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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

1.7. Systemic power and economic decision

{Vіtlіnsky V.V., Nakonechny S. І., Sharapov O. D. Economic Risik and Methods of the Second Hand: Pidruchnik. - K .: ІЗМН, 1996.}

Non-negligence of economic information is implicitly awaiting for a stage project at a time and taking action. Basically, dzherelo of inconsequentialness is inaccuracy, lack of information about mineral and mineral base, natural resources, ability to add science-and-technology progress, and trends that can bring more and more information.

Fragments are underestimated, lack of information in economic activity is expected, then economic theory, and especially theory should be taken into account, plan, and not exceed In the fate of the theory of optimal stochastic programming, theory of unclear (rosmito) optimization, theory of gris, simulation model, it’s very easy to let the machine go to another approximation.

Rinkovy ekonomіtsі pіdvishchuyutsya vimogi until secured pryynnogo pryvnya ryvnya riziku and nadіynostі planіv і ekonomіchnyh rіshen. Adje for "lack of confidence", an unsuccessful rizik to bring to shreds with hair cats. Sokrem, as a rule, is a more economical system of low maneuverability of power, then you won’t be able to give a quick response to the latest knowledge and functional development.

Imovno, one of the main strains of urachuvannya irrelevantness, lack of information in the theory of optimal plan є concept of adaptability to the plan, its parameters. Coordination of plans, adaptability of third-party information, a way to go in the process of functionalities, a significant official of efficient systems of economic efficiency. For example, in the tasks of a baggy, stochastic, optimal plan, the importance of the minimum and the maximum number of estimates is to lay the foundation for the real plan, so that you can constantly. Adaptable plan, it is possible to change the risk and gain an economical effect (equally with non-adaptive approaches). Zrozumіlo, scho world of adaptability to the plan є the size, yak can optimize. Nadmіnna nadіynіst (Maliy Rizik) is heavier in his own hands singing dodatkі vitrati, scho to secure a minіmіzatsіy riziku vіdhilen vіd plan, and then lead up to the winn up rіziku nevoristanih of capacities (nadm). Qi vitrati povyazanі zі zbіlshennyam stocks, neobhodnіsty rozrobki singing calls in the skinny.

Theory of plans , including the appearance of determinism about the appearance of other informational plans, obviously, there are not a lot of descriptions of the functionalities of the system. At the boundaries of the deterministic approach, it is not possible to describe the process of adaptation of plans to new information, their integrity. The water hour for the deterministic approach to the on-the-fly science for corridor and maneuverability of planes, for off-site reserves.

The systematic power of economical planning decisions is to take a look at such important characteristics of plans, such as reliability, flexibility, maneuverability, stability and stability.

Urakhuvannya officials, I’ll recognize the meaning of the characteristics, so that I can better understand the essence of optimization processes and the development of functional systems for unintentional input. Zokrema, winika žlivlsti zhidіsniti ikonomiko-matematichny analiz ryvnya riziku and the above-planned planner and obruntuvati vimogi for protection of the rational ryvnya ikh indices on it at that time.

Among the characteristics of state-owned plans are the most effective. As a result of the realization of the plan, the actual level of efficiency can significantly be seen in the planned, especially the instability, instability, inconvenience and economical system. It is permissible that, owing to the unpleasant weather minds, the yield of feed crops was reduced by 25%. Through the availability of food, the supply of milk is lower by 25%, which is negatively negative for the size of the virus, the amount of products sold, and for the profit and profitability. One of the most important goals of the plan is the problem of stability, effectiveness, and efficiency.

The systemic characteristics of the planes (risen and elastin, risen and elastich, risen and elastin) vzamopov'yazanі. For example, maneuverability and accuracy of planes, they have a significant impact on elastichnost, nadіnіst, rizikovіst.

Zauvazhimo, scho maneuverability, risovikovanіst, nadіnіst and elastichnіst plan to lay down the entire structure, the warehouse and the future.