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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

17.4. Sorry, national income and forgiveness

Conviction: daily life and functions. Consciousness of that function. National health and safety standards.

17.4.1. Conviction: daily life and functions.

The concept of living and compassion , here you have to get comfortable, to establish the intellectual haircut of the Keynesian approach. It has been secured ponadly to the English economist J. Keynes, because of the concept of the unacceptable bula for the most recent economies. The year-old bagato elements of the Keynesian theory appeared at the dictionary of political economy.

Roskritty sutnosti living with it can be repaired from the behavior of living. Zgadaimo with those 11, who have lived with housekeeping - that’s all for the merchandise and that service for satisfying the consumer. I have been convinced that I am the most important component of national income, so that I can become 75 to 80% of all types of income. The main components of the residency are such as food, food, livelihood, transportation, sanctuary, medical services. These components are divided into three main groups: the comrade of the trivial corypost, the flow coryp and the servants.

One of the most respectable in the economic functions of living . Vaughn rozkrivaє with a brace of between the largest size for living with an oath of victorious special income. All of this is understandable to allow for a stable, empirical stable relationship between living and income.

The sound of living that income is called the living function.

The curve of the graph in Fig. 17.6, go through the points A, B, C, ..., G, є function. For cutaneous rosemary of national income, the rozmir of living with home granting is indicated. Recovering zrosta at a time from national income. At point A, I’m reshaping the rozmir of national income, at point Vono, I have exactly the right to take the oath of national income, and moreover, from point C, I can become part of the national income.


Fig. 17.6. Functionality

When you live, you have to take advantage of income, call them borderline before living (GSS).

The borderline to maturity is boundary - the value of the supplementary maturity, which is the only reason for one pre-maturity hryvnia to income.

Skilnost to maturity means bazhanov rіven maturity. Otzhe, GSS - before dodatkovo cohabitation, scho winnings from dodatkovo hryvnia income. The value can be written as follows:

Boundary to maturity .

It is boundary to the point of residing within the range from 0 to 1.

It’s more obvious that I’m hiding the national coexistence. First of all, living is more important, moreover, it’s just the є the main component of the larger species. In a different way, those who don’t come to their senses will feel sorry. In a system of expanded economically vydvorennya living with the need to prescribe a supernatural role.

Practice will show you, as a whole, a good chance to recognize your oath of living, looking at the exact income and the income from a trivial perspective. More accurate income characterization of the current income. Dokhid at trivial prospects of the servant to people for obruntuvannya their living vidatkiv not only through current income, but through pre-hosted income trends.