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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,

2.6. Analysis of strategic alternatives vibration strategy

You can reach your self in different ways. Vіdtak vinayayut two power supplies:

1. What are the ways to reach your company?

2. What is the way to reach the mark of є nailing?

For business meetings, we’ve provided you with more information on how to improve your strategy and vibrations, so that you’ll find the right time for your business.

Єsnu стратег bezlich strategic business, protecity of them can be brought to one of these typical strategies (for the classification of M. Porter):

1) strategy for controlling vitrates ;

2) differentiation strategy ;

3) strategy focus .

The strategy of controlling vitrates is primed for changing high-quality vitrates for the sale of products and for competitive products. For low vitrats for single product production, we can provide you with the necessary services for your visit, get the best price and less price for competitive products. These low prices change and the emergence of new competitors.

Єsnuє bagato of practical ways to encourage strategic control of vitrates, the most middle-sized є:

  • zbіlshennya obyagіv virobnitstva products (service);
  • change overhead vitrates;
  • zastosuvannya new ustatkuvannya;
  • vikoristannya new technologies skinny.

A skin-specific vipadu firma vibira has such a gentry, a kind of security that I realize. Please note that the strategy of controlling the vitality is effectively less for such minds:

1) if you are responsive to the price of production products;

2) if competitive firms sell such a comrade;

3) if the company can really regulate oaths, sale of the scale of virobnitz products.

Vibration of strategy of promotion of vitrates of non-afflictions. Naichastishe firmi have mercy, reoccurring power and control of vitrates.

The strategy of differentiation is aimed at those who want to put on the market a comrade who has their own powers that are more suitable for competitors, and lower competitive products. Rznі factory zooming in on vibration strategy of differentiation, alechnikov a cynic to vibor є the appearance of a product with unique power and zavdyaka tsomu attractive for the buyer. Such unique authorities of goods, for example, may include:

  • visoka yakіst products;
  • the measure of filing has been rooted for the service sales servicing;
  • high ryven servants klіntiv;
  • principle novelty of products;
  • imіj fіrmi skinny.

Differentiation is the most strategic strategy, so as to widely practice. Ale varto usvidomlyuvati takozh i ymovіrnі riziki viboru strategic differentiation:

1) the possibility of underestimation of the unique productive power;

2) increase the Vitrati on the product of the ti уi chi в ш ш ш ш ш у н власт власт власт власт власт власт власт власт власт власт,,,,,,,, і і і, and as a result of the sale of the price until the rivals uncompetitive.

The strategic focus is laid on the basis of the fact of segmentation, as long as the skin segment is pre-announced specific products (services). As a rule, the company will secure virobnitstvo products (services), which can be seen in the best way to compete, then it’s important to keep your share of the market.

Rosrobka strategіy focusuvanny okhoplyuє:

1) vibration of one chi segment segment of the market (market niche) for the company with a direct contact with:

  • anyway on the singing group spozhivachіv;
  • Abo for exchanges, the assortment of goods;
  • for a specific geographic market;

2) identification of specific consumer needs, interest and interest at the designated segment of the market;

3) a show of the best, less than the competition, ways to satisfy the specific needs of the residents. Zrobiti is possible:

  • a way to control vitrate;
  • by the method of differentiation.

Typical business strategy for M. Porter

Fig. 2.3. Typical business strategy for M. Porter

Viddak, the strategy focus has two options: focus vitrat and focus differentiation, so that one of them is divided into higher segments of the market (Fig. 2.3).

The strategy is to focus on widespread victoriousness in the sphere of small business, which, as a rule, does not have enough resources, so that you can save the whole market.

Zhodna із the assigned strategic business is not the absolute overtaking before the іnshey. Usi stink widely practice in practice. But if you go into the skin wake-up, you need to understand the basic principle of the strategic strategy - to keep in mind that you need to enter the new one, and not get busy all the time.

The whole strategy is effective:

1) they are dependent on specific people who need to drink;

2) to represent all the strengths of the company, as well as to improve the competitiveness of competition;

3) include specific goals that give the company the opportunity to really realize its competitive competition;

4) include methods that are crammed on a half-day weakness of the company and the threat of a new middleman.

Strategic Planning is a labor, the stage of development of a business plan is critically important. The process of strategic plan of bringing the initiative to order is in good order, assuming the nature of the hairy business, specifically the number of competitors, the greater competition, and the chance of success.