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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,

2.1. Logic to the process of strategic planning at the preparation stage

Shchob "Vizhiti", skin pidpriдmtsyu need to constantly hasten for wintering in business environment; Stitches for competitors and for the necessary namagatisya zadalezhid_stad to new minds. For yourself, for the sake of health, you need to develop a strategic strategy.

A wide range of strategies has a general pre-development program (method) and the same order of priority and resources for the achievement of its own goals.

Logic of the development of strategy in theory of the mother awkward wiggle. Schob opratsuvati strategy fіrmi, it is enough to know how to use three keys power:

1. Yakim є mіsce fіrmi in Denmark the moment?

2. Kudi firm direct?

3. Yak fіrmі d іit to the meti?

The real process of strategic development, which is called strategic planning, is more folding. Vin okhoplyuє kіlka etapіv.

1. Before the Tim, as a matter of reason, be it a certain business, it is necessary to analyze the situation. Such an analysis, which I kindly call it the otzin of the igneous camp, includes:

a) an estimate of the middle treasure, which in the first place is business, as well as an analysis of the middle ground of the tidings and threat;

b) visa deductible and short notice of maybusiness.

2. Having evaluated the ignition camp, you can take it before setting goals, so that you can see the one you specifically want to reach. Tsіlі mayuyut vіdbivati ​​that ryven business, such as Prague, that water hour but not at all. The process of setting the goal is two steps:

a) the formula of the main direct dіyalnostі;

b) the setting of specific goals.

Formula of the main direct efforts to ensure that people have the opportunity to understand the nature of the May business and the importance of business. The water hour is precisely formulated to support the establishment of specific, specific, significant, detailed, and express specifications.

3. You can reach your self in different ways. Vibir to the way to reach the metadata transmission є viznachneniya specific zavdan. The strategy, by the day, and by the low cost, is to form ways to achieve accessibility. At the time of completion, it is necessary to grind the variant strategy, evaluate the leather one and the vibrant one.

4. Zagalny zavdanny zgodom distribute in other warehouses, scho to specify and clarify the directness of the duty. Such details are called folding plans.

The interruption between the steps of the year, goals, goals and goals is depicted in Fig. 2.1.

Interchange’s relationship between the direct steps, goals, goals

Fig. 2.1. Mutual call between the two, the goals, goals

that dіyami pіdpriєmtsya at the stage of strategic planuvannya

At the end of the day, in the process of strategic plan demonstration, fig. 2.2. The doorsteps on the figure show how to make the necessary changes on the skin, in order, for example, on the side, to understand how to fix the missing values.

Logic to the process of strategic planning at the preparation stage of the development plan for the business plan

Fig. 2.2. Logic to the process of strategic planning at the preparation stage of the development plan for the business plan