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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

25.2.3. International cooperation.

International cooperation cooperation - a form of organizing a jointly acquired, jointly licensed partnership for the participation of two representatives from Ukraine. She has removed the most valuable product from machinery, electronics, chemical, and other active gadgets of promises, the first for everything from the high-tech products. In the stays of 10-15 years of international cooperation, they significantly contributed to the increased rate of scientific and technical progress, diversification of virobnitstva, development of a company-conglomerate.

International virological cooperation on viral resources in the Unified Organizational Technological Process. Zdіsnennya such a process at the international scale of the transfer є the establishment of vіdpovіdnyh contracts that please regulate virobnichno-technical and trade and economical nutrition, as well as viroblennya adequate forms and methods.

The main methods for arranging cooperation in literature are three methods: healthy programs, special cooperation and integrated cooperation.

We stay at home for an hour, and especially at the post-socialist countries, to have a flourishing development of integrated cooperation, to be able to stay in contact with us on a regular basis, for further information. The most important type of integrative cooperation has been the development of specialized enterprises. At the same time, an important type of integrated cooperation є development of multinational corporations, yakі, schoprada, at least a wide range of specialties is equally important at the same time.

Gliboki zmіni at the time of the development of international cooperation, they became in 1980–90 r., Zoomed in by a new stage of the science-technology revolution, a fallen process of globalization of the economic system of virobnitz. Many officials actively take advantage of this: formulating post-industrial transport systems and telephony, increasing the number of industrial capital, working force, and vertical integration of thinning. Fundamentally new aspects in the development of international cooperation have appeared in the process of inclusion in the economy of the state thanks to the colossal socialist territories.