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Model of economics - Vіtlіnsky V.V.

17.3. Markivska model deputy official bureaucrat

Here I am concerned about the aspects associated with the reaction of the company and the galaxy to the return of the market economy. And Vlasna, on the deputy official of virobnitstva, to the wicked servant of the price.

The model ґ to get to the bottom of the abstract positon: fіrmi zdііsnyuyut posuk bіlsh cheap technology virobnitstva.

For tasks at an hour time, the leather company is characterized by a singing oath of the main capital and function for one technology of virology (several posts). Consider, generally, the rule is to take the opportunity to let go є not stingy; Next, technology and an oath of capital to companies unambiguously signify a VIP release and a permanent offer for singing hours. Galuzі vіdpovіdaє the curve to food on її production is low. From the period to the period of the company, there are more advantages for your own profitable, healthy technology. If the company takes a whip to discover new technology and technology, the whole capital of the company will change to the technology of technology. Vipusk, vitrati nt middle osvivnoshennoshenie vitrat u galuzі evolyutsіonuyut at the hour is fallowly of that, as in the case of the company the capital and technology.

For simplicity, for the sake of simplicity, for all technology, the motherboard is identical, having focused on the latest officials of the law and order. Porvnyaymo vlivl two modes of permanent prices on the official officials of the virobnitztva for the latest official prices. A formal analysis is mixed with a two-way vipad and two officials, although you can expand on the second-order vipadok.

At the center of the model - the process of making an effective technology and an individual company.

Nekhai q , k , x 1, x 2 - the main entrance, the main capital and the oath are two kinds of winter vitrates. Please note that k / q is available for all available technologies. Technology іzniznya, zokrema, kofіtsієntami vitrat . Poshuk firmi polyagaє in the pre-existing alternative technology with the distribution of many alternative technologies in the area of ​​пере ї retranslating technology. As a matter of fact, technology has been found to be cheaper for interchangeable prices w 1 і w 2, lower production line, as a rule then the company switch to alternative technology ; in aprotile vipadu won over with technology ( a 1, a 2).

Another permitted field is that, in proportion to the number of factors, the rate of return is irrespective of the number of factors that can be relocated. One can describe the process in the space of a logarithmic number of vitrates. Oskіlki special interests to become a European citizen of the official official, then manually characterize the technology with the logarithm of the official representative:

In order to set the technology in the two-dimensional space of the logarithm of the number of coordinates, then the area of ​​the U coordinates gives the friend a coordinate - perpendicular to the first, so that:

Obviously, for a given value on the coordinate axis U technology with lower values ​​for the coordinate V є short, lower technology for higher values ​​for the highest coordinate. Geometrically, there are a few points in the expanse ( a 1, a 2) on which V = const can be interpreted as the quantifier of the Cobb – Douglas viral functions with the same values ​​of degree (elastichnosti) for the purpose of determining the likelihood of two officials.

It’s clear to me that I’ve sorted a lot of the most capable technologies, including including the higher value of the U value, renumbering the number 1 to N , and the number of the number V , the number -? to +?.

Technologically different values ​​with U and V values ​​on the whole, a multiple of the constant D (D - complete), the role can be used with the same success in submitting the base logarithm. Nehai u 1, u 2, ..., uN i ... n – 2, n – 1, n0, n1, n2, ... з with the lowest possible values ​​of U and V. Pid technology ( i , j ) matimo on respect technology, which is characterized by a couple:

Here u 0 is a constant, which is clearly estimated to be in the range of the most important factors, and here D, then, by the day, they are larger in proportion to the greater number of times. Bachimo, scho:

Now you can describe the joke scheme. Nekhay ( i , j ) - technology of a deyakі firm at the time of hour t , because:

The result of the joke is represented by a pair of vipadkovyh integer numbers ( Gt , Ht ), kotra, by the day, є kіlkіstyu krokіv, zroblenih the space in the space U ta V for obmezhennya, but U can uvaruyvati less than 1 u u taN :

Віпадкові змінніі ( Gt , Ht ) otvarimy nezalezhnimi vіd ( Ut , Vt ) and the other ones are the most significant ( U , V ), the stench is completely divided in the obliterated area - B ? ( G , H )? B. Please respect the indexed numbers for the company numbers, so for the hourly periods. Stink the same way, however, separate and independent yak for companies, so in the hour. Yakshcho technology , removed as a result of a joke, vitrimo descriptions vishche test for low vitrate, then:

At the prototype:

It means that scho of alternatives, one by one, by getting involved, not getting into any other way, is the only official of virology, but only by taking into account the adoption of alternative technologies through the test for speed reduction.

For the sake of testing, I want to test the number of smart technologies for the period ( t + 1) for know how, the technology for the period to keep the clock ( G , H ) and save for the most, boundary values u 1 i uN ).

There’s a zibblench omnipresent whip, what’s the last technology, what’s the main thing to do in the hour, to approve a mark lance Suttvuyu power of the whole lancet з, secrecy, those who are the last official official exp ( Ut ) itself є mark lance In order to expo ( Vt ) for irregularities, the vitrate will speed up.

The official official of the company can be described with the matrix F of the transitional names of the rozmirnistyu ( N ? N ):

de st і asotsіyutsya zіpіvvіdnoshennyam officials officials virobnitstva exp ( ui ), and fik - імівірність of the fact that scho st і nastє pislya will become k . Tsya matrix post_yna in the hour, ale to lay down the code of the official.

Important є, Sokrem, two power matrices F. The first thing is that I can say that there’s a better price for w 1 / w 2 for the first time I’ve got higher numbers (more than a 1 / a 2) for remember that there’s one (2) specific value. yakshko - some, what to blame on the result of the official price of the official officer 1, the mother:


Yakshcho matrix that form in the result of stagnation described above in the scheme of joke and test, then in this form the authority is the same as in the mysterious vipad. In total, it is possible to reconcile, evenly for a given cob bet ( a 1, a 2), the region has a large number of witrats, and I am satisfied with the test for the same amount of money for remembering the two most important times. Korektnіst schodo such vіlpіvnyannya viplivaє z eligible for those scho births with a whitewashed alternatives do not lie down vid prіn.

The other is the power of the pole in that the F matrix matrix is ​​ordered in order to inspire:


Tobo umovna іmіrnіst transition to become a lower number і will become a greater number lesser, lower that itself іmііrnіst for know how to transition і will become a smaller number. Tsya is mathematical power of economic and economical ideas about those that are лок “local”, but I want to add more modifying technologies. The local show is unlikely to be worse than the official letter, the official officer of the law, and the official letter of law, is very close to the cob. I’m able to complete the offer for the lower, more specifically, for example, in order, as it were, in the cob station the number is very small. To be sure, but (11.2) to go around for the matrices F. Respectfully, as well, the irregularities (11.1) and (11.2) visually strictly.

The hour of the official presentation of the official 1 company can be characterized for another specific condition:

The rozpodilimovrnost on the N camps of the Markov lance at the same point is described by a single vector d і , in a certain on the і- th millimeter is one, and the resolved value of the coordinates is zero. Recovering from the hour of the tth distance of the European Union, the official of the official company is not controlled by the matrix of the previous message , and the matrix F. Pursue, scho ; tse meansє scho leather I’m showing a show that I’m able to have a quick look at the higher number of the old matrix matrix F. Obviously, think about t > t:

tobto winter season . Such a zsuv matime mice at the border crossing, as long as I have the opportunity, I will begin to wait until it is stationary, so as not to lay the ground on the cob minds.

Now he’s willing to give a look to the middle-aged officials at the galuz. Forward analysis is required to be closed to dermal and indivisible companies in the future, in the second place in the open company at the same time, there is a separate agreement for the expiry date. Zmіna tsini chinnikіv virobnitstva zmіshchuє rozpodіl іmіvіrnost pіslya hour t u straightforwardly bіlsh high value for all without vignatka firm. Marvel at the moment t at viddalene maybutty, you can let us know that in the middle of the company I’m able to converge to the stationary one, I’ll need to be matched with the matrix of the transition . It’s clear that it’s clear that there is an unimproved middle age at the skin t > t period that is higher than the standard price and that is higher (higher) than the higher value of the increase before de that - vectors of stationary innovations, matrices with matrices that відповідно.

Significantly, the maximum aggregation of the mill is x 1 / x 2 for the galuz є middle-aged, we are very kind to our petroleum companies, and the private enterprises. This means that, for the right people, for galuzi, take the fate of the order already analyzed by the bugs effects as well as the selection effects, which can be done more quickly. Formally, Ihai Iim ( t ) = 1, for an hour t in factories ( m ) Ut = ui ; at the prototype room Iim ( t ) = 0. Tobolto Iim ( t ) for cutaneous m is the N -vector, which I will show, at some of the mark-up processes, there is no need to change the number of employees per hour t .

Pripustimo, scho Zm ( t ) - a part of capital company m :

Hereby, the official official of the Galobnost at Galuz can write down the following:

Computable mathematical method :

From a hint of food, an analysis of whip, for great t (that for us m ) approximately dorіvnyuє ( Si of the values ​​for the absence of the value of the official of virobnitztva). Oskіlki suma is a part (pitoma vaga) of capital dearly single - meaning meaning that E (a ( t )) is underexposed to the middle, of which only a few things were examined, by the sum of insidious warehouses.

Suttnii power supply, why do you want to cope with the wisdom of having these tidy warehouses: can you give me the price list of the employees to bring up the price of the most obvious thing? They have a lot of quiet readings. Allowed for the local nature, the meaning of meaning means that the company has the range of possible values ​​of intensities, secrecy, buti approximately constant at the time.

As a matter of fact, it’s so that it’s possible to impose a specific impulse at the moment t = t, in the case of an on-going period, it’s possible to cause a manifestation of selective infusion into the standard straight line. For the great winter awards, the phase was shifted, by stretching out some kind of efficiency, step by step to remit the official bureaucrat in the region. As a matter of fact, for the concrete implementation of the process of the deed of the company transferring the decision in the right way, the officials in the right way are in the right direction, then at the moment, the more time is needed, the sooner is needed. In this way, you can allow, in general, the fraudulent parts of capital and legal relations, often the role of the mechanic of the role of the mechanism in the galaxy is a reaction to the price.

If you want to be ill-advised in the big day of May, then you can let all the second-hand business of the galactic be divided in their own office. . A more complete list of obligations is given for officials, and a period for employees is regularly changed, a part of the period is regularly and often In order to achieve this, let’s get more and more honest, let’s know that the officials are in small pieces (pet wagons) of capital in the boundary transition straight to zero, if there’s an hour straight ahead to several. Bringing the vimaga’s permissive encouragement to more detailed and folding economical and mathematical models to the process of growing the company. Merits for respect have also been formalized to the extent of the trendy structure of the galaxy in pre-prepared perspectives.

It seems that in the gap between the Evolutionary theory of economic economics, one has to worry too much before getting up to adequate mathematical models;