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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

17.2.2. Dzherela special income.

The analysis of the individual distribution of the display of special income and their respective sizes. Prior to income insurance:

I clean the salary (the nominal salary for virahuvanny patches and social out-of-hours);

Income of individual labor dyalnosti;

social wages of power to the masses;

percent, dividend and rent payment (for land);

help the skinny;

more precisely insurance vіdshkoduvannya zbitkіv.

Depending on the access to the chain, the leather and leather index will wipe off the most frequent part of the income, so that we ourselves will have the expense of income. The indivisibility of the individual rozpodilu can be signaled for the additional formula of V. Pareto, the formula of K. Jean and the crooked Lorenz. The meaning of the formula is that Lorenz’s curve represents a different point of view, which can be used separately for a unique analysis of national income and a global increase in income.

17.2.3. On the basis of the form of income income in the population.

Income of the population є initial warehouse distribution of national income. Economical theory I will explain that I have gained income as a result of drinking on the productive services of that proponuvannya. Mova yde about the market economy and about praciu. It’s populated by pratsyu, as a rule, mainly the income of the population and the propensity of pratsi, which is absorbed by the amount of income from the paycheck. In addition, due to the memory, the value of the pay and pay should be stored and the amount of work required. For the front topics, the economical nature of pay has already been signified. At the same time, incomes of the population as a whole and of course for storage are being looked at.

Social nerve, the reason for this is the economic growth є the subject of vivchenny at the same time. In the economic theory, there are different concepts of super-differences in the income distribution. Marxism is explained by the first working labor, because it is necessary to pay the labor wage and not pay for the work; marginalism - the theory of marginal productivity factors of virology; neoklassichny straight - іndivіdualnymi zdіbnostyu that a rush of market forces. The skin at the point of zoru is characterized by a higher income income.

Incomes of the population of the state thanks are formed for the bells and whistles after the work of the labor force, individual labor, government, social transfer payments in total. The boundary of the lower boundary of income in the population є living wage. Generally, the value of the necessary for the physical and physical life of the people is necessary. As a rule, the indi vidual income is lower than the price between the two, then there will come a rapid population in the country. In addition, in suspension there is a part of an unprincipled population, such as the mainstream. Power zdіysnyuє rezodpodil national income through a system of social bills. Overdose income in one function.