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18.1. Zmіst і tipi ekonomіchnogo zrostannya. Nagromadzhennya іinvestitsії, ikh role in the economic development

Zmіst і tipi ekonomіchnogo zrostannya. Rushinі strength of economic growth (progress). This is the norm. Investment and efficiency. The influx of scientific and technical research on economic development.

18.1.1. Zmіst і tipi ekonomіchnogo zrostannya.

The problems of economic growth were especially welcome in the twentieth century, but it didn’t mean that they didn’t praise anybody earlier. Forget about economic growth, mercantile talk has begun, and the main problem has posed the problem posing the problem of F. Kenet. By stretching out the remaining ten of the most respectable pre-joining goals of the economic policy, I will be in the direction of the most important country, stimulating the economic growth, keeping the temperature at a stable and optimal level. This is a clear statement about the economic growth, the factor of stimulating and streaming.

Economy zrostannya є supernaturally folding claw. From this drive, the American American historian of economic thought, B. Seligman, has determined that the theory of economic independence is viable for the inconsistency of natural resources, political institutes, legislation, and also a lot of psychological factors. The sowing of such an all-inclusive theory, to the thought of a thought, is even more important. The economy, the author of the theory of economic development, is clear, did not pretend to be inclusive and universal theory, they did not shy away from the “do not unnecessarily” test. That’s the skin theory, but the model may be different and abstract, so that you can view and choose the best factors for economic growth.

The theoretical and practical aspects of the understanding of “economic growth” are closely related to the term “expansion of education”, but for their own serpent - not the same economic category. So, staying (expanding), I’m going to process yak on macro (national, economic), so on microform (galaxy, business). The economic growth characterizes the strategic value of the economy mainly on macroeconomic (national and international). Here on the first plan there is the problem of social and social development of the national economy. The mechanism of economic development itself, as a rule, in the case of economical and literary discernment is indisputably different from the social and economic indices of the economic system.

The comprehension of the understanding of “economic growth” is possible to identify the most important factors for the most important results (goods, services) and other main factors. At the time of the publication, there were accepted rozumіty zbіlshennya goods and service, incurred for the period.

It’s clear, by the head method of economic growth є the best possible blessings, the best way to live, to live in a more comfortable, more comfortable, social and political situation in the country, in Poland. From the point of view of the ethymology (similarity) to the term "growth" for those close to them, understanding the "development", ale has remained wider behind the serpent. Economic development - as a result of the transition from one country to the next, to the most thorough, it’s completely new based on the latest structural and institutional damages. In a complex way, they can manifest themselves in a tidy, all-round economical system.

Violate the two main types of economical growth: intensive and intensive. The extensive type of economical care is to take care of the handful of funky functional factors and is practical for saving the latest technical and technological parameters. The intensive type of economic growth is characterized by expanded virology on the basis of the varied nature of all factors, which is the rational nature of all viral potential. Yak vіdkhilennya in a lawful process of economical development in okremі period for a number of colors can be a little regressive type of growth, for some is characterized by a trivial lower oversight of suspension virobnitsva. Zokrem, such a show was fought by the stretch of the 90s pp. in all the territories of the CIS, in addition to those in Ukraine, scho in literature has abolished the name of the transformational decline.

Shchodo the basic types of economical growth, then in practice they cannot be understood in absolute forms. The real life of the stink manifests itself either as an overwhelmingly intense, or as an overwhelmingly intensive type of economic growth. Nineties in the most distant lands of the world are transcending the intensive way of economical development. In Ukraine, after a tense decline in virobility, it is necessary to prepare a material base for intensive economic growth. Chim racionalny funktsionuє process vvdtvorennya, tim vishche effektivnost suspension suspension virobnitsva. The effectiveness of the dynamics of such macroeconomic indicators is such as GNP, GDP, ND up to igneous vitrates, and the effectiveness of suspension virology in the territory of the country is the main reason:

the effectiveness of suspension virobnitz on the territory of the country

It’s been a vain demonstration, with such vitrates it is wiped out that one who has taken the oath of a viable macroeconomic indicator.