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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.


3.1. The main aspects of the imitation model

Yak was included in the forefront material, for one of the most advanced mathematical models, the most advanced ones can be combined, the algorithm and the combination can be combined.

With the development of digital technology and discrete analysis, the widest range of education and technology, we’ll acquire an algorithm (model) model. In the middle of the main steps in the process of modeling, you can do the following:

  • analysis of the characteristics and regularities of the functionality of the Kerovan (dosljuvan) object: Violation on the zmіstny (verbal, conceptual) ryvnі system and the decoupling (resource, iziznichny, legal, social indices, valuation of the problem
  • design of an imitation model : transition of a real object to logical schemes, such as a behavior, algorithms (models), formal setting of tasks, which is necessary for a second imitation model;
  • preparation of a system for the model: form of information security, necessary for the function of the model, the view, the structure of the method, the need to change the mode,
  • software for realizing imitation models : making it more adequate for viable software products, which can help you to ensure that you can implement real-time real-time models on personal computers;
  • assessment of the adequacy of the model: more results, accumulated results in the process of operating models, on the basis of information, the fact that there is a real difference in the number of different models;
  • carried out imitations experiments. Obviously, here is a good idea: I’m completely awake, I’ll have an imagination model). Vіn vklyuchaє a strategіchne she tactfully planuvannya eksperimentіv, Vlasna eksperimentuvannya ( "іmіtatsіynі eksperimenti"), Cauterets zavershuєtsya іnterpretatsієyu otrimanih rezultatіv i of acceptance on pіdstavі zroblenih visnovkіv rіshen schodo otsіnyuvannya that upravlіnnya ob'єktom (pіdpriєmstvom, bank fіnansovoyu fіrmoyu, torgovelnoyu organіzatsієyu holding skinny).

Strategic planning of the experiment is straightforward for the development of low power. Before such, for example, it is possible to introduce a formulated hypothesis based on the nature of the deposits by the parameters of the model and the vibration of specific methods with the additional consumption.

Tactically plan the experiment guilty of clarifying the nutrition by carefully identifying the ways and means of the fulfillment. Typical tasks of tactful planning є vib_r of cobs are the value for the parameters of the model, the last value of the last value.

One of the most important aspects in the process of robotics (performance) is with the model of analysis and analysis of sensitivity. Pіd nim rozumіyut viznennenya step mіnlivostі value іnlіvіvih indicators of the model, zumlenlenih іnlіnlivіstyu (nevnaznachenіstyu, varіabelnіstyu) vikhіdnih parameters. So, as a result of the apparently small changes in the future, there was a good result in the results of the model, then there is a good chance for more, more detailed information, more information, and more information.

The positive values ​​of the imitation model can be:

  • the pre-release (system analytics) can be compared with the result of the results to the indicators of the analyzed object, so that the process of functioning, so I can win the result;
  • wide scope of scale as a function of the modeled object;
  • safety of bagatovarіnnostі doslіdzhen;
  • bagatofunctionality of imitation models, which can be seen in the abilities of a silent vibrator and up-to-date modification of a system of criteria and criteria, and it is necessary to take a look at the last hour of imaging experiments;

Bestiality is also respected for the short-lived, especially for the imitated models:

  • The fragments of the model for its nature are less than an opportunity to carry out a numerical experiment, the results, freed of their own help, are not at all different, since there are one different model (possible model). From now on, all the visions and those that are firmly rooted in their presentation, may have a heuristic character and in singing vipads can suttuly say the words of speech;
  • in bagatokh hops, it is clear that the estimate is very close to the level of approximation (the most unimportant) of the middle model (the results of the virtual model) and the functions of the real object are problematic;
  • zde_lshogo in the basis of the process of imitatsii laid down a statistical experiment, while some generators of pseudo-decadic magnitudes are victorious. Errors that are effectively tamped with by such generators can be able to completely cripple the results and be freed from the course of the imitating model.

Varto also draws respect for the great knowledge of the world, yo yo give results, gained in the range of experimental experiments, on the recognition of information, as well as theoretical and analytical theory. For reference, analysis and further accumulation of the necessary experiments in order to complete them often is more permissible in addition to more legal, more important, I have to give further evidence that it’s possible to successfully complete the tasks of modeling and controlling the functions of such folding, poorly formalized systems, as well as the need for a comprehensive and complete system. ) nature. Nagada, it’s important models that are widely associated with analitical models, which are based on the main basis, on the basis of which there are conceptual characteristics, characteristics in the structure of the existing warehouse.

* 1: {Moiseev N. N. Mathematical problems of system analysis. - M .: Science. Chap. ed. Phys.-Math. lit., 1981.}

Imitation (algorithm) models can be more determinate and stochastic. In the remaining order for the auxiliary sensor (generator) of low numbers, they must be irrelevant (second) undetermined and high order officials. I will call this method of simulation model dive the method of statistical model (statistical runs, chi Monte Carlo method). At present, the method involves one of the most effective methods of developing folding systems, and often the most practical method of eliminating new information about the behavior of a hypothetical system (for this project).