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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

1.6. Ekonomika yak folding system with interior with a tamper

One of the characters in the creator of Molєr "The Mishchin among the nobility" - the virtuous Jourdain - is to be recognized with grace, who’s got a mustache for living by roaming with prose. The situation is very similar to the situation in economical and economical. In order to save money, problems have arisen in Russia, which have meant that they are sober. So, the stinks looked at the processes of control and regulation with economical systems like so, which can be stored together with the elements. All the same before that, as the power supply systematized clearly formulated in the irrelevant theoretical plan of kibernetic.

Zdatnіst to the abstraction of power to the people of the rosums. It’s permissible that you need a very accurate form of your own knowledge, formulate the principle of instrumental economical and mathematical modeling and such a method of virology - a knowledge system, which is characterized by a logical and harmonious understanding of each other.

Professor of Philosophy O. G. Spirkin nagging * 6, right now at our time the main science of the theoretical and economic block ( polytechnology is one of the most familiar galleries of human knowledge, as well as macro is economical) the sciences of pre-precision, rigor, and systematization of the comprehension of facts, of theoretical knowledge of the past, oriented to truth and practicality of the most practical. A professor of economics Oleg Gavrilishin * 7 write about the need for wider vikoristannya in economy analiticheskih pidhodіv, secrema theory of dynamical systems. Professor Y. Kozeletsky, the subject of exercises in the hall of psychological theories in economics, in his monograph * 8 widely vikoristov є economical and mathematical methods and models, algorithm theory, which is the most thoroughly detailed theory.

* 6: {Spirkin A.G. Philosophy: Textbook. - M .: Gardariki, 1999.}

* 7: {Gavrilishin O. Basic elements of the theory of market system. - K .: Science. Dumka, 1992.}

* 8: {Kozeletsky Yu. Psychological decision theory. - M .: Progress, 1979.}

You can also talk about the mutual understanding of the existing tools for the most basic sciences and the wider principles of mathematical modeling, as well as for the development of the basic tools for mathematical modeling. All of this is fundamentally important, because in the protrusive wake-up session, it is necessary to take into account the different form of the interdisciplinary dialogue, to ensure that the economy and the education of Ukraine are economical.

It’s necessary to vote: we have to cut our skin for us, a mustache, є about our knowledge, є a part of our life. The call “Know thyself,” the incorruptions on the architrave of the ancient church at Delphi, is the only fundamental truth, which is generally the rule to thoroughly store the most economical science and economics.

I will take a look at the theory of economics and how to bring to the class dynamic, weakly structured systems of great complexity. For the sake of the system to be stored in the magnificent kolkostі gospodarskih komіrok, as well as interchange with tisny, uninterrupted in exchange one from one. In addition, the economy is very similar to the history of the structure, the structure of the baggage carrier, for the high level of integration and the integration rules for the singing rules (algorithms) for the information signals (flows) of the lower frequency components.

The water-time itself is economically sustained; Well, before the abandonment of the left, then its development is far from being taken up by merely economic processes. Suspension with a singing social structure, a political system, a culture potential, moral and ethical principles, mental mentality is a middle ground, with elements of a certain economic relationship. The reason for not modifying (unambiguously). Vaughn vidbuyatsya behind the doorway straightforwardly - vid of the middle-house and the navpaki.

It is economical to look at economics , structural and functional units as a system, in some processes process regulation and control, which is realized by ruled and re-created information. Votingly, for information, from one side, є a generator for developing social and economic systems, at the same time, from the first - a dzherel of unintentionality that was generated by digitalization in the economy. Here, the principle of the н innovation ’character of the information is fundamentally important, and for the signposts we cannot better re-transmit.

Dedalis more importantly to repeat, since the fragments of the socially-economical system are not very well defined, the impulse is to develop, then you can characterize it like that, but it’s self-developing. “Burning”, I will protect the development of the system, є new information. Akademіk Rosіyskoї Academy of Sciences Mykola Petrakov detail analіzuє rіznі aspects generuvannya novoї Informácie in sotsіalno-ekonomіchnіy sistemі: "... Navіt zalishayuchis in furrows vіdnosno prostoї scheme" will require that іndivіda mehanіzmi їh zadovolennya "E zіshtovhuєmosya of postіynoyu i nepovnіstyu peredbachuvanoyu pulsatsієyu sotsіalno-ekonomіchnoї system. A person who recently recently went to the station of satisfaction with a general social and economic medium, a “rap” of repairing a new cultural, social, aesthetic character, and her being dissatisfied with her thoughts. You must configure the system to “inform” the system “noise”, introduce the element of non-transmission and vipadkostost. Vlasne, the “noise” of the є alarm material for the generation of new information in the social and economic systems. Mi mámo postíní von vipádkovy zbureni, on which we vinikayut "socially-economical mutations" * 9.

* 9: {Petrakov N. Ya. Russian Roulette: an economic experiment worth 150 million lives. - M.: Economics, 1998.}

In an economic incentive to generate new information, there is also competition, which automatically automatically leads the way to science-and-technology winemakers. It is possible to enter into a plurality of sub-issues, yak є dzherel of unintentionality, it is skinny.

Spinimosya on deyachny nourishment often without unintentionality in economy. Non-significance - that is, those who don’t have to give unambiguous estimates, but for sub-entities in the economy and in need of special care, I need to take into account the analysis of the situation. Indiscrimination of reasons.

Otzhe, the risik of the internal economy and the business. Economic rizik to incur unintentionality (nevidomy, lack of competence, ambiguous), conflict. Votingly, I won’t rezik vinikaє for thinking out the feasibility of alternatives, plans, investment projects and innovative projects in total. As a rule, there are alternatives, then every day, freedom, freedom to vibe, which amuse the people of the most characteristic signs (rosem, free will, creative work).

In science, I have to talk about the principle of systematic analysis of economics in the economic sphere, it is clear that there are some kind of system, I need to understand how to deal with us, but not all of us are in danger, but there is no reason for that. However, the system can be used with an incomplete turn-over structure, with not absolutely accurate data transfer, overload and process, and not up-to-date connection of needless influences. A partial view of the irrelevance of the posture is that the situation is different, if the view (plurality) is subdivided, the neighborhood okrema may be present, so do not enter. That is why it is possible to enter the field of podii (scenarios) - such a plurality, one of the elements is insistent.

* 10: {Vіtlіnsky VV Analysis, evaluation and modeling of economic ricism. - K .: DEMIUR, 1996.}

Oskilki zdebilshogo images an indicator of the effectiveness (speed) of the state (financial) operations (projects) є non-deterministic value, then call out a hypothesis, for such a value є sense of respect for unaccounted for.

In the economy and business, at the lower level, when you look at them, you can take the opportunity to get the rest of the system of hypotheses, secrecy, through the availability of available, reliable information. And then bring to the end the vision of the goal, to the unclear results, the results can be reached through the lack of understanding (pardon, inadequacy) quietly. Shchob urakhuvati step izzyka I want to often get out of the way, often, like з such a zmoga, remake the truth of the hypothesis (allowance). It is possible to provide health, secrecy, for an additional method of rewriting statistical hypotheses, which can be of a universal nature, fragments of a forensic hypothesis, can be given to me more and more economically and economically. The technique of rewriting statistical hypotheses is reduced to the list of actual values ​​of special, adequate to the situation and criteria, criterion and relevance of the table values ​​for singing, preset level of significance (chi riziku).

Step Riziku to lay down as well as the subdivision of the sub'єkta took the decision (management team) to the next: shilostnosti, neschilnostі, bayduzhostі. Moreover, all the officials of unintentionality, conflict and the ritualism they have in their clue are divided into active and sub-active.

From now on, it is possible to date such a sign of economical rism, which is based on the principles of system analysis.

Rhizic is so much economically motivated, it is all economically categorized, especially characteristic features are more important, more and less important, more important, less important.

In a conspicuous, scho rizik ma і dialectical ob'ktivno-sub'ktivnuyu structure.

Estimation of the є bagatyr з size, which characterizes the ability to see the result, the result of the baptismal (ochuvanny) result, the possibility of failure (zbitka) with the bite of control (cherishing) and uncontrolled

Існує Ціла system of indicators for the level of assessment of the degree of risu. Ale vid zhodnogo kіlkіsnogo indicator (kіlkіsno otsіnki) step riziku not ochіku ucіkuvati, scho іn іnvіkuvatima adequate results for any conditions. In other words, the establishment of a singing single indicator like “peace” (a step) to a rizik є by trying to sublate an underestimation, characterizing a vipadka value (efficiency, crib) by one (one) indicator (number). To our thought, the estimate of the size of the bag (the vector), the components of the same size, the form of the fallow, the system of management, the number of employees, the number of employees, Riziku, skinny.

At the top of our voice, it’s relevant to bring up axiomatic theory of education at the highest level of performance (of the many possible) at most to the point of completion, the system of training, the system of management, and , schizik ик economically categorized, dialectically obstructive-sub-active structure.

Odnієyu of headache yakostey Suchasnyj kerіvnika, ekonomіsta, pіdpriєmtsya, system analіtika Je vmіnnya zdіysnyuvati correctly analіz, ROBIT vibіr іz mnozhini alternative varіantіv, zdatnіst іti on rizik in Rozumny furrows, navichki ratsіonalno pratsyuvati in Minds neviznachenostі, nepovnoti that asimetrії Informácie, konflіktnostі. What is more and less undetermined є socially-economical medium, the most urgent є the need to reduce the risk of risk, the need for more efficient analysis, the model for managing and managing the system at a time.

For an hour, the theory of economical rhizicism (rhizicology) will flourishly flourish.