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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

4.3. Model of evaluation of the marketability of business

4.3.1. Foreign Aspects

The problem of assessing myna of business interests has gained particular relevance in connection with privatization, leasing, and renting of business facilities. It is important to assess the may of the hour of the national race of the buggery, the awakening of the new system. In the country with the widespread market economy, tax payments for capital (mine) are attracted in the regular forms. In addition, at the sound of dynamism, the lane of yogi needs to spend an entire hour reoccurring. Tom reoccurring є not one-time, but a continuous procedure.

Priymayuchi rіshennya about purchase ob'єkta (pіdpriєmstva) that yogo pristosuvannya for conducting tієї chi іnshoї dіyalnostі, pіdpriєmets (pokupets, іnvestor) otsіnyuє maybutnі revenues od funktsіonuvannya ob'єkta, zagalny (іntegralny) diskontovany dohіd i porіvnyuє Yogo Zi svoїmi іntegralnimi diskontovanimi kapіtalnimi vkladennyami .

We are important at such a rosette: є denoted by the norm of the discount R , for the reason that the return of the hourly rate of income is higher. At a discount rate, I may ask for respect for an alternative rate for alternatives that are available for investment, investment and insurance. Often, find the value of R that has been given to the norms of non-recessionary income (for example, the norms of private income for sovereign wealthy men) and the so-called premium for rizik.

Funds for completing the present commitment to present value of the present value (PV) and future value of the potential (FV), so that the value of the penny is completed. Zmіst financial resources for building up before that, for the right now for the wartime of the most important resources, for the most important prices, and for the income for the current resources.

For the first time there is a drop in the current rate of interest in the betting rate, for the other - for Mayday betting rate (discount) rate.

For підрахунку майбутньої вартості існує the formula is simple:

FV = K (1 + R ) n , (4.15)

de K - cob soum; R is the rate of betting; n - kіlkіst rockіv.

At his cherku, now the war’s pennies signify the formula


de F - maybutnіy dohіd, scho nadіyde through n rock_v; R is the discount rate; n - kіlkіst rockіv.

Calculate PV and FV awkwardly.

It is recommended that you pay a note, for example, that bag of pennies, yaku firma to the bank, if the folding rate is% 12% of the amount, after 15 days to take 100 rubles, pay, say, for buying a new property.

Відповідь : 18 270 UAH.

If you need more frequent financial managers, you’ll get to know more problems. Є Vipadki, if there are any signs of vignity, now you have the right to annuity (annuit) - last weekly payments for regular songs for an hour. Anuetet can be but viplati (aboinvestitsii) schorichnі, schopіvrіchnі, schokvartalnі, schomіsyatі. I’ll surround my skin with a plate, go to the warehouse anuetu, call him a member. Now you can calculate the wartiness of a private account by the formula


de n - kіlkіst rockіv; Fi - sum, who pay for the і- th prom hour for an hour; R is the discount rate.

Z'yasuєmo, for example, right now: get 50 yew. UAH vіdrazy chi stretch of five rock'v, shoroku 12 yew. UAH for think, what is the rate to become 10%?

On a first note, hereby, you can now select the formula for the formula (4.17):

Having come to be counted, as a rule, more than 50,000> 45,492, then most of all have won 50 thousand. UAH gothіvkoyu, anіzh a stretch of five rocky shoroku - 12 yew. UAH

For the legal financial support of the tables, there is a wide table of values, now there is a value of the official clerk of the current website (PVIFA). For this reason, now I’m more interested in an advertisement, more than multiply the value of the bills (just Fi is the same for all i = 1, ..., n ) by the value of the image of the official clerk:

PFA = a ? PVIFA,

de a - the value of the official bureaucracy official. So, at a well-publicized application, you’ll have to complete the procedure for completing all the necessary options for completing an operation like this:

12 000? 3,791 = 45,492

de 3,791 - official of the clerk of the present bartost anuetu.

At rozrahunka limited prices for May business, an important role is played by the establishment of scientifically based rates (rates) at a discount R , as long as they are at a reasonable rate of income at an alternative rate that is more affordable. As a rule, the rate of return on capital investments, as it is, can stimulate the investors up to the off-season.

The rule is simpler: a high price means a discount rate (capital), a small price means a low rate.

The following is the principle for discounting interest rates :

1) of the two maybutnіh nadhodzhen I look for a discount rate makte, what nadіyde pіznіche;

2) Chim lower lower prices, lower lower rates; discount rate;

3) more often than not, the interest rates on the market grow, increase and discount rates.

Investors can easily identify the discount rate R , which can be added to the rate (norms) of the risk-free return Rj (for example, the rate of return for the sovereign valuable folders) to the so-called premium for the prize.