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Business plan: technology of cutting and obgruntuvannya - Pokropivniy S. F.,

10.2. Organization of the presentation of the business plan

What to enter at the presentation process? Vіdpovіd on the basis of feeding with a significant peace lies the entire obedience of that Chi business plan. Take your arms around, as if you respect, especially singing food for a public eye, then you must include it in the presentation program. Most presentation presentations of key moments, and itself:

  • company (company) and products, services;
  • rinok, competitive competition ;
  • marketing strategy ;
  • first-hand finances of covenant and necessary obedies of cob-financed co-finances;
  • cіlі, at the attainment of some kind of direct koshti;
  • team, yak zdіjsnyuvatime plan;
  • umov і ways to turn to lenders and investors invested money.

The process of the presentation of the business transfer plan is also briefly related to the development of business development. It’s possible that the investor would like to make a presentation about the reputation of the company and the Maybusiness business. Demanding to vote at the success of the company for remaining rock, as well as to submit a short view to the technical and technological base and the organizational structure of the project to the project.

Characterize products, require more and more overdrive, as a result of the product give potential potential residents, and less - technical details. Varto put yourself on the floor of potential investors. Naybilsh іmіmіrnimi can be but such nutrition:

  • Yakі consume a market of satisfied products (service)?
  • What is special about the product (service)? Why do you need more goods and services from competitors?
  • How many products will be new to the market?

View the presentation at the presentation completely and completely on the presentation of the given product (service) to supply the market, on the opportunity to get the first meal. To this, the upcoming fragment of the presentation will be fully dedicated to the short story about the market and the hustle and bustle of marketing strategy firms. We will transfer the need for appreciation of the potential market share of that segment of the market, which will be the main one for this company. Maybutney Investors in the process of presentation may gain the opportunity to receive such information:

  • What is the share of the market and that part of the given market?
  • Hto є potential potency?
  • What are the overtaxes and weaknesses of the powerful and competitive competitors?
  • What is the strategy for securing competitiveness and methods of competitive struggle?

For everyone, they’ll need to carefully consider how to explain to potential partners and investors the main elements of their marketing plan: distribution scheme, promotion, advertising, sales promotion methodology, sales organization.

Especially the need to vote on the price of their product and price on the analogue of the competitor. Bazhano gave the price in the table, but in our firsthand material, like having tested, for example, F. Kotler, explaining the value of the tractor tractor of the Caterpillar company. The calculation of such a small viglyad is invoked:

20 yew dale - price for a competitor’s tractor, similar for a tractor;

3 yew dale - national insurance for the dowiness of the Caterpillar tractor;

2 yew dale - national service for the provision of service;

1 yew dale - Warranty of warranties for higher education and details;

28 yew dale - the price of the new tractor company “Caterpillar” was scalded with the urachuvanny usich overdrive in front of the competitor's tractor;

4 tis. dale - a very nice book with a price for better purchases;

24 yew dale - the sale price of the Caterpillar tractor.

Such a demonstration in the form available will explain the price policy of the company.

Urakhovuychi’s type of psychology is sprinkled with people’s new propositions, not a trace of vipleskuvati to the potential investor at once “direct and obsolete” because of the current and informal information. You can do everything, be straightforward and have problems with the interests of a business partner, an investor, a lender, a Maybut partner.

Present at the presentation of guilty trochas “sound” to your proposition, thoughts of the third party and neglect the negative shutter to maybutnos business, if such a bulo. The main goal of the “presentation” of the presentation of the business plan for the ploy is that you have to have your own Maybooth partners before you take a look at the problems.