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Political economy - Krivenko K.T.

27.3.2. Jerela is a global concern.

I’m worried about problems and problems for the most part in the country, I’m developing, it’s no longer possible without international cooperation. Very good health for everything on the line of the so-called official support from the side of the developed country in the form of financial resources. For the most important people in Kazakhstan, who mostly need help, they need to get about 3% of the expected GDP, and for the people of tropical Africa, they need to get 5%, they want to get the entire price for the cutaneous sack. on the river.

Another dzherelom for a long time can be buti foreign private investment . For IMF tributes, in the 1990s pp. a clean surge of financial resources at the edge of the country, which are developing, becoming very fast 114 to 229 billion dollars. In order to achieve the effectiveness of these financial flows, there is a significant amount of time to lay the foundation for realizing and implementing in these countries effective national development strategies, which would spiral in front of internal economic resources.

Patronage of a number of international organizations - UNESCO, the International Maritime Organization, the All-weather meteorological organization - to realize a lot of science programs by means of the resource potential in the ocean. The international organization for protection and that of the sea bottom of the sea I’ll clarify the specific, come in, be sure to keep in mind for the duty to protect the territory of the Czech Republic.

Schopravda, the victory of the potential potential, is being streamed by the race of liberation, as well as a number of citizens (USA, Pakistan, PRC, Iraq and India), and save the thunder of nuclear war. Rozbroєnnya, a podolannya of war conflicts, whether it was demanded to threaten the danger of life, unblocked access to full potential in the interests of people living and living in our country.

Feeding a positive answer to global problems, which involves engaging in international affairs in specific areas, rest on the top rank of the resource-based programs, which are divided into international organizations. For large-scale and complex delivery, you can transmit more information, on the first place you can see food, on one side, you can find such resources, you can get more and more information about it.

It is environmentally friendly to expand the economy of the world, to increase the speed of working together, to accelerate the development of technology, and to move on to the middle of the earth and to live more people.

Meaning, what national programs to protect the natural mid-range treasury will be more effective than those, if you want to protect international vimogs. The infection was organized by the organizer and coordinator of the corporate activities. Organizations of the National and Special Organizations were established in 1972. at the UN system. Program with a clear middleware (UNEP). For the Russian initiative, the bulo was scattered and adopted by the Declaration for the development of a mid-career middleware (1992 p.) - to its own international environmental constitution. NINE UNEP wants to accept the adoption of the International Convention on the Conservation of Global Biological Risnomy.

Terminologichny vocabulary

Globalism - self-knowledge galaxy about the knowledge of the planetary problems of the present and Maybut development of human civilization.

Global problems are omnipresent problems, which are supposed to be beyond the planetary plan for their scale and significant character, due to the lively interests of the people of our country, to become a threat to life for all people and all of them.

Demilitarization of the economy - the development and defense of the defense galleys of the military.

It is environmentally friendly to expand the economy of the world - to increase the number of violated obligations, as well as to be accompanied by accelerated development of technologies, which is a step forward in the middle of life and the livelihood of people on Earth.

Ecology is a science that characterizes the mutual suspension of nature with nature, the strength of the human energy for the on-site communication.

Preserving the world - liquidation of the economy, demilitarization of the economy of the planet, the possibility of internal warfare and internal conflicts in the country, so in the country.

Conversion - a means of proportional distribution of financial, human and material resources between the civilian and military spheres, switching between different types of military technology and the world’s most important.

The newer political issue is the recognition of all the nations of the planet about the important and non-random problems of global problems, including the development of a system of effective international procedures and mechanisms for the protection of the public and the public.

Civil virology - virobnizto products for satisfying special needs of people in objects of living and virological consumers.

Control and power supply

1. Name officials to create global problems.

2. Expand the role of the new political and economic understanding for the advancement of global problems.

3. Open the key to the concept of “protect your health”.

4. Give viznazhennya conversion military warfare. Yake її meaningful for the development of global problems?

5. Encourage economy, the development of defense gallows positively influences the expansion of the suspension of virology. What are your thoughts?

6. What is the health science problem of the problem of human welfare by the sirovinoy and energy?

7. What is the role of zagalolyudskih interests in rozv'yazannі global problems?

8. What is the greatest of humanity outside the world at the XXI century?