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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

16.5. Rinok і roundabout GDP, resources and income

Avaricious drink and succumbing. Krugoobig GDP, resources and income.

16.5.1. Avaricious drink and succumbing.

Rinkovy ekonomіtsі all viroblyaetsya for sale on the market. At the scale of the market of rinoks, there are two prototype shelters, but only one of them is a subsystem of food supply and food supply.

Succulent drink - all the real oath of the national virobnitztva, a kind of good housekeeping, pidprimstva and power, ready to buy for a beaky, mighty price. For the rivals rivnyh minds, what is the lower price, we want to part of the real oath of the national virobnitsva want to bring in domestic and foreign purchases. I navpaki, chim vishch rivny tsin, tim less oath national product stink pobazhuyazh buy. Thus, і on the rivals of a suspended market іsnuє zvorotna deposits іzh mіzh rivnim price іn a real oath of a national virobnitsva, on which is supposed to be consumed.

Crooked gourmet food

Fig. 16.1. Crooked gourmet food

In fig. 16.1. I’m falling off the curve of good food. I’ll show: what’s the lower price, what’s the biggest oath of real national acquisitions? Madly, for the tribute of minds, I’m both drinking on an indivisible basis, on the other hand, and on the other factors of good food: snakes in living relish; serpents in investment vitrates; serpents in sovereign vidatki skinny.

Sucupne proponuvannya characterize the level of real oath of the national virobnitstva for the skin of the skinny vernal price. Bigger prices for selling incentives for higher prices and products for sale. B_lsh low prices to feel the speed of the goods. That is due to the fact that the average price and the oath of the national virobnitz є direct, but positive. Tsju fallow is shown in Fig. 16.2.

Crooked scent

Fig. 16.2. Crooked scent

The curve of self-propelling shows the real oath of the national virobnitsva, which will be violated for the highest prices. There are three kinds of storage: a) horizontal, or Keynesian, as long as the national product is replaced, and the price remains unchanged; b) vertical, or even classic, if the national product is lost in business, and the price is higher; c) industrial vіdrіzok, if they vary and are the real oath of the national virobnitsva, і rіven the price.

On the oath of self-sacrificing incentives to absorb and non-factors: the price of resources; serpents in productivity praznі, serpentine and regulatory power. For more details about the problems of consuming and consuming food, you can recognize the vidome of a fellow: McConnell R. K., Bru S. L. Economics: Causes, Problems and Politics: 2 vol. / Per. from English - M .: Republic, 1992. - T. 1. - Ch. eleven.

For this reason, the entire primary suspension product should be sold, the first supply should be reduced to that of AD and suspension proposition AS, as AD = AS.

In fig. 16.3 shows one of the options for such an event. Overtaking the curves of the average consumption of AD and the total loss of AS show the most important price and the most important liability of the national virobnitz. In the whole figure, the curves of good food and bad food are shifted to the industrial market, if the price has grown from P1 to P2. Зміна рівня цін виключєє over-the-air goods at the same time under-goods at the industrial market. In order to reach the keynesian and classical vidrzakh, you can also reach the bevakuy vidrіzku of crookedly pronounced loss.

Trivial Rivne Price and Rivne Important Obligation of National Virobnitz

Fig. 16.3. Trivial Rivne Price and Rivne Important Obligation of National Virobnitz

As soon as there are problems at the scale of the suspension of virology, I have great respect for those who are in Keynesian theory to rob a bet on full video cards and components. Mainly rivne Keynesian :

C + I + D + X = NNP.

de І - pure investment.

The essence of the theory of the pole is that we have the greatest oversight of purchases of buyers and sellers of goods and services. At the station rivovagi C + I + D + X (full-sized vidatki) more expensive NNP (an oath of virobnitse pure national product).

Monetarists, in hack, to shy bet on a penny. To the founders of monetarists є rivnyannya obmіnu:

MV = PQ,

de M - dropping pennies; V - shvidkіst obigu groshovo іnitsі in a circle of income; R - Rivine price, or rather, the middle price, for which you can sell a leather unit of a national product; Q - physical oath of viral goods and services.

Liva is part of the given riviera (MV), which is to say that I’m mostly looking for purchasers on the dowry oath of viral blessings, as much as the right of the private residence (PQ) is the inward Vitorg (gross income) seller of the whole oath.

Circle of GDP, resources and income (simplified model). We won’t have to go over to the analgesia of the cutaneous ichthosis, so as to open the rivia and the greater the desire and the better drink; will be respected, in fig. 16.3 і Keynesian, ’monetarist ryvnyannya take care: buy more often buy those who want to nationally violate the law; Already, everything, shy for the rik - to realize. The role of power in the circle of BBH, resources and income is not to be looked at.

Model round GDP, resources and income

Fig. 16.4. Model round GDP, resources and income

In fig. 16.4. shows the round elements of GDP (comrades, servants, endorsers of interest), income (salaries, rents, interest, income) and such benefits, such as land, land, capital, health and well-being. That’s the table of the roundabout and GDP, and such resources (land, land, public health), not the elements of GDP, but the elements of productive forces and national bugging. Protect yourself in the midst of respect for the fact that viral resources are represented in the GDP, on the one hand, by household incomes, and from the other, by the widgets of private enterprises. In such a way, we can discern the rationale for the application of gross consumption of GDP and gross consumption of GDP.

As a matter of fact, I respectfully respect the position of a, then here the drunken man will drink the household gifts of self-sacrifice of the living goods, so that he will take an oath of their national virobnitz. Position b, for our model, to ensure that there is more than one need for more viral resources (services);

In such a time, the entire national product and the entire component will be realizable, while with the rest of the contentedness, the more generous drinks and the housekeeping drinks.

For the most widespread day-to-day roundness of the GDP, resources, income, it is recommended that you turn around those 12, which will cause problems in the round-off of capital and production.

Terminologichny vocabulary

The gross domestic product (GDP) - the supply of main products and services is large, the number of products sold in the territory of the country, and the independence of the national enterprises.

The gross national product (GNP) - the amount of Kintsev goods and services sold for singing period in the country beyond the borders is large.

Gross suspension product (VSP) - the supply of material goods and services, which are available for suspension products, as a rule, is for.

Viddvorennya - post_yne vidnovlennya and the repeated process of virobnitztva.

The most extensive type of education is the increase in the number of virology obligations for the glasses of pre-pediatric treatment of the virology and the number of children.

Intensive type of education - the increase in the number of virology for a large variety of regional victories of all kinds based on the basis of science-and-technology progress.

National bugging is the supply of material goods that have been built for the entire period of life of the country, which has been acquired before the state's natural resources turnover and cultural and spiritual values.

National Dokhid (ND) - for the current methodology - the use of CVP, changes in the amount of indirect income tax for business.

Nominal GDP - GDP, payments from current prices.

More simply suspension is repeated process of suspension virobility in an undetermined scale.

Real GDP - GDP, charges at post prices.

Rozshireni slіvіdny vіdtvorennya - vіdtvorennya slіvіlnіy virobnіstva, yak z roku іn rіk repeat in zrostuyuchі scales.

Tinova ekonomika - consecrated by the state and those instituted by single persons see the duty, but of course they will not be limited by the state authorities.

Net Internal Product (FVP) - GDP, changes in depreciation in terms of depreciation.

Pure product (PE) - for the classical methodology - the newly launched wart for rіk, but the national income.

Control and power supply

1. What are the forms of a product without food?

2. What is the need for one methodology of the system of national rakhunkіv (CHR)?

3. Open the key to the gross domestic product and gross national product.

4. Recognize indicators of net domestic product and national income.

5. Expand the concept of national income.

6. What is the essence of creation? Describe yogi see.

7. Yake is characteristic for the economy of the country: is it simpler, broader, better-sounding? Take your position.

8. Name the reasons for the growth of the economy in Ukraine.

9. For any minds to protect the equal importance of the oath of national virobnitztva?

10. What is the reason for the need for structural infringements in the economy of Ukraine?