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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

Theme 24. Laws and peculiarities of development of economy

24.1. Zmist, officials and tipi perekhidnoї ekonomіki

The sutility of the economy. Rice of transition economy. Tipi transition economy.

24.1.1. The sutility of the economy.

The zyasuvanny day of the transition economy is due to the fact that the problem of transition periods is not new to the economics of science. Consciousness of Vinik’s won’s sound with the transition from agricultural suspension to industrial. The representatives of Marxism are wrapped in a zeal for the problem that has been addressed and speaks about the theory of transition from social capitalism to socialism.

One of the first, who pointed out the need for the virosilica of the transition camp of suspension, will be the French economist Saint-Simon. Winning two types of epochs: the organism (normally functioning system) and the critical (transition).

For ordinary minds, changing processes in suspension take a look at the context of the three main aspects:

- Reverse processes in advanced capitalist countries;

- change the process in the country, scho are developing;

- Reverse processes in post-socialist territories.

It is important to mean, with the material basis of the transitional stan- dards (and later, with the criteria of their visual identification) є, on one side, the serpent of the dominant factor of virology, and the other is the serpent of the nature of the vision of people. So, for the wisdom of the transition from agricultural to industrial suspension, there is a single, dominant factor and a dominant factor: the transition from land to capital. I have special features based on the sounds (traditions) of the blue agrarian slurry transforming in the market, the speech of the blue line, adequate to the industrial slurry.

At the bottom of the big picture, the process of getting better is in the basics of that simple suspension, which is hidden on the transition to a new socially-economical fret.

Such a definition of a wide image before the appearance of the change in the typical characteristic picture of the development of human suspension.

The head serf of the transition period is the whole cost in economy. The economy, by this rank, is numbered for the minds of the transitional period of special vigor, it’s a characterization of its own “industrial” camp of suspension. Sounds of soundness and special character of transition economy, a kind of soundness of economy of sound.

24.1.2. Rice of transition economy.

The self-reliance of the economy is more evident in rice, up to the following:

1) the special nature of the neurological impairment of the economy. Of course, the fact that nevrevazhnazhnost yak element of development is characteristic be-yakіy ekonomіchnich system. But in a tired, economical system, neurological impairment, functional functions, and their own ambition, I’ll be able to reach them with a completely new, stable system. At the same time, the economy is nevrovnazhenosti mє a specific character, the fragments of the translation of the meta. This meta-pole isn’t from the most developed economical system to the front, the most important camp, but rather, from the most unstable supply system, in the meantime, the first system was lost for a long time;

2) the alternative nature of the transition economy. Tse znachaє, scho perekhіdna ekonomіka povinnna obov'yazkovo go to the new camp, I’m sure to see the next vid of the economy. Thus, the revision of the key is turned up to the economy, as it doubled the revision;

3) the special character of super-transcendental transitions. With primordial, dominant, there are superlative meanings between new (progressive) and old (regressive) ones. All the visibility is the specialty of super-transcendental: stink not with super-transcendental functions, but rather like super transcendental development;

4) reappearance at the transitional economy of special - transitional economy forms. The form, the image of our own “industrial” economy, the revenge of our own symbiosis, the renewal of our old, so new elements;

5) history of transition economy. It’s tied up with the historical minds of the transition economy (in front of the singing historical term of the function), so with the national features of the economy.

Zmіst perekhіdnoї ekonomіki virshalnym rite zumovleniya її officials. The stench can be represented by three groups: natural-climatic, viro-economic, social and cultural.

Natural and climatic factors associated with the natural basis of suspension: geographical distribution of the land, protection by natural kopalins, equal relatives and others, etc. suspensions to the first.

Prior to viral and economic factors, there is a need for virobility, technological attainment, cultural and technological level of head productive force - labor, formation of organizational virology, and the need for more often I will see one of the economy to the first, and the ambition of the transition.

Social and cultural factors characterize overtly the spiritual aspect of the life of people. Stink at the same time because of the viro-economic factors, but one and the same. Before the social and cultural factors to establish the culture of that Chi ш nshy people, yogo traditions, ideology, religion skinny.

24.1.3. Tipi transition economy.

Історії відомі різні Tipi transitional economy . Mostly, the basis of these gradations is the criteria, the scale and nature of the transition processes, then you can view the same type of transition economies: the scale of the transition processes is local and global; for the nature of the transition processes - the natural-evolving and the reforming-evolving.

The local economy has been revealed about the nature of the transition processes in the separated (localized) territorial space - in the Ukrainian region in the singing region. For that reason, think about the classifications of the transition economy on a global scale, the transition economy is the highest type of transition economy.

The global economy is characterized by a single process of change at the scale of the highest state gratitude of chi at the boundaries of singing civilization. It is distinctive to the local transition economy that is global in terms of initial, fragmentation characterizes and signifies the global perspective of the future.

The natural-European type of transition economy in the image of the natural course of the European economy systems in the first place is the most important factor. Its type lies at the base of the transition from one economical camp to the last. To those of Denmark, the type of transition economy is the main one. Most global winnings are accepted for global transition processes, although local and local economies are the result of their development of natural goiters and natural-European processes.

On the basis of the nature of the natural-European type of transition, the economy, a kind of transmission of active (independent view of the world), “self-fuel” of the processes, the reform-process is more variable. At this time, it’s more and more about the history of victorious factors of economic progress. For this type of transition economy, an active evolution can be quickened. Assignments are the type of characteristic for the local type of transition economy.