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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.


19.1. Zaynatіst: sutnist, form that efficiency

Sutnost zannyatostі. Povna i nepovna zanyannіst. Form zanyannostі.

19.1.1. Sutnost zannyatostі.

The human factor is the head productive force of suspension. That’s why the productive forces are ahead of us to see the development of a special factor - people and people. Ludina herself is a productive force. The productive power of human beings is characterized by a robust power, which is up to pracis.

In the case of a suspension -economical form of working strength, there are two characteristics :

1) kіlkіsnu (kіlkіst nosіїv health to pracі);

2) Yakisnu (the camp of physical development and health of people, the level of sanctification and qualification, the other indicators for the most professional groups of the population).

Prior to the detailed characteristics of work , we should also have the following:

health bring in a place the need for virobnitztva, viconuvati norms, viroblyati ром competitive materials and benefits and servants of high standards;

Health in the process of fully equipping your own professional skills, advanced training and professional skills;

Health and safety Robbing strength, with such a rank, є potential camp of health to pracis, realizatsii at the same pracis.

Schob pratsya was like a productive process, while the working force is guilty, it is really turned on to the storehouse of productive forces, that is, but it was taken from the process of virobnitz. Lyudina pratsі, as if pіdpriєmets, to work with the productive power of the Todi, if the stench, that is, their health, it is realistically victorious in the process of virobnitz.

Understanding "take" means the meaning of the potential effective special productive power - working force, including up to the warehouse of productive forces of suspension for the singing business process of goods and services.

Zaynatіst - is not tilki pratsya . In ordinary minds, one is guilty of organically intermingling with the needs of special people, including the following: payment of rights, nature of praises, praises, protection of working hours, protection of praxis, compensation for public expenses. Lyudina pratsyuє do not get infected pratsi yak such: pratsya guilty to bring good people, її social status in suspension, in pіdpriєmstvі, in sіm'ї.

Significant role in the suspension virologic process is to play and perform the productive power of suspension.

1. Take advantage of the opportunity to take up the resources of the land, capital and practice in the unique process of the suspension of the product for a full market. Vikonuyuchi the role of "zapulyuvannya" candles and catalysts, the right order with all the resources of the great power of virobnitz. It’s stinky as intermediaries, one of the best resources for a healthy and effective process.

2. Take advantage of the main decisions in the process of business, so that you can take the usual steps, so that you can begin the course of business in the process of suspension.

3. First, more content with science and technology, in the field of commodity virobnitstvo to be found by innovators;

4. Підприємці - that’s all people, like rizikuyut. You’ll have to stumble at your own pace, praceyu and dilovoj reputation, alya and invested capitals - the authorities and those who know their own companions.

The func tions of the stench are worth less than that, if you are busy with business, so that is the most important factor.

Vihodyachi zi said, yes, such is the designation of the categories of employment . Zainyat_st - the whole number of people who are engaged in meeting the needs of special and suspense consumers, in order to bring them income from the groovy chi inshy form. It is characterized by a system of economic vidnosin with a drive secured by people of shy hands and the form of participation in suspension thanks to the method of gaining interest until the end. See the busyness of the singing principles of organizing, the stimulating payment of the benefits, the internal and external economic ones.