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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

5.5. See virobic functions

Nekhay F p - a plurality of all functions and functions, which are located in the de facto area of M open space Rn . The half-point F I Ф n is called parametric (to be more precise, k -parametric), as well as the basic number Ak I Rn and the image r: Ak ® Ф n , as well, ( A ) = F. The k- parameter class F is leather

the whole is represented by the vector of parameters a = ( a 1, ..., ak ), and maybe fa ( x ) is written . Zmіst parametrization of the current number of functions, by day, є analogous to the identification of the coordinate system, for the additional similar skin function of the same number of values, the last coordinate of their coordinates. The parameterization is allowed to be no worse than the wide set F , the zoom, the number Ф п cannot be but k- parametric for the znode skincheny k . Yakshko vіdrazobrazhennya? є lіnіynim, tobto p ( a '   +   a`` ) =   p ( a ' ) +   p   ( a`` ), a ' , a' '   I   Ak , then the class F approve the functions, the line for the parameter . Why can there be a mother of functions f , how do I enact an inactive parameter set of F ? It is permissible that all functions f I F are differentiated to a different order, inclusive, and the number Ak can be set from Rn . Spіvvіdnoshennya clearly a system s Rivnyan clearly k parameters a 1, ..., ak . The number of parameters k , as a rule, is the very same order, which is the most significant , to the best of the parameters a 1, ..., a n you can choose the same function x 1, ..., xn , y , , victorious k rіvnyan s tsієї systems. Predstavlyayuchi rimirani virazi at rivnyannya, scho are overloaded, you can otrimati system of differentiation rivnyany schodo funktsії f ( ), as well as not even avenge the parameters. Often such a way to get to the bottom of the fact that so many people can’t understand the system frivolous func tions f ( ) was used in F , because F was bi by the integral of the system. Vlasne, those who are func- tional in class, are a kind of contented system of differentiation between the private parties, and the power of the public, which is common. The chasing furnishings give the key to vibrating the mind of the virological function of the singing object. The system of differentiation (at once due to frequent losses for officials є the initial form of such systems. The most characteristic functions are the same - the average efficiency of the official, the second is independent). arguments and characteristics (at the same point, the most important function). Information, which can be completely removed at the stage of a verbal (verbal) economic analysis of a modeled object, often allowing you to accept the permissions granted when such a call is made.

For cutaneous function, one can enter one mind system to characterize the function given to the species, which uniquely violates the view of the last function. You must be the one with the most different characteristics of the function, the description of the behavior of the characteristics in the different regions of the region of visibility.