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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

16.8. Posiki Power Savings Borg

On 14 and 15, the sale of bullets was marked by the fact that in the economy of the transition period to the financial market there is a segment of sovereign bosses, and the sovereign boss is financed, as well as in addition to the fact that there are three new ones. As for pennies you don’t cry, then poses on the big market can pay off the money and turn the nominee, so that you can bring up the oath to the borg. From one side, new poses for better servicing and servicing, and also, in the pre-contract plan, there are better servicing and more than one service - one of them is the financial servicing of the Borg. From the other side, the borg poses are better served by servicing the borg, hell, take the borg to know for sure, well, please pay back to guarantee that you can take the borg. Spinіmosya at a given nutrition, oskilki tse often vipadaє from the field zoru doslіdzhen.

* 3: {Smirnov A. D. Lectures on macroeconomic modeling: Textbook. manual for universities. - M.: HSE, 2000.}

Historically, various points of dawning on the problem of the sovereign Borg, like the suttvo evolyutsionuyut were stacked. I can argue that there is a good range of borg poses, you can argue for another simple deterministic model, which you can add to the previous stochastic processes to formally repay the borg. Don't swear an oath to the nominee of the sovereign Borg to become F , and the Rinkov bezrizikov’s rate is higher than r, the highest rate, the highest and the most recent bargain. It is permissible that scho ntsiionally diyuyuchy emitent, such as a hairman of the Borg, zavisleniye at zrostannі market links to the Borg, but lounging about the servicing of the Borg and the child will reliably relinquish all the time. I will repay I will give credit to the nominee (an oath of poses plus payroll), the borgs will not be debited, and the squad will not be engaged in buying up sales of our own borgs.

Borg, where will the rallies be sold per hour dt , change by the amount

Therefore, Marinkov’s wartiness, so that’s wartiness, I’ll bring to the current point, more expensive B ( t ) = F exp [- rt ], de B ( T ) = F. Therefore, be fair, as a rule, by extending the period dt, you won’t rob new Borgs, and you won’t get out of place. For the whole time, the power is like a law-abiding bourgeoisie, may be able to enter the field on dt turn to the nominee, just like a doctor, more than a rink to the party borg. For the whole, it’s vainly guilty if you can repay the borg at the moment t + dt , for example, an extra-term residency oblast. Yakshcho, okrym tsyogo, the rate of discount is great, but the order can be written to the market at a rate of a> 0, to

then, as a result, an oath of oaths to the Borg, we have the same fold at time t . The value is discounted at the very rate r , and that is dear

From now on, for any moment t , the maybutny nominated person has the Borg, turn around, set the F value, and by the way, the same rate has the B ( t ) value, most likely you don’t take the Borg anymore, do you take V ( t ), so be safe New posting on the home market. Aly new poses can turn around just now, even at the moment of time, I’ll wipe the song wigrash, wow wizard’s managers can turn the direction of the borg, to become

I’ll look at wikladen, let’s note that there is a guarantee of maximization of wigrash, and it’s equivalent of maximization of wartostness and turn over to the borg until t *:


The situation is given a small economic sense for 0 <a < r , because if the rate of new ones is not higher than the value of the market rate. Differentiation after an hour of independence (16.15), with the necessary optimality, you can show the moment at an hour t *, for a kind of sacrifice in the open card, I’ll turn around at the maximum (Fig. 16.2):

. (16.16)

Optimization viplati borg_v

Fig. 16.2. Optimization viplati borg_v

З (16.16) it’s hoarse, since r > d = r - a, then zovernenya to new poses иг look and turn the boss is not at the current moment, but at the hour t *> 0. It’s just r = d, so a = 0, then, the fragments of a wigrash for a ragun’s half-hearted bartost’s power will not be rejected by the power, I will turn the borgs slid inadvertently.

An analysis of the show, why can I take brothers poses, fart ( f ), how to stay in the dynamic borg. At the end of the meeting, if you have the opportunity to take your brother to the Borg, sign up for the investor’s dominion, then you must lay your own house on the building of the state, turn the power of the Borg, see the reputation of the state as a payer of the Borg.

The water hour is the power of the new Borgs to give freedom to vibor: there you can take brothers, so don’t take the Borgs fall into place of specific furnishings. Borges on a large market - an asymmetric contract between a power and an investor (creditor) , the potential of a certain kind of sales can be violated


Rivnyannya (16.17) v_dbivaє vmezhdenu v_dpov_dalnіst power of the yak posichalnik: there you can take it to the Borg, so I don’t take it, taking into account the maximum value of mzh [ V - B ] і zero. Asymmetry of the contract for the given statement of the problem is that the investor is less likely to buy the borgs, as a rule the power is browning. The national investor doesn’t have to worry about the opportunity to earn a recession-free income, because of their penniless order.