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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

16.5. Rivnyanny dynamics of a suspension borg

The market of sovereign valuables in the minds of the transition economy in the business segment of the financial segment in the territory of competitive competition.

It means that in the minds of a mysterious concession, the powers of the right to exercise their monopoly rights in the minds of the advanced financial market are suttely apprehended by the officials.

In the first place , a part of the sovereign segment of the rinku borg_v want and suttva, ale por_vnyanna with a part of private borg_v.

In a different way, there’s a small market share of approximately the same market as the largest market, and it’s clear that the state cannot immediately add the necessary number of shares to the form.

On the other hand , it is practically unfeasible to solicit the component of the Borgs, the fragments on the regular deregulated financial market of the resident non-resident are practical in the new minds. From now on, officials of formalities are formed and are identified as a market, and income is more likely to be less than specific tools, and features to reduce the cost of advertising.

It is worth noting that, as a rule, the asymmetry of the financial market in the transition period of the pole is practically the same for private bargains and mortgages, as well as weak and unavailable shortages. The dominance of the segment of the sovereign valuables of my family as a whole is very much like the sales of the seller, in the role of which the dictation is dictated, the price is more clear, and by the way it is better to fill out the form.

The designated features of the financial market in the transition period are deposited in the model of the behavior of the private and private investors in the market of state bargains.

Let’s forgive the determinism of the situation of financing the sovereign borg and the budget deficit. The internal and external borgs are also not discernible, and the private borg are not discernible. The oath of the sovereign borg is discernible, as it were, that guarantee is canceled (approximated) to the unprincipled income by a stretch of a theoretically unlimited period of time. It’s enough to see the Borges more closely (more closely) in the fall of the old income, and the higher prices for the short-term borgs are substitutes for pennies.

Take a look in the front of the rozvіlny ryvnyannya zrostannya suspension borgu chi private bagatelstva maє in the nominal terms of the viglyad:


de - an oath to the seigniorage of chickens with a nominee’s banknote; - the oath of pre-adolescence on the market of the sovereign bargaining goiters'yazan; P ( G - T ) - deficit of the sovereign budget in nominal circulation; G - budgetary vitrati in real turn; T - real tidings, so you don’t have to worry about the issue; RB is the oath of the servants of the sovereign borg at the rate of the nominal rate R > 0.

Yakshko enter zmіnnі schodo real value groshovyh balance і realі vartostі borgu If you want to use different functions for an hour, then (16.8) correspond as


de - oath of real seigniorage; r = R - p - the real bezrizikovoy rate is higher for the sovereign bargaining goiters; - the pace of the actual inflationary inflation.

From one side, the power is constant as a monopoly of the supply of birch goiter ’yazan’s - pennies (the bargain with the real norm of real value, the right rate of the real value) You can’t look at the situation here. I don’t have to look at the situation here. From the wide side, the great number of private investors is competitive in the financial market, they are formally funded by the state borg.

Private investors form their own portfolio of real penniless balances and negro assets, this data has a portfolio of sovereign regions. However, a simple portfolio pidkhid unpretentious to the given situation, the fragments of absolutely irrational nabuvati activities with vіd'mnoy dokhіdnіstyu. From now on, it is necessary to explain the problem of “liquidity”, for example, through the inclusion of regular pennies in the function of the corinosity of a typical investor.