Modeluvannya ekonomiki - Vіtlіnskiy V.V.

13.3. "Gold" accumulation rule

The sutnity of the "golden" rule of the accumulation of the field is in that, by absorbing the norm of accumulation by the strongest order, it is possible to maximize the middle serenity in the stationary regime, and the annuity, and through the inadmissibly small promulgation to the hour of the flow process flow.




Неважко помтитити, що середньодушове споживання цілковито визначається функцією (Oskilki Do not lie ).





Otzhe, naybishe serednjodushove spozhivannya reach, if r * = a, then the rate of accumulation is to blame for the flexible elasticity of the funds. Yak pokazuyut dani, the practical rate of accumulation zagnzhdi є menshoyu for its optimal value (r <a), tombo mіcet misunderstanding (Figure 13.4).

Fig. 13.4. Serednodushove spozhivannya in the statutory regime