomes. The pan-economic doctrine in suspension has become mercantilism, the higher ear of some kind of protectionism.

The whole period of characterization is also a whole series of great powers. The state changed its internal borders, replaced its representatives on a comrade brought in from abroad. A great role is played by the power of the state in the conducted and expanded cordon of the new economic space, the first and foremost capital.

Yak meant, up to one hour, the state was condemning the environment and economic functions, as well as the state-owned dyalnost is not of a small racial nature. Independently in the process of centralizing the centralization of power, the creation of the great krai. The main functions of the European powers are economical on the invitational level, national focus on the formation of the capitalistic way of giving the state.

In the period of the middle age, the role of the state, economic efficiency, is to prevail and is old law in suspension development. Suspicious virobnitstvo mending the opportunity to take the form of state donation, the fragments of the birth of capitalistic vidnosini. In the territories of Western Europe, they have the most severe forms of violence: rozorennya other virobnikov, disgruntled colonies, slavorgovlya skinny. All visits were carried out for the powerless participation of the state.

Zarodzhennya and the development of capitalist vidnosin conceived the interests of all the populations and the other side of the suspension of life. The development of science knowledge made it easy to think for the most vigorous expanses of economical life. In these minds, the system of sovereign state policy was formulated and viddratsovuvalov. The establishment of the market vidnosin vidvuvalosya for the recognition of the need for the necessary form “above” - from an auxiliary power, as if it were an outward power, all at once with a power.

On the border of the ХІХ and ХХ art. suspension development was characterized by the form of monopolies and financial capital, foreign capital, expansion of the national market, and the movement of competition into the international market. Seriously, they were struggling in an economical mechanism, they were selling very economically and economically power. Vaughn became a sub'ect of economic dyalnost.

The power of zavdzhi got involved in the process of state gifts and nicholas, not a passive, healthy, free group, class, faith. Vaughna trapped comrade sub'ktam virobnitztva, she was sober to the state that she had lived, that is, to a great survivor, Bula. Yak was meant earlier, at the first-ever pace of bargaining and colonial company of small economy with a monarchy power, which allowed in the centralization of that concentration of pennies, which was re-organized in capital. For the sake of the economy of the bourgeoisie, the proportionate share of the income between the bourgeois and the feudal lords allowed them to see what was happening as a result of the bourgeois revolutions. For this reason, for the bourgeoisie, the Bulo is characteristically persistent, while the other is anti-power. For the whole family, the owners of the virobnitztva repeatedly stated their position to the state.

The economy is a system of suspension vidnosin develop at once with the emergence of power. Power is a form of organization of people’s life and immediately subjunctive possessions. The argument of the rest is that of the oath of sovereignty of power, so that there is no other place in the institutional system of suspensibility. She opened her mind to ensure that the dyalnost of people was more than once satisfied with her uninterruptedly demanding needs, which was clearly seen with the praised suspension of norms and rules.