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26.5. International Forms of International Economic Vidnosin

International labor migration. International Science and Technology Institute. International Monetary and Financial Organizations.

26.5.1. International labor migration.

An important part of the process of internationalization of the international state life of the other half of the twentieth century. has become international migratory work. The labor potential is the most important factor in viola- tional education, and its most effective and efficient country is not only within the boundaries of the national statehood, but also on the scale of the economy.

International labor migration - a form of international economic cooperation, such as transferring overworked labor resources from one country to another and overwhelming the process of redistribution of labor resources between the banks of the Holy City. There’s a winery є wisdom ’like a poem, an ally progressive power to regain its own regulation. At once, until the last hour, a significant element of the market verses of the international labor will be collected.

In the current minds of migratory work, they have a grandfather of a global nature. Sogodnaya won the absolute absolute beauty of the country. For example, the 1990s the total number of migrants in the world was estimated at 125 million people, and to become about 2% of the world’s population.

The causes of migratory work are factors of both an economical and non-economical nature. The reasons for the non-economic type are: political, national, religious, race, social and social. Economical reasons for engaging in economic development of the economy okrimich kraїн, view of the land: low life, mass of unemployment, long pay and pay. An important factor in the international labor migrants ив vivis capital, the function of international corporations.

International labor migratsiya, as a rule, the nature of the hour and call it a revolving migratsiyu . Look at three vidy: timchasova (a robot for a contract for singing termin), seasonal, pendulum. Behind the current level of international labor, migration is subject to: migration of qualified labor and non-qualified labor. Dependently on motives and bazhannya I see voluntary and primusovoy migratsiyu (for example migratsiya bizhentsіv). You can talk about the legalization of illegal and illegal migration.

The basis of migratory ducts is to become robots, a smaller world of services, special services and incentives. Directly migrating streams are equally fast, ale to finish often perekіyayutsya. Virshalnee is significant when I have the opportunity to economically accept the land, the role of the current community, and the history and history, geography, ethnical roots.

On a special market of labor resources, clearly identified centers were located, where the main part was to converge the working force. The two traditional traditions of them are the USA — Canada and Zahidna Europe. Tidal іmmіgrantіv in the United States and Canada for sale in the 1990s pp. estimated at 900 yew. Osib shor_chno. In the meantime, the other half of the twentieth century began to work with foreign working forces. Territories of Western Europe. Here, there are 15 million foreign nations, who want to reconfigure the given region to the largest center for attracting foreign working forces, which is successfully competing with the USA in the sphere of cheap human resources.

In 1960–70-rr. form the new poles of economic growth, the so-called “peripheral capitalism”, which has led to the winnings of new regional centers of heavy work. Before them, introduce: the territories — exporters of naphtha (OAU, Qatar, Kuwait and India), Australia, PAR, the regions of the Asia-Pacific region (first for all the “new industrial regions”), Latin America (Argentina, Argentina). For example, the 1990s at six countries of the Persian tributaries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates) there are about 5 million cash grants, and a lot of them become a 50% increase.

Migrations of labor are more important than in the country, up to the point of import, so in the country - exporters of labor resources. The system of economic sounds, which is to blame for the powers that are in the hands of migrant workers, is supported by flows of goods and capital, including, for example, penniless transfers to the fatherland of immigrants. For tributes on the ear of the 1990s pp. Nearly 40 krai svіtu mali at their own needs iz-for a cordon not less than 100 million dollars. vіd mіgrantіv, and 10 krai - ponad 1 billion dollars. In addition, in the country, it’s important to export working power, to abolish a number of minor surges: the grip of excess labor resources is reduced, moreover, socially, socially in the country; cost-free start-ups of professional proficiency, knowledge of an advanced organization and practice.

At that hour samy Kraina-eksporteri lyudskogo kapіtalu stikayutsya i s deyakimi naslіdkami negatively, mainly s yakih Je "vіdpliv umіv" vtrata kvalіfіkovanih, obdarovanih kadrіv.

All read more and more emigrants in the population of Ukraine. Sales 1994–98 the greatest number of countries from Ukraine, for their payments to the State Statistics Committee, has viralized in Russia (798.0 thousand), the USA (101.6 thousand), the USA (69.0 thousand), Nimechchina (49.7 thousand). Behind the materials of the press and the experts ’experts, behind the cordon of the right-wing experts of 1 to 3 million Ukrainian people, part of some of them was illegally involved in the work. The main motive for emigrating from Ukraine has become an economic factor. Such is the dynamics of migratory work from Ukraine through the labor potential of the areas of virology, science, culture, education, medicine.