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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

5.2. Outside of understanding the virobility functions

Our zavodanny рем viokremiti with many models of virobnichu funktsiyu (VF) as a special kind of economical and statistical models. Rosglyagno with the help of a method of serpent skin and skin sign: A — E (paragraph 5.2) * 1:

* 1: {Kleiner G. B. Production functions: Theory, methods, application. - M .: Finance and statistics, 1986.}

A. Object Model Without a contingent model modeling of the VF є process the viral products in the really functional stretch of the singing hours of the state systems in the middle of the country, in the galaxy, the region in the national state. In general, more often than not, the model-based system of viral functions is based on macroeconomic, regional, space, as well as viral functions.

At the lowest level of self-sufficiency, the model is not looking at the entire state system, but the private part, which can be stocked up technically with the same odnorodnyh odinitsy.

B. The systemic description of the subject . For the theory of virological functions, the virological process is analyzed by looking at the re-creation of resources from the product (production). Inputs ресурс streams of resources with a clear view, more often than not in the presence of virology, at home - ready to sell products. Functions in the system resources (officials), technology and knowledge of the organization of virology recognize the potential and process of the process (system).

B. Tsіlі modeluvannya . VF will be for the development of singing economic tasks, schoisuyut analysis, forecasting and planning (at the university there are different words). The VF is victorious as it is, so it’s in the warehouse for more economical and mathematical models. Metu encourage WF you can characterize as an analysis of officials for a good sutfvy õh for obyazu vipusku production.

However, a specific leather situation has a meta mate of its own specialties, which can be slowly absorbed into the process of encouraging the functions. Completely separate the way you can for VF:

  • Viznachennya ozagіv vipuskuza fіksovanih obagіgіv and indications of the main resources (vipadok, if the number of oaths are unobtrusively vіdrіznyayutsya іv quietly, scho і і у у мин мин мин);
  • the very same opportunity to go about the resources, which is the only way to go, which has been made in the past;
  • viznazhennya obyagіv vipusku for tasks the value of obyagіv resources, which should be laid down to a de facto non-interruption area (such cramps, which are visible in the tasks between);
  • viznazhennya infusion on the oath to the launch of a small serpent of oaths of one ch kilkokh resources;
  • viznaznennya (vyavlennya) characteristics of the virobenic process, which can be turned through the parameters of the WF.

G. Principles of modeling. The basis for the most basic understanding of the WF is the principle that delineates the role of the axiomatic position of the theory of viral functions:

  • an oath to the release of products that are violated by the given virological system for the singing period, to be identified as obligations to the public and to take part in the process of viral selling during the period;
  • the sound of the bonds with the VIPs and the complaints concerns, the subject matter of the current law for the given system of laws and laws;
  • a hypothesis is taken from the lower vipadkovo dodatkovo, but in the singing range be-yak is not irreplaceable the range of arguments in the admission Ф admission is real interpretation.

D. Apparat Model . The main “material” for inducing the virological functions еж deposits is y = f ( x 1, ..., xn ), de y is the exponent of vipusku (oath), x 1, ..., xn are the oaths of virobic resources (officials) (kіlkіst VF officials, as a rule, I do not overdo it 10). The function f ( ) is invaded by a designated person in order to reach a wide area of ​​the n- peaceful Euclidean expanse ( Rn ) and such as to be deducted in the area of ​​its own designation. It remains to mean that the system analyst is guilty of his mother’s disordered algorithm, by allowing the bi to enumerate the value f ( ) in the case of a point, it is denoted. As a rule, the WF y = f ( x 1, ..., xn ) will be the key to finding the most adequate functions of the singing parametric class F = { y = f ( x 1, ..., xn , a 1, ..., ak )} = f ( x , a ), de a = ( a 1, ..., ak ) is the parameter_v vector.

From now on, a modelless device between the concepts of the VF є parametric class functions, which Zmіnnikh. As a rule, the retention of the functions f ( ) in view of the parameters and the parameters are set in the explicit view of (or mode) of the view of the functional differential of the integral rivial.

E. Identification and Interpretation Models . Change y , x 1, ..., xn to identify yourself with indicators of obedience to the main issue, take a fate from the lawyers, officials (resources). Allow for specific parameters a 1, ..., ak EF for most of the statistical (most expert) resources and for the most advanced products, as well as planned and inter-related data. The method of estimating parameters is not unambiguously identified, it is necessary to lay down the view of the source of the WF, the specific features of the modeled process and the future data. Interpretation of parameters, at one's own home, lay down in the method of оц otsіnyuvannya. Often, for the interpretation of viral parameters, you can get the virazi through the value of indicators, as well as the value of frequent hangover