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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,

Rozdil 3. Structure, logic of development and design of business plan

Navalny tsilі

Having read tsey rozdil, vi:

  • z'yasuєte, as officials to pour on the form of the structure of the business plan,
  • zrozumіte, yak information н obov'yazkovoy for business plan,
  • Know the structure of the business plan, which is based on the investment plan, the logic of the business plan, the basic rules for folding the design of the business plan,
  • understand the purpose of the summary of the business plan and vimogi before the second folding.

Keys of thermal understanding

Zmіst business plan

The structure of the business plan

Logic of development of business plan

Style of writing a business plan

Design business plan

Title arcus business plan

The door to the business plan

Business Plan Summary

3.1. The structure of the business plan

What exactly can include a business plan? You can do it yourself on the power supply, put yourself in the middle of a bank service, to such an extent that you get bored with credit for realizing your loan. Pitannya, as if you had asked you, and to signify a business plan. Right now, they are powered up to a similar situation in a similar situation with the venture capitalists as well as investment investors. Oskilki banks nikoli do not risk business, meta-meta - get a higher interest rate for loans and a guarantee of their current turnaround. Navpaki, venture capital, or investment and investor relations with repairers. Stink of interest in the shvidkom zrostannyh their own capital, and that, as a rule, vimagayut parts in the maybutnym trip.

From now on, the structure and structure of the business plan are laid down in front of the auditorium, for which it is designated. Vibration and auditorium, at your own home, to lay down all kinds of ideas, to set up your own business plan, to evaluate your business plan, to learn more about your business, to communicate with your business partners, to communicate with your business partners little skill).

First of all, as a rule, you need to expressly agree on a business plan, which will clearly identify the specific distribution plan and the specific addressee.

On the basis of the structure of the business plan, the plan is to absorb the rozmі business plan and financial obligations of the consumer. We need a large-scale project; we need more investment, we need more energy, we have more business plans, more detailed and more detailed projects.

On the basis of the structure of the business plan, the first specificity of the sphere of the Maybut business is designated. Obgruntuvannya pidpriєmnitskogo project in the field of viral education vimaga izmagovnіshogo and the "obnmnyshogo" business plan for the hereditary nature of the whole world. Navpaki, pidprimets, a kind of bribe to distribute the bargain, don’t consume it to the pre-business biznes plan.

Zmіst і structure of the business plan to lay down as well і vіd іnshih factors і, zokrema:

  • specific characteristics of the maybut product to the business and the life cycle of the life cycle;
  • stage of competition in galuz;
  • the possibilities of expanding business in maybuty.

Appearance of bugs, factors, how to absorb on the site, the structure and obligations of the business plan (Fig. 3.1), the conduct, which is not the standard, universal, universal plan of the business plan. The leather business company compiles the business plan in its own way. Come to the next step with the character of the business, the characteristics of the middle plan, the specific goals of the business plan, the individual energy supply of potential investors. Ale tse zovsim does not mean, but I don’t know the rest of the world until the business plan is completed. Є low key power supply, such as maintenance and repair, in the skin business plan.

Whether it’s a business plan, it’s irreplaceable for those specialties and rozmіrіv, the right to unnecessarily less for the mind, what should you bring the rest of the hairline. Obgruntuvati the possibility of commercial success - most of all, the main task of the future business plan. Zrobiti is possible with the help of financial indicators, yakі characterize:

  • finance consume for business development;
  • sales pledges;
  • rozmіri pributkіv that zbitkіv;
  • ruh gotovki skinny.

Your goal is to become the foundation of a financial plan. The financial indicators are the whole result, the parameters of which are to lie in the market, virological, organizational and primary aspects given to the business. Zrozumіlo, whose first aspect is the interest to the project of interest to the most powerful partners, so that can be better in business plan. Ozhe, with the obov'yazkovymi storage business plan to give buti:

  • marketing plan;
  • virobic plan;
  • organizational plan.

Potential investors ’interest is no less profitable than Maybusiness, and thou wake them up, the strengths and weaknesses of business are tantamount to competitors. There is a business plan that requires an assessment of the threat and potential risks.

Zmіst business plan, as I’ve already been told, to lay down in the water low on official bureaucrats. Lawfully, the structure of the business plan cannot be the same in the most severe falls, but the process is formulated in the structure of the business plan of the most typical types of bagas. Sokrema, in the structure of a business plan, three blocks can be seen.

The first block is a description of the key, most important and most important aspects of the Maybut business; Describe that I will become a business, a kind of pragna reach p_dpriєmets completely all components in management.

Another may have a buty character, come in handy, so that it can be transferred to the public, so that you can reach the supply.

The third block is based on the results of razrahunkіv, zroblenih another blotsі, with the help of financial indicators, yakі, zreshtoyu, and to set the most important criteria for evaluating the freedom of a particular pidprimnitsky project.

Factors that can be incorporated into the business plan structure

Fig. 3.1. Factors that can be incorporated into the business plan structure

At the upcoming stage, it’s a good idea to decompose, but to detail the structure of the business structure of the business plan. Here you can insure yourself on the business plan of the business plan and see the business plan and paragraph in the business plan. To understand the different ways of decomposing the structure of the business plan, allege the practical implementation of the functional principle. In addition to the business plan, they’ll need to virally distribute the functions of the management functions: marketing, virobnitstvo, personnel management, regional, financial.

The majority of business plans for the construction of investors before the financing of their project. The first order and the second day plan for the business plan for the viral business. This was given to the structure, scope and methodology of developing a business plan, which was designed for investment in civil engineering. The structure of the entire business plan, as a rule, can see these warehouses:

  • Title arcus.
  • Zmіst business plan.
  • Summary.
  • Galuz, company and products (services):
  • 4.1. Streamline situation and trend development of galuz.
  • 4.2. Description of the product (service) of the company.
  • 4.3. Patents, trademarks, property rights.
  • 4.4. Strategy zrostannya firmi.
  • Next market:
  • 5.1. The main characteristic is the product market.
  • 5.2. Tsilovy rinok business.
  • 5.3. Mysce znakhodzhennya firmi.
  • 5.4. Estimation in the water of the official dignitaries.
  • Marketing plan:
  • 6.1. Marketing Strategy.
  • 6.2. Peredbachuvanі obyaz sale.
  • The virobic plan:
  • 7.1. The main virological operations.
  • 7.2. Machine installation.
  • 7.3. Syrovin, materials and completing virobi.
  • 7.4. Virological and neurological primitives.
  • Organizational Plan:
  • 8.1. Form of organization business.
  • 8.2. The need for staff.
  • 8.3. Vlasniki business team manager.
  • 8.4. Organizational management scheme.
  • 8.5. Personnel policy and strategy.
  • Otsіnka rizikіv:
  • 9.1. Tipi moglivih rizikіv.
  • 9.2. Ways to react to the threat for business.
  • Financial pl en:
  • 10.1. Jokes that zbitski.
  • 10.2. Plan ruhu gothіvki.
  • 10.3. Planned balance.
  • 10.4. Financial co-operation.
  • Dodatki.

Qia structure є more than an approximate scheme business plan. The specific business plan may not be as clear as that. The main list is indicated here, if necessary, turn on the business plan, which is based on the previous investment plan.