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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,

6.2 Zmіst virobnichnogo plan

Separation of the virobiotic plan can be repaired by adding up the list of the main virobiotic operations that (or) the last working processes, the last one is a quick and safe presentation of the finished product, so that you need to fix the need for a description of the technological process. For the sake of accuracy, in the basic operations of the main operating system, it is recommended to establish a scheme of viral flows, so as to enable the following:

  • stars on the company should be a little syrovin, materials , completing virobi;
  • at the last post office (in some workshops for the most advanced companies) there is a need for processing into ready-made products;
  • Kudi qiu products will be delivered.

Often, if you want to change the start (start) consumption in capital, transfer the picture of the operating environment to the operating companies. In such a time in the basic operation of the basic requirements:

  • the date of the explanation of how robots will be seen by the company itself, and by the side (by subcontractors);
  • it decreased the characterization of the skin with subcontractors (there are no signs, reasons why you have vibrated, vitrated, associated with it);
  • Dodati (for obviousness) of the copy of the contract with them, but of the signing of the protocol about us.
  • Have pyrodzdіlі "Machines that install" virobnichnogo plan to give the plan:
  • the latest list of machines that are set up, which are necessary for the healthy process ;
  • rosrahunky vitrats, tied to the crib (rent) of new (or live in) machines and set up;
  • Information about service lines and depreciation in the amount of single-skinned units.

Inkoli pidrozdil “Machines and Installations” are updated with information about the main technical and operational parameters of installation.

Information about the machine and setting up, so that you can pass on by the way at the viral process, manually pay at the table, (table 6.1).

Table 6.1

Cars that install

Naymenuvannya possession

Cupola chi


Nove chi vzhivane


Service Rows

(in months)

Depreciation (for month)

At pyrozdіlі "Syrovina, materials and completing virobi" is necessary:

  • to change the view of the view of the syrovini, the material and the complementary viro, to transfer the information to the viral process;
  • indicate specific postachalnik;
  • business purchase prices (per unit);
  • the dates are explained to the financial and supply minds and the postal manager;
  • visibility of the necessary stock of reserves, and also (for consumption) indicate the special needs of the zberigannya.

In addition to the syrovini, materials and complementary viros, you can also enter the table (table. 6.2). When I cite a nutrition about the necessary supplies of material resources, especially know how to store (for example, resources, yak shy shy), I look around.

Table 6.2

Syrovin, materials and completing virobi

Naymenuvannya vidіv sirovini, materials and completing virobіv


Price per unit

Primitives (miscellaneous post-boss, think of supplies)

Pridrozdіl to the plan “Virological and non-viral primitives”, giving information about consuming pharmaceuticals for viral and non-viral primitives with administrative, folding, and inclusive inclusive. I have a great deal of need to describe first and foremost роз роз роз м,,,,, м, м м ход ход,,,, на яв для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для для,,,, то то то то то то роз роз роз роз роз роз.

Dodatkovo virobenichnuyu plan can be described as follows:

  • the principle of control of viral processing processes at the factory, material and technical stocks, stocks of finished products, productiveness. When instructed, specify specifically the procedure for controlling the availability of products and services, which will be based on the standard, as well as the ability to use the standard;
  • Having increased the cost of launching products for virological operations (who needs to expand their services in the nearest Maybay? Will they need to install more, do you need more money).

For example, the virobiotic plan of a little bit of refinement will add to the factors for virology and firmity. All this is due to the fact that the company is, as a rule, incapable of being less important because of the small amount of trim and control of such factors.

Prior to the main factors, in order to integrate virology into the company, apply:

  • May come and go for free resources (for example, the price for material resources may come from postal managers, at least economically unstable lean);
  • ymovіrnіst appear new technologies virobnitsva given products;
  • juridical obmezhenennya.

The remaining factors are the main factor, the fragmentation of the fundamental problems of international and foreign laws, the fact that they have no problems, they have to comply with the legal requirements for health

Characterized by the influx of the required factors on the viral performance of the company, the demand has subsided:

  • the character and dzherel of such a fit;
  • possible positive and negative accruals of such an urge;
  • help, for the sake of which it is possible to cope with negative negligence.

The change of control power supply to the distribution of the “Virological plan” is shown in table 6.3.

Table 6.3

Change of control power supplies to the distribution “Virobnichny plan”

  • What kind of operational operations will be fixed in the process of product production?
  • What is the best way to do virobility operations?
  • Chi vіdpovіdaє technology virobnitsva with vimogam?
  • Do you want to get virobnich cooperation with new companies? With yakimi and i on yakoy minds?
  • Yakі machines, possession of the necessary tools for the virology process in the company?
  • Skilki koshtuvatime їх danny abo rent? Will the depreciation be yakimi?
  • How can you see syrovini, materials and complementary viro vikorovovatimutsya for virobniztva products?
  • De, from whom, on certain minds, will the sirovina material be procured? Yak reputation tsich postachalnik? Chi же even more robots with them, but in the forefront of dominance?
  • What are the supplies of material and synergy resources needed for an uninterrupted healthy process? Chi demand the stench of special minds zberigannya?
  • Yakі virobnichі that nevrobnichі primіshchennya you need? What is your preference for renting? How old are you?
  • How is it possible to control the critical factors of the virologic process? Control of Yakostі? Control of supply discipline? What standard will you be with?
  • How will it be organized for the disposal of customers and for the care of the sanatorium vimog?
  • What kind of peace is the virological process lodging for specific post-executives of syrovini and material?
  • Do you know how to get together (rent) prim_schen, machines and installments, posting syrovini and materials?