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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,


  1. Pіd strategіyu zvichayno rozumіyut General General Dovgostrokovu program dіy fіrmi z vnoznachennymi іrіtі і resources and to achieve specific goals vіlnogo business. The real process of dividing the strategic pole at the strategic plan.
  2. Logic to the process of strategic planning at the preliminary stage of the development of the business plan for the final transmission:
  • an assessment of the zagalny camp, with the help of an internal and internal analysis, that is the manifestation of the hiding abilities and the threat to the business; yogo pass and nedolikiv;
  • vizneshennya of the main directories of dіyalnostі (mіsії) firms;
  • analysis of strategic alternatives and vibration strategies;
  • opratsyuvannya plan d_y for the attainment of values.
  1. Conducting a third-party analysis: I’m on one side, you can see what’s more and more safe for business, and on the other hand, I’m able to identify key factors. At the same time, they can be more attentively identified as much as they are foreign (gross domestic product, incomes, inflation, overwork), and other factors related to technology, post-iterations, competitive expenses.
  2. For the evaluation of competitive position of vosnovnoy firm, we’ve completely decided to call the matrix of a competitive profile. Such a matrix is ​​rooted on the basis of the viro-key key factors in the success of the main business areas, given to the skin of them singing carriage odds (the sum of such odds makes it possible to compete with one another), The introduction of competitive position in the company among the main competitors with the best competitors on the basis of the estimates (in smart units) of all the key factors in the time (availability, price and availability of goods). zagilnaya assessment in smart units is represented by the many times the carriage factor for rating ratings.
  3. Evaluation of the strong and weak sides of the process for internal analysis of the functional types of resources and marketing itself, marketing, staff, staff, funding, funding. When evaluating the main elements of marketing є: technical and operational performance and viro indicators; The price of goods marketed for the market is predicted; help prosuvannya on rinok і mіsse realіzatsії goods. Analytical assessment of the virologic and labor potential of the company, including assessment of the virological and technical base and the staff for the main indicators of their form, performance with the current vimogam, the level of victoria. For the assessment of real estate and development, the indicators are: patent protection, patent mark and license, in order to learn new technologies and products. In the process of financial analysis, it is a good idea to identify: profitability, profitability ratio and profitability of assets, assets of both assets and benefits of loan credit.
  4. The final stage of evaluating the igneous camp of the company є conducting the so - called SWOT-analysis . The essence of the analysis of the pole in the portions of the strong and weak sides of the company with potentious and comfortable surroundings and threats to the business. Such a viable analysis is through a joke of positive synergies (strengths / calmness) and that of negative synergies (weaknesses / challenges).
  5. Prior to the most important elements of a strategic plan, establish the necessary formulas and formulas for the importance of firmi. Mіsіya fіrmi characterizes the smut призї appointment with the consolidation of the main lines and types of competitiveness and competitiveness. meta dіyalnostі fіrmi zazhddi pov'yazutsya with the Kintsevsky camp, a kind of firma can go to reach the singing signaled maybutnym. At tsomu, as a rule, not one meta is formulated, but many important ones. Correctly formulated the colors of the company may be specific to the first and foremost; hourly hours; realistic and reachable; Uzgenzimimi interconnection; formulated letters. For their formulas, the dynamics of specific indicators, basing on the market, virological needs, staff, profitability, productivity and efficiency.
  6. Polyvariousness of strategic zoom; necessary analysis of strategic alternatives and vibration of them. In this case one can take as a basis one of the typical strategies: control of vitrates, differentiation, focus. The strategy of controlling the vitrate is based on the implementation of the idea of ​​changing the flow of water and the competitors. існує кілька methods її encourage (to increase the number of virobnitsva, change overhead vitrats, the acquisition of new technologies and installation). won’t be effective, if you are sensitive to the price of products, company-competitors sell the same product for the market, the company can regulate the obedience and sale of products. The strategy of differentiating the transfer of customers to the market for goods, which are more comfortable with their own powers (availability, fundamental novelty, equal servicing, and so on) is for competing products. Imposed riziki for vibra pricing strategies can make the most of the underestimation of the unique power of the product through any great competitiveness through the great growth of the sale price. The focus of strategy is to focus on: the vibration of one segment of the market, the identification of consumer demand in the designated segment for the best ways to satisfy the specific supply of demand. It is possible to operate with additional control vitrato differentiation from vikoristannyam vidpovidno two options (focus vitrat and focus differentiation).