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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

14.2. System stabilization

Having understood the effectiveness of macroeconomic policies, there is a way to help the monetary and financial policies to integrate into the real market, interest and redefinition. In addition to this, we can see that the current precision of the economy is “at the natural pace of growth”, and in the statistics - the economic potential, which is mainly related to the macroeconomic policy (when the short-term period is used), we need to maximize the potential for maximum Equivalent statement of the whole zavdannya be reduced to minimizatsіі vіdhilennya actual rivnya virobnitstva, scho vimiryuetsya, for example, an oath of real GDP vid potentialnogozhlivogo. In addition to macroeconomic stability, it is necessary to set the minimum number of potential and actual terms, which, if necessary, are indefinitely

Macroeconomic policy є stable, in fact ик є в в в в нов нов є є є є є з з з з з з з з я я ких я я систем систем систем систем систем. Such policies should become the most interesting, although it is clear that the whole range of economic problems cannot be brought up to them.

The synthesis of a macroeconomic system, which is the result of economic reforms, is guilty of security. We can encourage and implement stable policies, but do not expect it.

We can use the same analogue of macroeconomic policy as servants, for example, the model of dynamic investment and capital, as well as the idea of ​​non-classical theory of capital and development in the schools of D. Jorgenson.

I do not want to become a macroeconomic system (phase coordinate) with an oath of real virtuosity of actual capital K = K ( t ), and with my head method of macroeconomic politics I will take an oath of oversight of capital K *. We can offer you a rational capital *, which can be attributed to the most obvious resources, technology and organization of an economical system.

If it’s at an hour t , that’s for a given scheduled period, a predicted period, a “clean” investment є "Instrument", which I will bring to the system I will become. It’s natural to allow, if the economy is competitive and the motivation of the economic agents is not round, then for the optimal (rational) level (oath), the capital of the investment may be but zero; by the way, if the actual capital is less for an oath of loyalty, and I’ve got a lesson for a winter clothes fallow. The phase diagram of such a system may be presented by the graph of the linear level (Fig. 14.1):


de parameter l is designated as motivation of economic agents.

Fig. 14.1. Stabilization policy

Vіdpovіdno until (14.7) that for umov viplivaє, scho nezalezhnі increment іinvestitsіy and capital in a small okolі points of the district I * = I * ( K ) guilty of the satisfaction of the district


zvidsy maєmo

From now on, the system has been synthesized in such a way that investment can be achieved from close to bazhene’s oath to capital (whole) livery point of renewal and greater stability, if the system is completely obsolete.

Soundly, a model has been introduced that is less illustrative, more investment in the economy is not є without intermediate tooling, but with the regulation through the use of the latest financial methods in monetary terms.