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Financial Restructuring in Ukraine: Problems and Straight - Fedosov V., Oparin V.


The financial policy of Ukraine in the minds of the transition economy of the concrete image of the social and economic development of the suspension of the financial resources of the state. Congratulations on the occasion of a positive economy and the need for dynamic cardinality as well as ideological and direct politics, as well as important financial methods and techniques. Before and after, there is a need for practicality in the areas of fiscal and penny-credit policies.

Realization of financial policies is implemented through the financial system, as in the minds of today гал by buying a higher order of private and private institutes, which will allow you to enter into a new economic order. Функї funktsionuvannya yak єdinyogo okhoplyuє two basic straight. First of all, won’t be clicked on to protect the consumption of all sub-resources from financial resources. In another way, to protect the rational, fair and optimal distribution and redistribution of income in suspension.

The transformation of the financial system, which I know in the minds of the administrative economy, has been carried out in a complex way with the help of secure performance. Reforms that have been carried out and carried out in the areas of the budget (budget, tax and banking systems, stock market, insurance and business) without improving the systemic approach, blasphemy, і є є дос ить дос дос дос дос дос часто часто часто часто сф сф негатив негатив негатив негатив суп суп суп суп суп суп суп суп сл сл суп суп суп суп суп суп суп суп суп суп часто часто часто часто часто. .

Ukraine, although I want a union of the republic, the Vlasnian financial system is not small. We have functional warehouses of the elements of the financial system of the SRSR, which have become the basis for formulating the financial system. The rights of Ukrainian ownership in the distribution of financial resources and revenues in their own territory have been separated. At the same time, the financial system of the SRS in general, in addition to that in Ukraine, was transferred to the precrisis station, having accumulated a lot of problems.

Fіnansova system Ukraїnі porіvnyano of kraїnami of rozvinenoyu rinkovoyu ekonomіkoyu Bula nepovnoyu (practical boule vіdsutnі fіnansovy rinok i podatkovih system slaborozvinenim Bulo strahuvannya, obmezhenimi boule mіzhnarodnі fіnansovі vіdnosini) i funktsіonuvala on printsipovo іnshih - admіnіstrativnih instead rinkovih ambushes, scho i viznachaє skladnіst I directly transform the processes of our state.

Transformation processes in the financial systems of Ukraine were carried out by only a few economical crises, as a result of the slow pace of lower macroeconomic indicators in 1991-1996 pp. So, the GDP of the whole period has shyly changed at the average one by 13%, and the investment in fixed assets - by 21%. Z 1997 p. The situation in the economy and financial systems seemed to be stable. The steadily declining pace of GDP growth has steadily decreased, financial indicators have risen, which has given the rider the opportunity to repair more than 2000 p. on positive economic dynamics. Three parameters - GDP dynamics, investment, unemployment, budget deficit, balance of trade, balance of the NBU regional rate, inflation and exchange rate - macroeconomic stability and macroeconomic stability.

Up to now achieved macroeconomic stability with the position of financial performance and effectiveness, but far from all financial problems at Denmark hour. To evaluate the results of a comprehensive analysis of macro-financial indicators. Lower rates of inflation and stabilization of the Ukrainian hryvnia exchange rate were mainly secured by obstructions of obsolete policies, while in front of the penniless sphere, the rate of monetization was 80% 1991. up to 11% in 1996 p. I want to do the same thing, all 22% from 2001 p. to complete a certain (approximately 40 percentage points) vidrіzny кра be vid vidpovіdnogo indicator in the country with a divided market economy. Also, in front of the intercessions of obmezhuvalno policy, I went ahead to pass the oaths and the budget of the budget deficit.

The most important financial problem today is the interchange of financial resources and the low efficiency of our country. At the average for the river on the hryvnia resources viroblyaєsya bіlya 50 kopecks. GDP. One of the main reasons for this is that a significant part of the resources of the interruption to the non-pecuniary state is the obligations of creditors and receivables stolen, the remnants of the violated GDP are redundant (with the same amount half of the data of the stolen goods is erased). I want to keep the situation ahead of time, so that bargaining will not be limited to permissible interruptions, it will be important to ensure stability and macro-financial stability. Necessity of the right effort in the mainstream of financial policy based on the redesigned strategy and tactics of restructuring and development of the financial system.

The need for efficient and direct management of social and economic development of a clear economic doctrine and a financial financial strategy. With the first source of financial strategy of Ukraine for the most profitable prospect is the same as ever in the form and extension of the national capital. With the help of this method, it is necessary to lower the level of income tax for pidpriymnitsku dyalnist, to take into account the lower interest rates for loans of commercial banks. At the center of financial strategy, put the policy of income and employment. It’s imperative to change your mind as a way of self-care for the people in the community, so be sure to motivate yourself before you pay before reforming the system of pay. Vkray take it up є reforming the subsiding of incomes of the populace, bringing it closer to the “European standards”.

As a basis for financial strategy of economic growth in Ukraine, it is necessary to take a double-crochet of ten years of GDP GDP per capita, just to reach the indicator, like a buv in the mid-90s of rock (about 1500 US dollars). Allow you to complete the task, the fragments of the transfer уже at a higher rate of economic development - 6-7% carefully. I will require a new resource-based care. In Denmark, the hour of the oath of the domestic financial resources in the life of the border is about 90 billion dollars. USA, at least 100 billion euros. On the basis of financial security, a ten-run stretch of security at the same time as the temperament of economical growth is practically impotent.

The growth of the resource potential of the financial system is necessary immediately in the current conditions. Nasampered slіd ryta zbіlshennyu і productive and victorious financial resources і і і іппрємств. Immediately put in the “vimivannya” through the system of podtuvannya reversible clothes and accessories, as a whole to transfer the tributary tractor, it is important to transfer the spheres of the virus to the realm of living. It is also extremely important to take into account the Ukrainian banking system and the establishment of a familiar climate for foreign investment.

The most important warehouse and financial strategy of economical growth in the minds, which have been put together, is that of activating the role of the state in the investment process. In the minds of the transition economy and the supra-legal division in resources without sovereign investment, it is unlikely that you can protect the temperament of the economy. When there is a need for institutional protection - form the budget for development and the establishment of the sovereign bank for development.

With the help of securing the implementation of the financial and financial strategy of economic development, it is necessary to coordinate the coordination of the financial and institutional bodies. The Ministry of Finance can redirect itself to the think tank center and the implementation of financial strategy and tactics, rather than just security, as it is important at a time, exceptionally. We are important for the є establishment of the Coordination For the sake of the President of Ukraine and the distribution and implementation of income policies and population.