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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.


2.1. Model yak method of scientific knowledge

2.1.1. Sutnist model

Modeling in the scientific sciences, in a yoke, has come to stagnate in the old age, reaping all the new and new fields of scientific knowledge. However, the methodology of modeling for the sale of the trivial hour was developing independently of the basic sciences. Bula is a one-day system to understand, one is a terminology. More than a reason, it seemed to us to acknowledge the role of modeling as a universal method of scientific knowledge.

The term “model” is widely victorious in the different spheres of the duality of humanity and the absence of semantic significance. We can clearly see such models that are equipped with tools for the acquisition of new knowledge.

The term “model” resembles the Latin word “modulus” - the word, norm, world. The model is the whole object, which means that the original and the first and the second draw are the power for the original, the given metric for the image system of hypotheses .

A mathematical model is the whole abstraction of real life, in which there are real elements, and the very same, which are registered, are replaced by mathematical categories. For the sake of voicing, speak to the formality and the irregularities, the formal logic and the indicators, to characterize the functioning of the real system, which is simulated.

It is unfeasible to realize your own science, secrecy of economics, without widespread rigorous mathematical modeling.

The essence of the valuable methodology of the method in the form of a mathematical model — the lower models — the models used for calculating and calculating the additional algorithms that can be used. The robot is not presented by the object itself (reality, process), but by the third model it’s possible to see clearly and painlessly the main (suture) power and the reluctance for any other situations. Water hours are calculated (computer, simulated, simulated) experiments with models of objects are allowed, revolve around the need for the most advanced mathematical methods, and the most important for them are (overstepping experiment). It’s not marvelous that the methodology of the mathematical model is rushing to flourish, and it’s an oversized analysis of super folding economical and social processes.

At our time, the mathematical model is to enter into the third fundamentally important stage of its development, “get into the mind” of the structure of the so-called information suspension . Burhlivy progress has been analyzed, analyzed, broadcasted, and transmitted information and current trends of social boot. Without freedom of information, “resources” do not mean thinking about the development of a wide range of complex and serious problems, so as to confront the peace of mind. However, information on its own means little to give for analysis and forecasting, for taking decision and control over their visions. Neobkhіdnі nadіynі ways of opratsyuvanny іnformatsіyno иров sirovini в in a ready продукт product ’, that is precisely in knowledge. The history of the methodology of mathematical modeling reconcile: you can be guilty of the buttele with the core core of information technology, the process of informatization suspension.

Technological, technological, economical, political and general systems, which now have a vivid science, all with a small amount of time are given up to (in need of complexity and accuracy) with the most important theoretical methods. Timeless field experiment on them вали we must be trivial, dear, it is often difficult to navigate whoever is not safe, it is especially worth staying in economical systems and processes. To that mathematically model є inevitable warehouse science and technology progress.

Already the statement of nutrition itself, which is a mathematical model, can be a clear plan for a clear plan that can be intelligently possible in three stages: model — algorithm — program (Fig. 2.1) * 1.

* 1: {Samarsky A. A., Mikhailova A. P. Mathematical modeling: Ideas. Methods Examples. - M .: Fizmatlit, 2001. - 320 p.}

Math model scheme is puzzled

Fig. 2.1. Math model scheme is puzzled

At first, take it easy (whichever it is) “equivalent” of the object, which is the image in the mathematical form of the key power — law, such as the first order, the right to keep it in place. Mathematical model (chi її fragments) can be achieved by theoretical methods, which allows you to expressly important (conceptual nature) new knowledge about the subject.

Another etap is vibration (chi fragmentation) to the algorithm for realizing models on computers. The model is available in the form, manual for storing the numerical methods, the number of the number of logical and logical operations that need to be specified, so that to express the value of the specified accuracy, is indicated. The enumerating algorithms do not obfuscate the basic power of the model, but rather that of a separate object (original), but more economical and adaptive features of different tasks and problems.

At the third stage , I ’m trying out programs that allow me to “transfer” the model and algorithm to an accessible computer mov. To them, too, are hanging vimogas of economy and adaptability. Їx can be called an “electronic” equivalent of a dosledzhuvannogo object, which can be used for computer experimentation without any interruption.

Having created the triad : “ model — algorithm — program ”, pre-identifier (system analytics), we’ll clear the universal, the unlucky and the really cheap tool, which can be tested in the “first” calculating experiments. Because of this, there is adequate (sufficient reliability, I’ll ask for the benefit of the gipothesis system) three times more often, I’m required to carry out more detailed, detailed information. . The process of modeling is supervised by the parties and specified, for the necessary, all warehouses (lanoks) of the three.

As a methodology, mathematical modeling is not a matter of mathematics, economic theory, finance, and discipline, not competing with them. Navpaki, it is important to re-synthesize the synthesizing role. The creation and consecration of triads is more worthwhile for thinking of the victorious methods and methods — the unrivaled analysis of non-linear models prior to the current program steps. Wonderful stimuli of direct science.

A wide aspect of the model is evidently more obvious in the types of creative activity of people of different specialties - pre-graduated and advanced, advanced and advanced. Introducing in the sphere of exact knowledge of the additional help to neutralize the intuitively “model”, expanding the boundaries of the rational methods. Sounds good, mathematically, modeling more than you need to understand the picture of the most professional people: you can understand the basic formulas and the hypothesis, the posterior analysis, the calculation is reconciled in the adequacy of the existing models, and the accuracy is guaranteed.

As a matter of fact, if you need to analyze the problems of modeling economical systems, if you need to respect the “human officer”, if you need to analyze the poorly formalized objects, then we must be very careful if you need to understand them. mathematical apparatus to vivchennya appearances and processes (prior є shly “see tasks to the method”, and not in front of you) that is.

Rosvazyuyuchi problems of informational suspension, it would be more difficult to pay the least for the need for computer and information technology. Post-date three- way mathematical modeling and third-party software for advanced information-modeling systems - methodological and imperative . Less than a good vision, you can choose not to need high technology, I can compete for the same material and intellectual products.

Significantly, by the way of intellectual development of the model, the principle of so-called informational wealth . It means that a system analyst is guilty of a fair reading for those who want to enter the previous system, as well as the officials who are involved in the process. While the information and information security is low, it’s difficult to find a model for which you can buy the new knowledge about the original-original.