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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,


1. Prior to the main officials, who should note the commitment to the business plan, to:

  • audience, business planning plan;
  • specific prices for the business plan;
  • Concrete-functional functionality of the business plan;
  • the extent of the dyalnosti and the obedience of cob finance;
  • find the characteristics of the Maybout product and the stage of the life cycle.

2. Business plan, organization of proposals for investment in viral work, as a rule, including as well as logical cooperation:

  • summary;
  • up to the market;
  • virobic plan;
  • otsіnka rizikіv;
  • galuz , company that її
  • products (services) ;
  • marketing plan ;
  • organizational plan ;
  • financial plan .

3. Logic of the development of the business plan; The main ones are:

? vibration products (service) to the market;

? doslіdzhennya of the market middleware of the maybutny business;

? vibіr місцезнаходження фірми;

? forecasting sales obligations (above-mentioned services);

? viznenzhennya virobnichih parameters_v dіyalnostі fіrmi;

? Development of a new product and a new product policy;

? ogruntuvannya vibor organ_zatsіynih parameters_v firmi;

? a description of the potential risks of the Maybusiness and the posture for the minimum (neutralization);

? Estimation of ochkuvanikh pributkiv and zbitk_v;

? Writing a resume (text of visnovkіv) із with a vikladom of the main provisions of the business plan.

4. The main vimogs to the style of writing a business plan є so:

  • simplicity, simplicity and prosperity, wider graphs;
  • Functionality (a niche less than cinnamon for reading information);
  • ease of comprehension and familiarity with information, which can be reached by file on business plan for distribution in that paragraph;
  • secured confidentiality information about the company and the public.

5. Clear the rules of the technical design of a typical business plan. The main ones are:

  • яв яв яв ар ар ку ку ку ку ку на на на на на на на на.
  • reassurance to the business plan (the change of rules and paragraphs of the numbering side);
  • Obov'yazkov rozmіshchenny resume (short visnovkіv) in front of the main distributors business plan (on the cob);
  • reassurance in the final business plan of additional information, details and clarification of information, filed in the main sections;
  • outreach primitok i posilan on dzherela vikoristanoї information.

6. Summary (1 - 2 pages to the text) including the most important information for the business plan and the work schedule so that the reader can read the detailed plan. A resume needs to:

  • Dati a short description of the concept that day of the business;
  • openness of business and strategy of realizing;
  • characterize the price rinok (mainly living, special servicing, servicing; sale commitments and part of the market);
  • visibility of the most competitive competitiveness of the company, as well as the ability to realize the adopted strategies;
  • give the main financial indicators of Maybutyan business activity (profitability, terminology, accessibility, payback investment);
  • predict the need in the cats for the siliceous and posichkovy capitals.