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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

1.2. The economy of the economy and the economy

During the life of the market and the euphoria of the drive of the omnipotence of the creator of the world of ignorance - speech.

Nowadays, Adam Smita’s turning into super-streaks, wining out the number of economical theories as a result of the successful development of the state’s economy. It’s sound, socialist on the whole plan of planning, as well as liberalism (the consolidation of the power and regulation of the economy), which is extremely lasting. The world of the sovereign is entrusted with laying the bed of concrete furnishings. So, for the period, in the period of systemic transformation of socially-economical processes, the role of sovereign regulation is, in our thought, a sutt of zrosta.

The mechanism of market intelligence is more effective in the areas of economical booty, the ale of the sphere, the market mechanism of powerlessness. Moreover, literally the victory of market logic in these areas can lead to a critical situation.

Acts of these spheres are not mysterious. Smell good to you as practitioners, so much so. Rinkovanie mechanics can not be correctly seen in the jokes of effective solutions in situations:

1) monopoly chi oligopolії;

2) significant waste for hours between vitrates and an economical effect (lag is the dimmer of realizing significant investments);

3) lower pre-décor vitrates on the price of higher products for falling prices (the effect of science and technology progression) is skinny.

The main “vorog” of the market mechanisms is the mechanism of the efficient function of economy - that is, of course, monopoly .

Try to describe in mathematical terms my number, to win at different markets, the first mechanism, and monopoly. Acceptable hypothesis, which is because of some kind of economical system is straightened out to maximize the total economical effect ( ), to the total length:


de Q - product release; u ( Q ) - the function of the gross economic effect (corinosity); - increase in gross economic effect (corinosity) in the form of single-skin and single products; s - vitrati on virobnitstvo; - Prirat vitrat on virobnitstvo dodatkovo single products.

The first element of the right part of a viraz is characterized by a gross economical effect, the other by vitrati on a viral whole oath of products, and by the whole it is a total economical effect (product).

It’s easy to keep in mind that expanding the legal framework will require less than a few dots, docs that don’t have to pay attention to the gross economic impact of living . Mathematically, it is necessary to bring to the maximum the values ​​of the induced virazu (1.7). Yakshcho differentiation by Q and I’ll take it to zero, then the optimal oversight is viral, I’ll save a maximum of the total odd move, I’m able to answer Q , yak , for example, a supplementary gross effect on the completion of supplementary vitrates for single products. It’s okay, here you are guilty.

But in the minds of the market economy, the distribution of the total economic effect between the products and the budget and the budget is needed. The nature of the wider number of significant signatures of the importance of economic sub-entities in achievable suspension efficiency, so that in Russia to the optimum point.

Why should they catch the economic and interest of the virobnik ( l ) and spozhivach (s)? Obviously, there’s a maximum number of vacancies for maximization of sales of real estate at the price of vitrates:

de - a lodge of the virobnik.

Spozhivachevі importantly maximize the sacrifice between the economical effect of the products and the price for it:

de - lodging right now.

As a rule, the roe deer is not a monopolist, since it is impossible to get into the middle of the road (there is no competition), then p doesn’t lie down in Q , so that the maximum effect of the virobochnik will be available at the point, de according to Q dearly null, if so:


and the maximum effect is that in point, de:

The maximum of the total effect is to reach for the oath of virobnitztva ( Qopt ), which are characterized by

Sounds can be used to tidy up the gowns, which means that the companion will be able to hear from the optimal companion, I will take a look at the people's gratitude, the oath of products ( Qopt ), and living with them again, I have to:

Ale yakshcho virobnik kontrolє I mean a portion of the market (VIP products, goluzi) and I have the right to get the right to pass on the same value as the VIP products, then this interest should be spent on public interest. Formally, this superachnost can be shown with such a rank. If p = f ( Q ) then

Spogivachі not in the cold push in the oath that price. To the maximum, the effect of the virobnik will be reached beyond the mind:

From now on, let’s say the result is about those who have the ability to control the value of the product on the side of the virobnik point of the local optimum not to be missed by the point of the popular optimum.

The national є Hypothesis of the most important prices and the oversight of the viro (the increase in the costs of the vii is lower for the products), to .

Virobnik, pragnuchchi to maximize their local criterion, if zaddelshogo zakislivaniya at the frozen virobnitstva on the river, lower, lower optimal

( Ql < Qopt ),

і, відповідно, at enviable prices



For the best minds, the great power to regulate the economy is guilty of protecting such an organization, the functional system of the government’s objects, the yakorists have used the most effective methods of gaining greater control over the long term.