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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,

Rozdil 9. Financial plan

Navalny tsilі

Having read Tsey rozdil, Vi:

  • z'yasuєte, yakі tsіlі maє ta yakі zavdannya rozv'yazuроб development of a financial plan,
  • енти Identify the special features of the financial plan plan with all the business plan,
  • dіznaєtesya, in the last year that for the other kind of tools the warehouse plan is income and view,
  • z'yasuєte, for which I’m in such a way as to plan a penny nadhodhen i iplane,
  • Dovidaste about zmіst і methodology of planning the balance sheet,
  • z'yasuєte, for the help of some kind of tools for healthy financial analysis of the project.

Keys of thermal understanding

Income plan and views

Predict sales

Direct and operational vitrati

Valoviy, operational and clean clean-up

Bezbitkovostі point

Plan of penny nadhodzhen i iplat

Dodatny і vіd'ємний потік Готівки

Balance sheet

Financial co-financing

Analysis of sensitivity

9.1. Significance, financial and technological development of financial plan

Financial plan є key distribution plan for business plan. The main meta of the financial plan is to ignore the main provisions of all of the first and foremost business plans, all of them in one place at the same time as the previous form, and that can be completed in the future of the project.

A special interest to the financial plan of the obligations in winter, in the new:

  • paganize at the standard form the results of the decision to decide the business plan;
  • kіlkіsno iznachaetsya otnazhena given to business in investment;
  • gowns should be primed for an economical dotsilnost realizatsii pidprimnitskogo project.

Rozrahunki, so as to have a financial plan, to have a date and clear information on how to feed the company itself, potential investors and creditors:

  • Zvidki firma otrimuvatim koshti and on what specifically will be vitrachen?
  • How can I consume streaming feeds for pennies with a lot of money?
  • How much will the financial mill become for the forecasted period?
  • chi zmozhe pіdpriєmets vikonati taken on themselves goiter'yazannya?
  • Whose healthy birthday is being taken care of with your frigid cats, so that you can quickly turn the Borg away and secure a safe deposit for capital investments?

In the process of development of the entire distribution plan of the business plan, there are such special features:

in the first place, in bagatokh vіdnoshennyah financial plan є naymensh a little bit behind the form of a partial business plan. On the list of the most important documents the financial documents (including the table and the graph). Leather is guilty of a mother in a standard form. Zhorstky vimogi to oprachyyuvannya these documents to be discreetly necessary to secure the single methodology of financial methods of financial indicators. This means that a potential investor, as a lender, can independently conduct a standard financial analysis, a basic business plan, evaluate the financial plan and take a project into account;

in other words, investors and lenders, as a rule, can imagine that the financial plan was formed in perspective with three rooks (before that, with thousands of indicators for the first r and those quarterly, for the other and third);

in the third place, the financial plan cannot have all the necessary retail plans for the business plan. Yakshcho, for example, in the marketing plan to go about namri rozgornut large-scale advertising campaign, then the whole thing is to know the image in the plan of income and view. As a matter of fact, business seasonality is a factor in the seasonality of sale, then it’s the next day to urakhovuvati, which is designed to be ready for sale, so much;

in the fourth place, in the case of winter, though, there may be some kind of financial analysis of the maybut one is not just characterized by the singing step of unintentionality, and in the financial plan it is thoroughly optsyuvat a little bit of scenarios for developing. It is recommended to give a glimpse of the yn minumum two varianti financial indicators. One of them is primed on conservative amenity, and the other is vrakhovuvati new potential;

in fact, the financial plan requires (according to availability) the availability of information, the way to revenge. Yakіst of primary information is infinitely designated for accuracy of financial analysis. Investors often carry out power reports by evaluating the availability of business plans in a business plan. In addition, there are several financial indicators for the business plan, which is average for each hall, before which you must keep the business plans, obyazykovo requirements for clarification.

Meta and special features of the financial plan designate the first place, the last and the most detailed details. The financial plan to take such a main basis:

  • Income plan and video plan (plan of income and zbitkіv).
  • The plan of the penny nadhodzhen i viplat (the plan ruhu gothіvki).
  • Planned balance.

The order of the main indicators of their performance is in the financial plan, but the guidance is allowed, the performance has been scrapped. Clearly all regions of the country are allowed in the text of the financial part of the plan. Without the full guidance of the financial plan, the rosaries can not be matched with a proper practical value. Less than a quick analysis of such allowances is possible, evaluation of how much you deserve credit for dovira. The fragments of the rosette of all the values ​​of financial documents are grounded on such transfers, stink є an important warehouse financial plan.

In order to have a better understanding of the financial plan, we’d like to bring the dynamics of the main financial indicators for the last minute (yak minumum for three). Copy of financial documents to be given in supplements.

In general, the financial plan may not be used for acquisitions for investors and lenders, but for evaluating the results of the business incentives for the actual publication of business. In addition, the financial plan is often the basis for the detailed detailed budget of the company. Thus, the financial plan of the article is a major document, which in some cases requires clear signatures, sounds, and so on, so that you need to get the necessary capital.