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3.2. Logic for business plan development

Bagato hto z pidpriєmtsіv pardoning respect, the structure of the business plan and the last detail of the plan - these are the same ones, which you can wait for, like the first position, which needs repair. Such a keen look at the logic of the development plan business plan for software products with a solid structure, which can be set with one-one last message. Ale, as a practice, the business plan is not so. For example, it was popularly dying out: “If you want to fix business - repair it for marketing”, do not wait more effectively for small business firms. Malі fіrmi, as a rule, kindly know your rinok, victorious marketing after the fact. Special marketing and delivery may not be necessary for such companies of pre-date cinnamon information.

From now on, it’s easy to complete a business trip to a universal post office for a business plan. Of fundamental importance here is є rosumіnny that, whilst in the process of developing a business plan, it is imminent to bring about:

  • opiate all the basic business plans;
  • Kіlka razіv will turn around until you write the rozdіlіv for further improvement, refinement, further refinement.

Water hours are available for scheduling, the process of working out a business plan and internal logic, so that you can “jump” through the keys to this process. For example, it’s impolite to reach the market of the Maybut business, without knowing the hitch, it’s a specific product whose service will be sold. Docks will not be carried out before the market, it is impolite to add up a real marketing plan.

Figure 3.2 is characterized by a more restrictive logic of the business plan. In practice, you can sing songs.

Logic for business plan development

Fig. 3.2. Logic for business plan development

3.3. Vimogi to the style of writing and design for business plan

A business plan is a unique advertising document; on the other hand, you can sow the bows just as much about the business, and about the first owner. That is important є yak zmіst, so і zovnіshnіy viglyad business plan.

Business plan, as well as be-it-yourself document, pidlyaga to singing vimogs in style of writing:

  • Business plan may be but we’ll forgive, but we’ll adequately disagree with your project. For most small projects (for realizing some 80-100 thousand UAH), as a practical matter, the business plan liabilities are shared by 20-25 sides. In the final weekends of preparation, the reportable business plan. When it comes to business plan, it is recommended to uniquely use slang types, which are essentially technical, I will describe the products, operations, processes. Slide vikoristovuvati zagalnovіdomі termіini; Information required in the business style, accessibility;
  • Business plan is small but functional, because city needs less information, as well as an interest reader. For the necessary dodatkova, I’m explainable, the first information can be butted in the dodatki (the oath of donations is not limited);
  • The business plan is guilty of being grounded on real subsistence. Predict that transfer (as the most “outrageous” part of the business plan) is to have a better look at the trends and proportional development of the galaxy, at the expense of the competitiveness. Dovіra to the business plan can be seriously earnestly scheduled, but it’s planned in the middle of the year to see the average indicators not to have enough;
  • Business plan for contraindications for optimism. Be allowed in business and at home. The result is the same as before. In the process of business planning, the demand is required to achieve the best result, complying with this method of singing reserve of “business” to business;
  • business plan is easy for easy, clear and logical; Thus, you can know the truth about information for anybody. From now on, the structure of the business plan needs to see that paragraph;
  • Business plan to protect the confidential information about the company and the public. For you, you can tightly control the sphere of yo rozpusyuchennya but also with okremiy dodatok, a kind of all confidential information and if there are available only those who need such information.

I understand the same rules and technical rules of technical design business plan. such rules to transfer:

  • the presence of the title archus;
  • reassurance of the door to the door;
  • rozmіschenny resume on the cob business plan;
  • distribution in the final business plan;
  • outreach primitok that posilan on dzherela vikoristanoї information.

The shape of the title arcus. on the title arcus means:

  • name of company;
  • company addresses;
  • telephone company;
  • nicknames (name), titles, addresses, telephone numbers of Vlasnik (zasnovnikіv) companies;
  • vіdomostі schodo character of the sphere and business knowledge;
  • vidomosti about foreign financial consumption * 1;
  • * 1: {To get into the title arkushi too much is irrelevant to transferring the art of the project to the project.}
  • an application for a confidential business plan * 2;
  • * 2: {In practice, an introduction to a business plan is drawn up as follows: "Have a business plan є conference plan. Vin с vlasnistyu imenimy at nomu osib і designations for vikoristannya deprived of such persons, so that transmitted. Copy and pack in the last ways, by any means, to pick up the elements without the need for the winter. ”}
  • month and month folding business plan;
  • nicknames of the author of the business plan.

On the title arcus, it’s not an innocent buti wit detail.

Designed by zmіstu. Business plan requires submission to that paragraph. To that, behind the title arcus there is a guide, a kind of revenge, a page, a table, that table of illustrative material, an additional.

Designing a business plan, you need to corrode the last-day numbering system at the edges of the document. It is recommended that you follow these rules:

  • title arcus do not number;
  • the side doesn’t number (for the first time, then the numbers will be numbered in roman numbers);
  • main numbers are numbered in Arabic numerals 1, 2, 3, etc .;
  • supplements are designated by the great letters A, B, C, etc., for example, “Additive A”;
  • the sides of the numbers are numbered like this: A1, A2, A3; B1, B2, B3, etc.

Warehousing resume. Business plan is available for resume. Summary of business plan, ale to store your business plan, as it is written in the main business plan.

Golovne zavdannya resume - show, what kind of good practice, the main position of the business plan and the health of the clear and the fourth district. It’s a bit more detailed that great oath of resume is important to read. Zanadto stisle - maybe adjust inadequately for business.

Summary - a short (1-2 steps) look at the project, its key, most important aspects, and the most important ones are the respect of the potential investor and interest in the more detailed detailed business plan.

In fact, the summary is limited by the sluggish version of the business plan, not by joining before, but by nibi “more about namiri”.

Warehousing resume - an important and complete way to complete a work plan over a business plan. Potential investors invest in a bagato of high-tech projects. Stink, as a rule, I read the resume a little way, and I won’t disappear, I didn’t look at the business plan. To the summary of obov'yazkovo:

  • maє buti is written in such a way that the maximum possible degree in the fake knowledgeable business plan;
  • maє dati chitacheі sufficient readings about nutrition, more details are considered in the main part of the business plan.

In practice, I’m storing a resume, and the main part of the business plan is already written. From the skin of the skin, vibrate the most intuitive and the other aspects of the Maybut business.

Viklad material in the resume, as a rule, can be repaired for the first time, I will describe the concept of the preconceived business and the unique characteristics of the company, as well as give the opportunity to satisfy the needs of the customers and the public. Dalichy overreach and transfer the results of the activities of companies in the leather and functional areas (marketing, virobnitstvo, staff, finances) with the time, characterize the company as well as the unique organisation.

The official translation of the key aspects of business, as a rule, is as follows:

  • a description of the business concept, its capabilities, which would be safe to move to the market and strategic strategies;
  • vidomosti about the whole market of business (most of the living, special services, servicing, sales, part of the market);
  • the unique characteristics of the business, the most competitive competitiveness of the company, as well as the ability to do the same for the implementation of the various strategic strategies;
  • vidomosti about competence and professionalism of the core worker and member of the team manager;
  • the main indicators of financial performance of enterprises (profitability, period of access without loss, terminology of investment);
  • characteristics of the domestic needs of cats, bazhano form ikh exhortation, the order of that direct ikh vikoristannya, forms of turning to the investor.

The resume concludes with a special assessment of the chance for a successful project.

Dodatki. One of the most important vimogs to the business plan is that of laconicism. Through those in New York, it’s practically unfeasible to give a report on information about the important aspects of the Maybut business. for greater problems and victorious supplements.

In addition, there is a need to include more than these documents, which have an interest-free potential investor in them without delay (pay attention to the fact that they can be prepared for non-stop submission at a time of consumption for interested persons).

Pililaniya on all documents, such as revenging in supplements, tossing out the details in the text of the business plan.

You can include the details in the addenda to the business plan: sheets of business certificates, distributors, documents, first information, first hand, contract, more detailed information, please note that you need to be careful Zmіst basic distribution business plan.

Naychastishe to supplement the winnings:

  • first material analysis;
  • specific products;
  • advertising materials;
  • scheme of virologic flows;
  • Organizational structure scheme;
  • a short service description (CV) of the owner and the key manager of the company (not more than one side with a description of labor activities, knowledge, knowledge of professional matters, special skills);
  • please renty;
  • guarantor sheets of the main keys, post-principal, creditors;
  • recommendations, lists, reviews, reviews, ratings, and more;
  • legal documents (copies of documents, contracts, terms, patents, licensed documents).