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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

5.5.1. Two-factor virological functions

In the list below, the list of functions stays roztashovuyutsya in order of increasing complexity of the records for recording, in particular, the required number of parameters for the whole parameter. The usability of the functionality is acceptable for modifikatsii:

  • Functions with fixed proportions of officials ( Leontyev’s functions ) .

, (5.1)

de a 1, and 2 are parametres.

Vіdomo kіlka of alternative systems (hypothesis), which viocrash the function of the whole kind:

a) the productivity of the first official is limited: the court’s lumpy post-post unclean, uncomplicated func with zero lower level. The productivity of the other official is limited - the piece-post function of the product is non-existent with zero lower level;

b) functions є the development of such a mathematical mathematical problem:

de u - zmіnna, optimize the yak;

c) the function є one-time, and the independence of the deputy official is zero;

d) the function may be removed from the function with a permanent elastichnom mind

whip boundary transition:

Leontyev’s function is designated as the main model for strictly deterministic technologies, so as not to adhere to technological norms and standards for one resource per product. As a rule, I won’t get victorious for a formalized one. I’ll describe other large-scale ABCs as a whole.

  • Cobb — Douglas Functions

. (5.2)

Here, too, the system of hypotheses is victorious, and the class of Cobb – Douglas functions is mid-range differentiated functions and two functions:

a) elastichnosti vipusku for officials є postіynim:


The development of different systems of differentiation among private individuals of the highest order should be up to class with the Cobb – Douglas function;

b) the availability of functions for a single official є permanent, one functional є one-by-one;

c) functions є one-time, and the last change of officials after Allen and Mikhailovsky’s way alone;

d) the productivity of the skin officer is limited in proportion to the average productivity;

e) function є one-sided type function type x 1, x 2 and type function x 1 for a fixed type x 2;

є) the function can be butted away with the function of a permanent elastich noble zdіsnennya zamіni mind

and the boundary transition a 3 ® 0. The Cobb — Douglas function will often be more formalized for I will describe the medium-scale state-owned objects in the country and the economy of the country.

  • Line function

. (5.3)

Change your mind about that hypothesis:

a) boundary productivity chinnik є post_imi:


and in the null function nabuvaє null value;

b) the productivity of one official is limited by the post, the function is the same as the first degree:


c) the function is one-sided, the first is deputy official, behind Allen, є unlimited;

d) the eligibility of the issue for officials is inverted in proportion to the average average productivity.

The linear functions are locked in to model large-scale systems (the big one, public gratitude as a whole), for some products the result of an instantaneous function of great technology is large. Especially special is the role of the hypothesis of the post-postage of the frontier bureaucratic officials, who have uninterrupted substitution.

  • Functions Allen :


Be recognized for such minds: the speed of the boundary productivity є post, the function функ one-by-one.

The functions of Allen for a 1, a 2> 0 are designated for a formalized description of viral processes, in some superiors there will be negative pressure on the oath for the release of products. Zazvichai such functionality will be vicorist for being formalized, I will describe other large-scale virobiotic systems with the separated capacities of processing resources.

  • Functionality of post office officials (function CES) :


Change your mind about that hypothesis:

Functions є one-time, first-time deputy official є post-one.

Funktsіya CES zastosovuєtsya in razі vіdsutnostі tochnoї Informácie schodo rіvnya vzaєmozamіni virobnichih chinnikіv, once i s tim Je pіdstavi vvazhati scho Tsei rіven suttєvo not zmіnitsya for zmіni obsyagіv zaluchenih resursіv, tobto if Ekonomichna tehnologіya Got vlastivіst pevnoї stіykostі schodo Pevnyi proportsіy chinnikіv. The CES function (for obvious reasons of estimation of the parameters) can be used to model the systems of the same level.

  • Functions Solow :


characterized by the fact that the value of the boundary value of the norm is the official, the value of the value of one official is one hundred percent, and not the form of the cob level.

The given function can be victorious approximately in the very situations themselves, which is the CES function. Functions Solow can be victorious in modeling a system of large scales.

  • Bagator mode :


Functions є one-time, elasticity of functions for the first argument є ironed out by k- equal low-speed decayed step function.

Bagator mode - one of the most important. There is no need for formalized description of that model of the processes, for some reasons there is a single skin-related resource, the resource is indefinitely varied. The function is fully staked for the appearance of the April information and the number of modes, and the number of the value of the “more” area is lower than the modes (more , tim chіtkіsche viokremlyuyutsya mode).