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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

6.5. Rating yak zasib klassifikatsії ekonomіchnih ob'єktіv

Clutter rating of the pole in the estimated position of the analyzed object on the scale. The purpose of the assignment is to unambiguously signify the rating assigned as a special rank for a detailed version of the main problem of the classic (social and economic) situation. Rozglyanmo specialties price details.

Nehai U = { u 1, ..., un } - the universal number of the most recent indicators. The value range of the indicator ui ( i = 1, ..., n ) is permissible through n a 1 i i

Nekhai - a number of techniques for ranking are fixed. Scale, cut off for the technique , therefore, through Ш a . Thus, the technique realizu vidobrazhennya

I’ll write down the form:

Through Razbittya multiples of A , scho iznachatsya such an order:

Todi i lishe Todi, if for any typesetting fair є spіvvіdnoshennya

Most importantly, methods A and B :

1. - Uzgogeni, yakshcho

2. - superlative, yakshcho

Multiple Factor (de - Equivalent, scho vіdpovіdaє rozbittyu ) viznacha usi tipi superlatively mzhzh methods, yakі lay down to multiply And that yakі vinikayut for numbered rating on mnogozhnі . The upper and lower cones of the lower leg are, in particular, through VK ( X ) and NK ( X ).

Theorem 1 is brought to that.

Like D - a closed i (? then існує such a peretin many What is to be stored in pairs for the non-connected members included for items for be-yakoy

і for be-yakoy

Significant by Theorems 1 is a pole in this. Yakshcho a plurality of typical (in minds, scho look at each other) a set of indicators to lay a lot of then in the ranked rating we can be vikoristovuvatsya be-yak technique

In solving problems, the problem is that it is far more acceptable methodology, so that you can do it more quickly than in the past expert methods. The first important theorems are brought.

To reduce the problem of rating to the problem of classifying economical objects, you can fix the standard technology for decomposition of quantitative models for quantitative efficiency.